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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnny Ruth View Post
    This is what I've got so far, and currently at 94% been trying to finish it for about 2 years now. If you could help me out I'd really apriciate it. Thanks
    Your best bet nowadays is probably Texmod, using the Cartography Made Easy mod.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sorudo View Post
    you first need to show your map, has no use tho since he has bin banned.
    Well, the thread had been kept alive by a few of us long after the OP was banned, so it's not useless. Most of us have left or been inactive for a while, but I'm still here if anyone needs comparison


    Teina pretty much covered what you should do, but here's a longer, more detailed response.

    There are 3 kinds of help you can get to complete cartography:
    1. Cartography Made Easy mod
    2. The "green" mod in the OP of this thread
    3. Old fashioned Photoshop difference comparison

    1 and 2 requires use of Texmod, and 2 and 3 likely requires you to upload a screenshot.

    I highly recommend the Cartography Made Easy mod, because as its name suggest, it turned cartography into a nice sightseeing trip. The nicest thing about this mod is that you can clearly see what you are missing in real time, unlike the other two methods which requires that you either compare the maps yourself or you upload and wait for me to do the comparisons.

    The "green" mod in the OP is a comparison method of a 100% map and your map. The details are here in the FAQ made by Gorani. You need to run this mod with Texmod, take a screenshot in 1024x768 and either compare it yourself using one of the 100% maps in the FAQ, or post here/pm me with the uploaded screenshot so that I can do a comparison for you.

    I don't recommend the old fashioned Photoshop way, because the uncovered areas are much harder to spot than the other two methods. This is pretty much the last resort of the people who happen to be allergic to Texmod.

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