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Poll: Should it be toned down?

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    Should Gates Of Madness be toned down?

    After two months of trying this mission over and over and doing it today with a person who knows what is required i have come to the conclusion this mission is broken , the effect + two very powerful bosses + huge damaging enemys means the mission in my eyes is harder than probaly the new NM DOA

    I have done TH with a purely hero and hench party with one other player
    I have done Raisu with what was a pretty poor pug who couldn't agre eon anything but this mission takes me everytime rolls me up and spits me out and its due to two places:


    1: The torment claw portal , that claw + those wraiths + the spawn means you can be guaranteed a TPK if your not careful , and even when you are that section is the longest fight in the area , my question is why? why is that portal so much harder then the rest

    2: Shiro, need i say more this guy has wiped my party more times then Tony Blair promises feel flat , and i can only give one reason why Shadowstep , the inability to manipulate Shiros postion combined with Impossible Odds , which you have no chocie but to break away from (yeah break away dumb henchies) means your guaranteed a party wipe as well

    So what can be done about it well there 3 solutions in my eyes:


    1. Tone down the area effect better healing will counter the high damage

    2.Remove the torment claw at the portal , theres no reason for it to be there except to wipe out the average PUG, taking an interrupt ranger means you lose damage for Shiro , not taking one means you run the risk of that one portal wiping you

    3.Remove Shiros ability to Shadowstep or tone down Impossible Odds , there good skills for the Faction Final mission but here they crank up the difficulty stupidly, obviously Shiro should be a threat but not an guarantted killer against most partys

    I know i will be slated for posting this poll and my thoughts but as ANEt has said if you have an issue post it on a forum so here i am posting

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    I'm all for voting and looking but constructive feedback is better for both me and ANET

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    I think its fine how it is. Was able to master it in normal mode, and some guild members recently beat it in HM. Sometimes I find it a pain, but wouldn't want it to loose its name.

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    I've done it on all 9 of my characters fine in normal mode, I don't bother with hard mode. Torment claw's slash skill only really harms what's directly in front of it, so when you see it activating and can't interrupt, just move behind it. The portals, most of the time you can pull them to you or away from patrols. Patrols in that area are easy enough to take on one at a time by pulling. The Lich can be taken out easier than Shiro since he doesn't do anything spectacular. I've taken out Shiro prior to picking up the shrines as most people suggest, spoil victor helps, as with against any boss. Wild blow helps against his battle scars stance. Basically use the same techniques you did before and you'll take them both down.

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    This mission is basically the end game mission. Abadon is too easy. As far as I am concerned it's a proper difficulty. You need to use tactics, and proper builds to make it through. If you don't figure out what you did wrong and adjust you don't make it through.

    The mission is Henchable, just figure out what you are doing wrong and where you always die. You will need to spend more energy getting through this than the early ones. It's a challenge, rise to it.

    If you want to make it through describe your team build and charicter builds, and we can help you. Also what points do you fail? We can annalyse what went wrong and work from there.
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    I too feel Shiro in combination with the Lich is a bit over powered. Especially if compared how ridiculously easy Abbadon can be beaten.

    Imposible odds really is a near to guaranteed 50% party wipe-out. I lost count how many times my entire group got killed by Shiro because of him using this skill. And when thinking of how long it takes to get there (closing all the rifts) it really annoys me to get killed by this guy after being 20 mins into the mission. So yes.... toning down Shiro is called for! .

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    I stopped playing the game some months ago because I failed too much on
    this mission. I tried with both heroes and PUG. Everytime I was able to reach the bosses only for Shiro to kill everyone.

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    Yes i know the mission is meant to be hard but its too hard the worrying thing is so far 75% seem to disagree , i do wonder how many may not want people reaching DOA , personally i wouldn't mind if they gave Shiro a whack as exaplined about that guy is a 50% GUARANTTED PARTY WIPE ,also the mission drains you so its hard to keep doing it on repeat especially when getting so close each time

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    Hard mission for sure but not impossible, ive henched it for masters. While it is more challenging than Abaddon (maybe due to length), i think its acceptable. Afterall its near end game, not supposed to be easy.
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    So it's broken because you can't do it? hmm....

    Anyway, I think it's fine at it is, with the right set-up and good co-ordination it is certainly do-able. I managed it twice in HM, and 4 of my chars are protectors of elona. I remember some of our guildies being able to do this with H/H. Maybe a check in forums or the wiki for tips. One tip against Shiro: Blinding him works nice, Spoil Victor will take him down ridiculously fast. Curses and Illusion Spells/Empathy are youre friend against him. And remember to keep moving when he's after you. Also, there is a nice trick to avoid the Shiro'ken at the gate where shiro will talk. Right Tactics will help you very much here.

    EDIT: GoM is no-where near as hard as NM DoA. That area requires a very different and specific tactic. You are practically fighting ton's of shiros there ( ok not really, but I hope you get the point)
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