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    Heroes running in with player, ignoring flags

    Something is definately wrong with the hero ai. They often just ignore flags completely. I often find Tahlkora right besides me, while her flag is set miles back. This is not an issue of a wrong ai setting. Even when set to "do not attack" I still often find my heroes at the front, when the flags tell them to be at the back. The only one who seems to be keeping his distance is Razah. But that's because he's set up as a minion master, so even without flags he automatically keeps his distance.

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    use the single flag not the main flag.
    On the single they will stay in that spot - with the main they will stay in the area - like the monk but if someone needs healing and the monk is on the main flag they will run in to heal.

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    allready been discussed

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    Eh, no that's not the problem. Healing is a ranged skill. (atleast the ones I use), yet they still run up right beside me. They even ignore the individual flags from time to time.

    Why don't they stay back in combat? Surely they need not grouphug me to heal me?

    A fellow guildy of mine had the same problem during Gate of Madness. She had her heroes all flagged back, went in to tank Shiro, and Dunkoro ran in right next to her, and got himself killed.

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    I've run into this quite a bit lately, mostly when trying to pull using a long bow. I've had to flag my heros back almost a full radar away to get them to stay put, otherwise I have a pile of dead monks at my feet.

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    i'm having the same problem in Hall of Heroes where my heroes set timer when i want to place spirits near the eye, even though they are flagged..

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    yup, got the same prob, only becouse my derv(meloni) is ranger secondary, she just attacks everyone even out of agro.

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