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Thread: Anti-Heroway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by We Dont Accept View Post
    How to beat heroway! 1:) If they have trappers get your midline=mesmer+eles to wand them or spear them to interupt trappers.
    2:) get warriors to pressure n/rts cant last forever/
    3:) n/rts arnt as campatible as monk healing so spikes go better.
    3:) if you got a mesmer put diversion on taint=Disabled shame n/rts=Cant heal energy denial=frontline kill better.
    4:) Run a smite or ele ball they cant kill you if you got the advantage shockwave the raos spike n/rts=dead or spike the heroes, heroes have terrible AI so its easy to spike
    Wow, where do u come from?

    1). Kill EoE, kill EW and kill all other spirits.
    2). STOP OoA! Rather easy if EW get's killed as soon as it pops up.
    3). Stop holding hands if they have alot of AoE pressure, dooh.
    4). Keep Weapons of Warding on number 7, keep Aura of Stability (and guardian) on 8, keep Make Haste on 7 and 8.
    5). Indeed good mesmers also divert tainted and interupt some hexes, but OoA should have priority! Period.

    And it's bye bye heroway, if everyone does his or her job. A lucky dazed on 7 will be drawed by 8, RC is godly, channeling is godly. Most of the times holding hands and faling to do a key job makes balanced teams fail against heroway. If everyone pays attention that won't happen.

    Last rule, ignore We Dont Accept's post, his tips on beating heroway are.. weird at best. DF is sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuujinx View Post
    hi 2007 nice to see you again.
    The year of the powercreep. I don't think it was nice.

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