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    Lightbulb Need Help with Isle of Meditation

    the Isle of Meditation! Unfortunatly, this is a very hard map to play GvG. So, of course, i can;t seem to get very far in terms of tactics, and play style for a home team or even what an away team might play.

    I know a little of this map in that is supports split teams but in terms of the home team play tactics and team builds, i am not too sure. Can anyone tell me how they have played this map before as a team or even as an individual in a team. You need not have been a successful win, perhaps tell us how you team didn;t win and the reasons why.

    I think we can all learn from each other and perhaps work towards some better home turf or away style guild battles. If there is a website that someone has devoted to hall tactics, then you can either PM or post it here.

    thankyou in advance. ;)

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    GWOnline.Net Member ekiru's Avatar

    All I can contribute is that initially, you should have your flagger stay back in base, while a midliner takes the first flag so that whenever whoever brings your first flag to the stand caps, your flagger can go cap the obelisk or the stand again. The obelisk does do decent damage, as I recall, so control of it can make control of the stand much easier.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Wet One's Avatar

    Things to remember on that map:

    2 flag stands to attempt to control
    pretty good split map if you can hold your position
    The obelisk AoE hurts... especially @ VoD

    I have played this map quite a few times and there is def. an advantage if you can master this map.

    6-2, and 5-3 splits work really well on this map as long as your stand team can hold their position. A strong split will assure that you have the obelisk capped, and in a lot of cases can also harass a flagger into getting boosts for your own team.

    One trick when fighting @ the upper stand is that monks can heal your from below with direct heals/prot, not with just LoD etc.

    Another trick is that you can aggro NPC's @ VOD and hide behind the V shaped rock outcropping while people with AoE can wipe the archers, effectively reducing the damage your monks have to heal significantly.

    Miasma is a good bit of degen if you do not have a self heal, and fighting in the miasma is probably not the smartest thing most of the time.

    Other than that its really about getting the right people to force a mismatch on a split or controlling flag and obelisk and pushing them hard 8 on 8.

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    I dont understand "hard map for GVG". All maps are "easy to split" and "hard to split". You got split GH so play split.

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