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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricanefresh View Post
    Once again thanks guys, maybe i don't understand guild wars as much as i thought. I don't mean to diss the game in any way.
    Got a few more q's
    Will i be able to interact with players without being in a mission eg towns and stuff?
    Also, i don't yet understand the arena's. I believe that you can only attack another player when in a pvp arena?
    Outposts are small towns in where players are able to meet, once you start a mission or leave the outpost into an explorable area you receive your own instance with those that you added to your party before you left. The only way to interact with players outside of your instance is via the chat.

    You can only play versus other players within the PvP arenas/gametypes. It's the same as explorable areas and such, you're in your own small instance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricanefresh View Post
    What is there on offer in " The wilderness" if that exists, haha, i mean like exploring.
    Not really much to be honest. If you wish to explore there's some scenery scattered around the games and titles to achieve if you explore a full continent. The titles are just a piece of text under your name to show your achievement, they don't really do anything more than that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricanefresh View Post
    Lastly, what kind of requirements and i going to have to meet to be able to play this game, ive recently upgraded my graphics card to some 3d game play shiz. I have broadband so connection won't be a problem, i already run games like San andreas, dark crusade and counterstrike. Will running this need anything different.
    The requirements are quite low, I play on quite an old PC which is a pentium 4, 756MB RAM, and a budget ATI card (X700) and it runs pretty well as max resolution and settings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricanefresh View Post
    I'll buy a copy of nightfall off ebay or at a local shop. Play that for a while, see if it tingles my pringles then if im down with the game and get the swing of things ill purchase the others, if not i guess ill be putting it on ebay.
    Preferably get it from a store unopened. It's possible that someone will try to scam you on ebay by giving you a used copy which is useless once the CD Key has been used.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricanefresh View Post
    How much bandwith usage are we talking here
    If you install the game without using the CDs (only via download) then you're talking roughly 3.6GB for all campaigns. For gameplay the game works on dial up so it's pretty minimal.

    I intensionally missed out the replay value thingy, need to rush, I'll come back to if someone else doesn't cover it by the time I'm back.

    edit: Ninja!

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    You will be able to Whisper as in PM characters that are online which you know the name of

    You will be able to talk to your guild in the guild chat and allience in the allience chat

    ''the wilderness'' is the explorable areas of the maps. they contain stunning senery, wicked monsters to battle, and each time you defeat a monster there is a chance they will drop gold or items sometimes both.

    Replay value i dont get what you mean but to answer your question yes you can just log in, do quests and stuff, meet people, basicaly anything you want.

    Requirments iam sure your comp will be just find, my computer is made of spare parts and most of them are crap and old and gw still works pefectly.

    about the ebay thing, i think you can get them much cheaper on www.play.com each one goes for 10 pounds which is a heck of a deal considering they were like 29:99 when they first came out ^.^

    Banwith usage, depends on were you are and how many people are in the district


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    Thanks man.

    The last issue needed to discuss is the PVP. Ive been reading some threads which claim it to be dead. Now im not a picky bastard but i like to have players on when im on, and i dont mean a few, i want a few hundred. Be honest here guys, is the pvp going to die in a few months , is it dead eg... cheers all

    EDIT: and i thought i was a fast typer! Thanks guys
    Last edited by Colindem; 22-07-2007 at 13:59. Reason: Removed comment. We do not need to know... >.>

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    No pvp is not dead, depending on were you go. Most people play pve though

    And dought you will get above 150 people in one pvp district...

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    I'm not a PvPer so I can't give too much of a well informed opinion but I feel it's still alive and active on most levels. It's just that the higher end of the PvP community are concerned with the current metagame and lack of support towards the PvP game so quite a few of the more well know players have began to leave.

    What you wish to make of that is upto you, but that's how I understand it at the moment and I could be entirely wrong.

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    Thanks guys, i think i'll give it a go. Thanks again for all of your help!

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    Just my two cents worth on a few points...

    a) Trial keys are not 'cut down' versions of the game. They give you full game access but only for a limited time (two weeks or 10 hours play, whichever finishes soonest), so they do give you a real feel for the game - although you won't get all that far in that time.

    b) People are advising you to get Nightfall, which I would have agreed with except for the impending arrival of GWEN, which is situated more in Prophecies territory so I wonder if it would be a better lead in...

    c) I am not much of a PvPer myself, but listening to the chat from my guild mates, it sure seems alive and well to me.

    d) I think there is LOTS of 'replayability' to be done.

    Hope you enjoy it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamSlayer View Post
    No pvp is not dead, depending on were you go. Most people play pve though

    And dought you will get above 150 people in one pvp district...
    I think you are downsizing the PVP too much here, Pvp is always busy granted not to the extent of PVE, nevertheless its busy.
    Whether RA/TA/HA you still have GVG and not forgetting the mighty AB.

    Although Factions wouldnt be my first choice out of the three chapters without a doubt AB ( ALLIANCE BATTLES) are definately good fun.

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