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    OTF Community Member Introduction Thread

    Yep, another new sticky. In this thread you can step up to the podium, introduce yourself, and say what you'd like us to know about that makes you...well, you.

    Possible inclusions, none of which are required information:

    Nickname (see note below about names):
    Location (Country):
    A Bunch Of Other Stuff (preferred music, art, what you do for a living, what you study in school, your favorite pie, kids, cats, manatees, dogs, etc. etc....whatever you like)

    Essentially this is for new people who decide to hang around for a while in the OTF to make themselves known, but anyone who wishes to contribute should do so whether they be new members or ancients.

    Information that really is not necessary and might be inappropriate--therefore subject to removal:

    Sexual orientation. If you feel you must mention it because it somehow defines you, fine...but this is essentially a family-friendly forum, and details are quite unnecessary.

    Traceable information
    : Anything that can lead a determined stalker back to you in real life. This includes real-life (RL) names (a first name is probably ok but never a last name), addresses and/or other specific locations, etc. Paranoid, maybe, but I do this for your protection.

    Pictures: There is a RL pics thread stickied, for posting pictures, also to be found here: http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...d.php?t=347024
    No nasty images, please. If you're an artist and wish to share your creations, um...well, we'll find a place to show those, too.

    Well, have at it, then. If anyone has some ideas about how this might be set up more efficiently or attractively--feel free to mention them. I'm not exactly a master of organization.

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    RAWR! First!

    Age: 14 going on 15; it's in my profile.

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: I like to go by Agent X or Snake

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    A Bunch Of Other Stuff : I'm in high school; going into Grade 10. I like basketball, apple pie, and Mudkipz.
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    22 years male

    I like to be on GWO and make fun of Natus and other people in the OTF

    MY favourite meal is Ham

    I like to ride bikes now and then and play some football (soccer)

    that's me!

    Name is in Avatar

    And nick is Azzer and i am pretty much in the OTF but i can be serious (i think )
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    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Zef
    Location: Ohio, USA
    Other Stuff: Currently a student, going into Junior year of High School(11th). When I go to college I'm most likely going to be studying engineering(can't think of the exact phrase atm ) My favorite kind of pie is either apple or the kind on four wheels *points at avatar* I currently have no pets, aside from three fish and seventeen manatees. Mt. Dew is my caffeine drink of choice and I like to dabble in Cold Fusion experimentation.

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    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    Age: 22
    Gender: I'm a bloke.
    Nickname: On t'Internet, I'm either The Pointless or Mr. Pointless. In the real world, it tends to be Jono at the moment.
    Location: East Durham, England, like.

    Current musical taste: Indie, Nu Rave, Electronic music and New Wave (Kreftwerk, JMJ, Tubeway Army, that sort of thing) and Trance ranging from the early 90s to about 2001, just before the sea of covers killed the genre for me.

    Other randomness: I'm an accounts assistant, my hobbies are of the videogaming and animé variety, with an interest in 'retrogaming' too. Well... my first comp was an Amiga 500+. I did do some coding in DarkBASIC too, but most of my projects kind of ended prematurely as a result of frustration or comp death, and I kind of drifted away from that when I started online gaming last year.

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    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: None that I know of...
    Location: London
    Other: As you can see im pretty new to the forums, but enjoying them greatly nonetheless (I'm sure the spelling of that is wrong... ). My favourite pie is banoffee pie. It's like cake on god-mode.

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    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Jen
    Location: USA
    Other: Other? What other? Wha! Anyways... I like most stuff. Most people think I'm a bit conceited. Art, music, all that's fine. I'm sure you can guess what I do, it isn't rocket science.

    ...None of that really makes me who I am though, you'd really just have to know me for that.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Drec Sutal's Avatar

    Age: (as of this post) 19.
    Sex: Between consenting adults only.
    Nickname: I'll stick with Drec online.
    Location: East Coast USA.
    I post plenty in the OTF (closing on 2k posts in the "ban the above poster" thread alone, actually...) but I also throw in my hat in the "Newcomers/Questions" forum and at least *read* the CDF.
    I'm an engineering major in college with *way* too much general knowledge, especially about anything to do with science or even logic.
    I also have a highly detailed plan to take over the world. So if you have a sudden change of government, that was probably me. Curry favor for a place in the New World Order.

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    Name: Eric
    Age: 18
    Location (Country): USA, east coast!

    About Me:

    Lets see, I'm going into my first year of college this fall, planning to do a dual degree program in engineering. In five years time I plan to come out with a bachelors in engineering and another in aerospace engineering. After that, I'll do some graduate program somewhere, but no doubt be forced to take out loans and live off of Ramen (only the chicken kind).

    That is basically my "right now" information, but other than that I'm your typical young adult minus the trends, (obvious) stupidity, and all the other things that make the old people call my generation "hooligans." I'm not much of a gamer, I play Guild Wars mainly and NWN on the side. As far as consoles go I have an xbox and ps2, but the only games I ever manage to play on either are FF or KOTOR related.

    I have a fascination with most sciences, minus chemistry and biology. Which really only leaves physics if you don't want to be bothered with too many categories and divisions.

    Hmm...what else? My favorite number is 52, I love Harry Potter, and I have mild trypophobia. There, you now know everything there is to know about me. How useful this thread has turned out, yes?

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    Jade Quarry


    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Shawn
    Real Name: Jeremy. ..okay not really.
    Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
    Music: Quite varied, I like mostly everything except rap, with a slight preference toward progressive metal, such as Opeth, Aghora, Tool, and Ayreon.
    Misc: I want to make a band. But in the meantime, I'm getting into the Information Technology field, so I won't starve to death when the band fails. :p

    I can't play Alliance Battles because I get annoyed at our teammates, and hate losing because of things I can't control, so I wind up raging after a few matches. >_>

    I like pizza. And chocolate. Just not together at the same time.

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