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    Possible to AFK farm luxon faction?

    Hi, I keep hearing about how it's possible to afk farm faction on the kurzick side, just curious if it's possible on the luxon side. Any info would be appreciated, thanks in advance. =)

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    FA? it does go for both sides you know.

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    leechers FTL

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    Not recommended. Recent post by Gaile Grey hints that something might be done about afking and leeching for faction.

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    meh this sounds like you want to leech some luxon faction for you lowsy pve skills

    kurzick/luxon supporters FTL!

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    Umm thanks for your support guys but no. What I emant was something more along the lines of how the Kurz can AFK farm Amatz Basin.

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    Yeah, you guys took this the wrong way. He was talking about find a mob that resses (or something like that) and going AFK with a certain setup of Heroes, so that they continue killing while you're not there.

    He's nowhere near PvP. Don't worry about it.

    And sorry, I don't know of any places like that.

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    It is possible to sit at Amatz basin and go AFK. Your henchies will fight a get a few kills for you and get a bit of faction (under 100 usually) while you do nothing and you do not impact others games (aside from server load).

    Matches only last a few min, and you would have to keep re-entering the game at that point.

    I am not familiar enough with the Lux challenge missions to know if that's an option there.

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    You can do it for luxon faction points by doing either Zos Shivros channel or Aurios Mines.

    Zos Shivros channel requires you to hold out against enemy waves sent to one location where you must defend an NPC. When it dies, the mission ends. So you can conceivably create a hero/hench party and park it around the NPC and just have them fight the waves that come until they get overwhelmed. Then you do it again and again. You can AFK it, but you would have to keep coming back to restart and put the hero/hench in the right place again.

    Same with Aurios Mines. There you can opt to go out and hold one point while the horde conquers all the other locations. After that they will keep sending hordes to try to take your point as well. You get points for each time interval you hold each location. The mission ends when the horde gets 500. So you will end up with a few points by the time the horde gets 500 if you hold just one location. You get a small amount of gold and faction again. Then you repeat.

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    Ok, thanks dustbunny, I'll try it later with my MM. I'm thinking that if I make 10 and have a hero set up as a minion healer with Jagged bones, that might work.

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