My name is Ishamael Rahvin from the guild UW. I am the guild leader, we are a 2 year old guild that pretty much covers all aspects of guild wars. We are looking for mature gamers over the age of 18. We use teamspeak and have a well organized website. Teamspeak use is casual for PvE players, We require teamspeak use if you are going to PvP. We aspire to be competitive and active on the guild ladder. If you are looking for an experienced active guild we might be the one for you.

Info Summary:

1. Contact Info:

Ishamael Rahvin (Guild Leader)

Tinker Belle Monk (Officer)

Mesmer Anthony (Officer)

Website: www.unknown-warriors.com

2. Looking for active people over the age of 18.

3. Requirements:

a. Teamsepak (Use as you like)

b. Age 18+

c. Minor Forum Use

4. Active Times 6p.m. - 1 a.m. (GMT -6 central)

If you wanna try us out make a join request forum in our forums and pm one of us or we will contact you in game after we see your join request.