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    Online store snafus with duplicate billings any news on resolution?

    As the title indicates, has anyone gotten an answer from support (presuming they have submitted a ticket) and/or has any resolution come about?

    The reason I am asking is that I bought last Friday:

    • GWEN Pre-order
      GOTY Upgrade
      Extra character slot
      Total 19.97USD

    Now I have not received a confirmation email, my credit card has not been charged BUT when I look on the Edit Keys ingame section, it shows the purchases being added to my account, my PlayNC account shows a transaction taking place on the 20th and I have access to the bonus pre-order items and the upgrade for GOTY.

    Does that mean that I do in fact have the keys even thought I have not received a confirmation email and have not been charged. I'd much rather get the charge and get to partake in the sneak peek.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Here is the response that I got from NCSoft support:

    Thank you for providing that information. The additional charges you are seeing are only pending pre-authorizations due to a connectivity issue. Due to these failed transactions, we will not be collecting these funds. The pending charges will disappear without actually charging your credit/debit card for the $10.85 for each additional charge, depending on your financial institution's policies, in approximately 24-72 hours. These amounts are removed by your bank per its policies and is not something we can forcibly remove from our end. You will have to wait until your bank releases the pre-authorizations. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you receive any additional charges that are no longer pending and post to your account, we will certainly assist you with these charges.

    Guild Wars Account Support

    Note, I purchased the GWEN preorder and the GOTY items. I will be keeping an eye out for my next credit card statement. If there are two charges, then I will contact support again.
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    Thanks for the info Robertszak, I'm still waitng for the charges to be posted to my CC account.

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