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    Quote Originally Posted by KyJelly View Post
    hey, im still 10% off but would love a bit of a hand


    i think i followed the instructions correct :p

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    awesome man, thank you, sure to let you know how i get on :p

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    gah all that bright green is giving me headache lol

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    been using overlays to do basically the same thing for ages :) Nice of you to do this for everyone.

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    Thank you! Very speedy and impressive, yes. I'm itching to get started but I'm going away tomorrow and need an early night :( Though *mutter* Could swear I scraped most of those walls already, particularly in Kourna and Vabbi! I knew of several spots in the Desolation still, particularly that large Sahlajah bit. But bleh :) Eventually the titles will be mine!

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    Thanks much.
    Looks like Sahlahja is my next big project...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonUnit View Post


    Quote Originally Posted by Frangeo Munda View Post

    Thanks much.
    Looks like Salajah is my next big project...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiyuri View Post
    Awesome, thanks!

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