Just wondering, why are there so many heroways lately? They are all pretty much the same. They seem kind of overpowered, but for me (Im usually monk), its only the 3 thumpers that are really annoying. The only reason i use heros (usually non-meta heros) is because they are more reliable/available than lower ranked real people (<r6). Im r5, and groups ive been in that are r4/5 dont seem competent enough to get very far (which is why high ranked ppl want high ranked ppl), which is why i take heros (got to halls more often with heros than with real ppl). What my real question is, why do high ranked guilds take heros? Are hero better than them, or do they just not have enough ppl playing? And just a random question to all you pro HA-ers: does heroway count as a gimmick build, even though it can win halls?