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    man every time im about to post, you close down the service lol. guess ill just have to keep trying to get you when youre online :P

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    Since the service is closed, can anyone post pics of 100% explored maps? that way we could do the comparing ourselves...

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    y'know you could always go to the 100% <insert continent> GMC threads right? Just browse through last few pages, and someone's bound to have some 100% or nearly 100% map. There also are people who help you (some of them still carting themselves)

    As for Tiyuri, I see you are on the way to internet domination or something

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    Thank ye kindly Mr Tiyuri if you ever require any assistance, in Hard Mode with Vanquishing etc, or any other various activities do let me know. You've been a great help. Oh, could you also spare one of those kitty avatars ? :O
    Thanks again sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tortugan View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiyuri View Post
    awesome thanks

    EDIT: After going through 1 of the spots I reached my Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer and thus reaching People Know me on my sin: Ferahgo Blackblade. Thanks a lot for the help!
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