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Thread: Help with Jin

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    Help with Jin

    Where and how does Acolyte Jin gain *charm animal* and comfort animal?

    A friend I play with sometimes just unlocked Jin she came with the starting skills as listed at:

    No charm animal.... the local hero skill trainers in Kamadan and the Great Hall don't have it.

    For me this wasn't a problem as I already had a ranger character so all those skills were available to Jin anyway So I have no clue how she's supposed to get them.

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    Heroes get skills that have been unlocked on your account. So if your friend was to unlock charm animal and comfort animal in any way (via balthazar faction in PvP or by buying the skill himself on any of his characters) then Jin would also receive the skill.

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    Have you got a ranger yourself? Get that ranger to buy or earn those skills and they should be PvP-unlocked for the whole account, which gives Heroes access to them too.

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    Or just change your 2ndary to Ranger and you have em ;)

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    K guys thanks for the replies...

    I got him to create a ranger and he now has the skills unlocked just seems a little odd that as Jin is a hunter he can't buy the skill from the hero skill trainer.... as ele/mes he couldn't learn ranger skills for himself.

    But on the plus side he now has a lv3 ranger

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    As a side note, unlocking the secondary ranger profession for himself would also have worked, if he had a prophecies character he would then have been able to quest for quite a few quests for that character (note : charm animal would have been part of the standard set on the unlocking of the profession).

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