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    u got our forums? u might wanna join in on some of our guilds events, always nice to have old friends come back :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member VJ Elfins's Avatar

    Wow, I can't remember... I think I had though... what is it again? And yes I would like to join in events given time etc.

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    ill PM u the link.

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    This is my introduction.


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    Quote Originally Posted by VJ Elfins View Post

    About me: I'm bad at characterizing myself. That said, I'm mostly relaxed, and looking for fun stuff in my free time. I tend to observe first and talk later...
    I do the exact opposite. I look for free stuff in my fun time.

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    Wow, this got me little bit surprised, so many mid age people in this place. It kind of moved me to do the thing, OK....

    Name: atlantis I need you/Drexciya Darthouven/Tuvok Ra/L O I N T A I N
    Age: 29 (30 is near)
    Gender: Male
    Location: Sarajevo (google it)

    About me: degree in literature and linguistics, working as radio DJ for about 8 years already...lots of reading, lots of music, lots of love...games come more often lately...as some interests are leaving my horizons...little bit of counter flow when you think about how things in life work in a usual way with people...

    Music tastes: everything - I started up a last.fm account just for purpose of answering questions like these

    since this looks like as some sort of simplification, let me warn you, I can talk/write a lot about music

    sorry for the bad English
    and have a good day
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    GWOnline.Net Member VJ Elfins's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Aretelio View Post
    I do the exact opposite. I look for free stuff in my fun time.
    That's another way of looking at it

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I've been lurking the forums for a while before I decided to register and post mostly in the Hamas VS. Israel thread. I figured it would be polite of me to introduce myself, so here goes:

    Age: 25 going on 26
    Gender: Female
    Location: Israel

    About me: A student of animation, pursuing my B.A. degree. Interests include drawing and illustrating, reading, animation and movies, scuba diving, psychology, sociology, dancing, sports and fitness, trekking, hiking and various outdoor activities, and of course various computer games.

    Music tastes: Almost everything goes, as long as it's not too manufactured. I like listening to the radio a lot.
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    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: None that I know of

    Location: Las Vegas,Nevada

    About me: I grew up all over the world due to my father being in the Army,so a lot of times we rarely lived in one place longer than a few years.For fun I like to hang out with my girlfriend and friends,hiking, camping,skydiving,traveling,ghost hunt.I play Guild Wars when I can,but I tend to get kicked off the computer by my girlfriend when she's mad or wants to go out.I like all types of music,mostly hard rock/heavy metal,but not country,it puts me to sleep lol.Currently I work as an excavator
    and love it.Well I guess that's about it,glad to meet you all

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sjeng's Avatar

    Far Shiverpeaks

    Limburgse Jagers

    I think I did introduce myself in the GW related forum, but not in this one ^^

    Manufacturing date: july 4th 1977
    Location: The Netherlands
    Likes: games, music, going out with friends, movies, books (sci-fi & fantasy mostly).
    Dislikes: rap and R'n'B. bad remakes of good music.
    Job: engineer in construction of houses/appartments, Masters degree. It's fun, but it's not my dreamjob. Don't know what is, but it would have to involve lots of free time and lots of money :P

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