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    Lag Issues (real, fake, or other?)

    Have you ever had someone scream "LLLLAAAGGG!", and think... huh?

    This morning on AB, i had no problems at all (Australia @ 7am) whereas people in Europe were screaming blue murder! The whole system then crashed giving us an error 15 or something. I came back in and was fine, where as everyone else were still calling lag problems.

    So, is it because they are running on a wireless connection? Wireless internet was my reason for lag when i first started playing.

    Is it a good excuse for dieing? "Stupid Lag" they say. As if i noticed that they died anyway? Everyone dies. Sometimes easily.

    Is it a good excuse for bad playing before you start the game? "Oh, i got lag. Hope it will be ok for you guys"

    Is it a bad connection to one of the servers?

    Is it because everyone from around the world somehow just wants to go to English 1 district (or American 1). while English District 2-5 are just empty?

    So, what is going on? Could ANet please explain a little about their server setups? (Without giving away too much information). Is it because ANet have a ****ty service provider? Does it have something to do with the game architecture or server mechanics? Do we all need to defrag our harddrives? re-install the game and delete the old DAT file?

    I read that we are supposed to be able to play the game even on Dial-Up. So why can;t i sometimes play on a 8Mb->11Mb connection? Is there need for an update to the game engine? Sometimes i do LAN with a friend and we look at our computers and i am infront on my computer and she is in front on her computer. Or i am dancing on my comptuer and I am not moving on hers and facing the opposite direction.

    I wish we could help ANet solve this problem. Perhaps they need to segregate the servers even more than just Europe and America. Perhaps even have other levels or zones? Maybe they need better hardware? Or maybe they just do game updates or server routines while we are playing and we get hit when the antivirus scans our particular entry in the system?

    Maybe they are using Oracle and not SQL server, or Linux and not Unix?

    Frog, Gaile? Please help us.

    Otherwise, admit it people, does the Lag really exist all the time?
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    GWOnline.Net Member chinmi's Avatar

    not all the time, but i do experience extremely bad lag spikes now and then. Like yesterday at one point, my highest ping was 93k+ and average ping was around 70k. Today it's something like 5k for average and highest was 12k.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragwort's Avatar

    Nah, lately I have seen plenty of lag related threads. I will only speak to my own experiences here, because this is a rather serious issue.

    It is not because they are on this or that server. Imagine your character is suddenly siezed with rigor mortis. You cant cast a spell to save your life. And so you die. You don't get "lag", you get the total atrophy of your skills in relation to the others in your team. I doubt youve ever really experieneced it.

    I wouldnt suggest that anyone's issues lag issues are fake. Dont cry wolf, and certainly don't cry wolf on behalf of others who don't want you to cry wolf on thier behalf. That was a disjointed sentence on my part. From all the threads I have read on this forum no need to suggest they are "real, fake, or other". I have never seen so many in many months of posting.

    And just because it isnt constant doesnt mean it ist there. I've had hour long periods when I would happily scream "LAAAAGGG" if I could manage to type it. Youve been lucky. Don't be so supreme. It's just luck.
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I doubt anyone would make it up. I've seen a lot of lag the last year. As for explanation, there's been no satisfactory one. Anet says it's because internet traffic routers are failing, and you can trace your connection to see this is true enough... but what we don't have is a sensible answer is how it just happens with this game to people. Unless someone from the community can investigate the situation further with the routing issues, I doubt we'll ever know a real answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity Fire Angel View Post
    Is it a good excuse for dieing? "Stupid Lag" they say. As if i noticed that they died anyway? Everyone dies. Sometimes easily.
    Maybe they are using Oracle and not SQL server, or Linux and not Unix?
    I was monking at 500-1000ms ping yesterday. The deaths in the party were not an excuse for my crappy monking habits, but because my RoFs didn't reach the target in time.

    Even better: guildie and me were doing a 1vs1 scrimmage later, and at one point, the ping hit 25k, the next was 40k, the next was 50k. That's also not a cheap excuse.

    As far as we know, they're running windows, not ix. And this explains a lot.

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    A lot of lag is dependent on the machines between you and anet. So just because everyone is playing on the same server, doesn't mean they all took the same route to get there. Personally I suspect a machine out in LA for causing most of my lag.

    Edit: On the other hand, I really wonder how much they update server/bandwidth capacity as they sell more copies of the game.
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    GWOnline.Net Member CÚrilia's Avatar

    All I can say is that I had a ping of 63ms to google and above 3,000ms (average) to GW the last few times I tried to play (especially since they tried to fix the German lag problem... I don't know if it is only a coincidence or if it is linked). Everything else I tried, internet related, was working as usual. Only GW was having such low connection performances.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity Fire Angel
    Otherwise, admit it people, does the Lag really exist all the time?
    The few times I have spoken of lag in game, it were lag spikes (i.e. no problem and all of a sudden a 6,000 or more ping). It could be inconvenient but since they introduced reconnection, it was not stressful anymore. But now I'm experiencing real lag: one action taken every 3 seconds and, in the meantime on the server side, things were still going on and, while on my client side, the FPS was still of 60 with nothing moving.

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    I haven't experienced bad lag in a while, but the few times I did it was just like what someone else said.
    You're character stays in place and the skill you activated just stays flashing.
    For me that could last for up to 10-15 seconds and then everything on the screen changes. My position on the map, my health, the chat window, ect.
    It usually happened throughout the night when it did.

    Here's another players video to show what happens.
    Notice how long the skill stays flashing at 44 seconds while they are stuck.
    That is a common lag spike people are experiencing.

    When a person is genuinely experiencing a lag spike it is bad.
    There is no real point in playing because you become a statue.
    I have no idea what it looks like to other players, but now anyone can see what it looks like from the lagged person's point of view.
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Trust me the lag in Europe has been/ is very real. Several threads here about it with input from ANet. The answers are here in this forum in other threads already.

    So Aus doesn't get lag so no-one else can get lag? Interesting concept....

    Understand just a little bit about how internet connections work and you'll understand why some ppl can be badly affected and others not at at all and why ANet cannot always physically fix everything themselves.

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    Take a look on the official network site, Gaile's wiki or the official reports about repairs and maintenances in the German datacenter: Anet/NCsoft don't think it's fake.

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