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    *still pointing at the bacon thread*
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    *still pointing at Serious Q/A Thread*

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    Links on this thread need to be updated MV; I use them a lot.

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    Oh, for cryin'....
    There are probably links all over these forums that won't work anymore. Grrrr. Give me a while, this'll take some time.

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    All you have to do is take out the /forums/ I believe.

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    I'd hope he knows that.

    I wonder if it'd be easier to see if Rush could do something in the db to say replace...
    In any instance that it's found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn the divine View Post
    All you have to do is take out the /forums/ I believe.
    By crackey, you're right. Definitely a big help, thanks!

    No Djinn, I didn't know that. That's where you're supposed to come in and rescue me.

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    lol sorry! I thought you knew and were just talking about going and fixing every broken link the forum has or something. xD (That's why I mentioned the mysql queries, well I didn't specifically say that, but that's what I'm talking about.

    Something like...

    UPDATE `forum`
    SET `post`=(select `link_Id` from `post_Id` where `link`= 'http://forums.incgamers.com/')
    WHERE `post`=(select `link_Id` from `post_Id` where `link`= 'http://forums.incgamers.com/forums/')

    No clue what the forum tables look like, but you'd just run some crap like that and it should be able to auto change them all. I think anyways.

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    I fixed the ones I could; some of the links are compressed or something, and I can't seem to expand them to erase the appropriate parts. I'll fix 'em eventually.

    As for the other stuff, I don't have admin permissions. Perhaps Bella can do that, if Rush doesn't get around to it.

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