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Thread: Dye prices?

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    Dye prices?

    I have like over 8 different color dyes and need to know how much each color is worth and where to sell them. Oh, and before I forget, my character is in Prophecies. Thank you for your time.
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    If you are still in pre-searing, then hold onto the dyes until later in the game.

    If you're in post-searing, then just mosey on over to the dye trader NPC.

    If you are in pre-searing and planning on staying in pre-searing... then just watch dye prices to get an idea of the going price. I personally don't buy or sell dyes in pre-searing so have no idea what the prices are.

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    ill say the opposite to what nkuvu said, if you have no whites, silvers or blacks them dyes will other net you a couple of hundred at the dye trader.

    You should save them and put them in your storage, then you can dye your armour when you get it, with the colours you have.

    Hey go multicoloured ^^

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    If you are in Post-Searing though, you may want to hold off selling them until the end of the weekend as the dye prices may shoot up a bit then, due to the Dragon Festival masks. I can't say for certain that this will happen thanks to the Dye Preview window that was added at NF's launch, but you never know.

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    I'm in post searing and I'm planning to save all the brown and black dyes. Since i'm a Ranger.

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    K good choice

    save whites two, they sell for ermm 3k ish?

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    ya at trader, just take trader price and subtract 500-1k if its white/black. the rest may be 50g off maybe. or 25g.

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    If you were in pre, I would have told you to try and sell all the "bad" colors for 100g each, and to save black, white, red, blue, and maybe silver. The "bad" colors are being sold to the dye trader for 10g, and trying to find a buyer for 25g-50g is not worth it imo.

    So, do what you want with the junky dye, the nice thing is that they stack so if you want to save them for a while, you can just keep adding to the pile. I think I will wait until EotN is out to sell any dye myself. I was hoping for prices to spike with masks, but alas, it was not to be. (why couldn't they be dyable?)

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    Since dyes are one of the things that have a "trader", you just need to go to the dye trader and determine what the buy price is and what the sell price is. Then, if you want to, you can try to sell them to other players for something between the buy/sell prices.
    Selling dyes, other than black & white, can be a long slow process though. The price of most dyes (and the relatively small quantities required) make it not worthwhile for someone to hang around some town trying to buy some for a few hundred gold less. It also makes it not worthwhile to hang around a town trying to sell it. For all the time it takes, you could just go out somewhere and kill stuff and collect the gold & drops and make as much gold as trying to sell the cheap dyes.

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