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    Were do i GO now?????

    ok i just got factions and started a A/W, and things have been going good so far. I have just gotten off that started island and i went to that one city were u get off the boat (center) and made my way to the marketplace.

    I have no idea were to go, and i don't know were the next mission is. my buddy said there was a town if we went east that he went to, and so we made our way east only for each portal to be blocked by a wall or gate...

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    There should be a quest somewhere. Hmm, its been a long time since I started factions.

    I do know Kaineng Center is straight up, and that is the main city in Cantha. Go into Bukdek Byway and just keep going north and you will find its entrance.

    The quest you should have taken is called A Master's Burden, and it starts in Seitung Harbor. I think you have to take it though to get off the island, but I can't remember, its been a long time.

    Oh then at the docks their is a person to give you the Mayhem in the Market quest, which leads you to the storyline.

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    Tarnished Coast

    A Master's Burden is required to get to the mainland, yes. For that quest you'll go find Master Togo, run around a bit, then head back to Headmaster Greico, who will give you your next primary quest, Mayhem in the Market. That will lead you to the next mission, Vizunah Square.

    Note that you'll definitely want to head north to Kaineng Center if you haven't already. Not only are there a number of quests available there, but also max level armor.

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    You didn't explain it right, and nobody can help you if you can't explain it right. You suppose to go from Market Place to Kaineng Center, not the other way around. See: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/List_...tions_missions

    And follow the order.

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    The quest to continue should be taken in docks by the Marketplace. I'd head to Kaineng City first (to get max armor and weapons).

    You can get to Kaineng City without any fighting if you are careful.

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