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    Restarted GW. Need some Serious Tips!


    I bought GW about a year ago (prophesis) after seeing it on my friends computer, but after 2 weeks i gave up out of- being lazy and only wanted to finish it.

    But a year has passed, and i've decided to finish Prophecis, then factions, Nightfall etc.

    But i need some serious help.

    What would be the wisest profession for PvE (or w/e you call the roleplaying bit.)


    And other tips greatly appriciated!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Metafrank's Avatar

    If you like hitting stuff in melee? Warrior.
    If you like helping your team? Monk.
    If you like the being well armored and attacking from afar? Ranger.
    If you like hexing stuff or raising minion armies? Necro.
    If you like having a good class, but not being taken into groups? Mesmer.
    If you like making big booms? Elementalist.

    There is no "wisest profession".

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    -.- Well duh who didn't know that. I know all the basics i would just like to know what people favor most in proffessions for PvE!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Metafrank's Avatar

    What do you care what people want? Play what you want.
    If it's a 100% chance to find a party that you want, monk is probably the wisest decision.
    If monking is your thing, that is.

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    The Pointless's Avatar

    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    You shouldn't have to follow everyone else's choices like a zombie.

    My advice would be to try each profession out. Create a character, try him out for a bit, if you don't like that profession, delete and re-roll.

    Play what floats your boat.

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    Hmm... not sure =/

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    First tip: when you're a newcomer to the forums don't ask a very vague question and then have a go at someone for giving what you think is a bad answer when they took the time to reply. They didn't have to bother trying to help a newbie. A thankyou and a less vague follow-up question will get you much further than a "duh". If you want to have a go at someone, have a go at me for pointing this out to you. I'm big enough, I can take it.

    Second tip: the advice you've already received from Metafrank and The Pointless is the best advice there is, really: decide what your playstyle is by trying out all the professions for yourself, and go with whichever one suits you best.

    If you want to know which the most popular PvE profession is then use the forum search function. I'm sure a poll was conducted fairly recently, so find that and you should find the answer.

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    GWOnline.Net Member VILenin's Avatar

    If you really want my opinion, here it is:

    Ranger: In addition to being quite powerful in their own right, if you ever get bored of using the Ranger's bows, you can use the weapons of other professions just as easily. Think that new sword you found looks cool? Go ahead and use it.

    Assassin: Same as above, plus the majority of their dagger attacks have their own unique animation. Plus, watching the numbers fly (they deal insane damage) is quite the rush.

    Monk: You control the fates of everyone in your party! 'Nuff said.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Well, considering you want an opinion-based answer, Ranger is the best.
    But if you want to get in parties with other players, Monks are the best.

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    Become a Smite monk....break the mold!!

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