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Thread: Rate my build!

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    Rate my build!

    Ok, well here's my build I've been working out, I think it may be able to use some improvement, let me know what you think:

    Divine Favor: 10+1
    Protection Prayers: 11+4
    Healing Prayers: 10

    Energy: 54

    HoD sword (+5 e, 20% enchant)
    Collector's prot 20/20 foci

    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Protective Spirit
    Dismiss Condition
    Gift of Health
    Reversal of Fortune
    Zealous Benediction

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    *shrugs* Typical monk build.
    I'd drop Rebirth for Shielding Hands or Shield of Absorption though. The thing with hard resses is you don't need them if you just don't let people die in the first place.

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    I am assuming this is a PvE build.

    Your health may be a little low because you have superior protection prayers rune, don't have +30hp on your focus, and have energy armor.

    Keep Rebirth because it is helpful for resurrecting an overextender without aggroing the mobs.

    Your build lacks hex removal.

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    I mostly do HM, and I never keep hex removal on my bar unless it's elite. My N/Me hero is the de-hexing slave.

    If you swap Gift Of Health for Signet Of Devotion, this pretty much the standard bar I enter any area with (of course, I only use a major prot rune at the most).

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