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    W/Mo Best Place to Farm

    I am sorry but I am looking on making about 10k a hour or so but I dont know where to farm....I have read about flesh golems but I just die

    Yes i do use a sword and I quess its not good enough so can anyone help me pick a good farm spot.

    I dont like flesh golem because phoantoms come by...

    while telling on what to do can i have a build and how Atribute points are set up plz thankyou :)

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    I am at work so i dont have my build, attributes etc, but HM minotaurs in Anvil Rock is decent money. ill post build later this evening

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    Triple Chop
    Whirlwind Axe
    Cyclone Axe
    Executioner's Strike
    Dolyak Signet
    Vigorous Spirit
    Live Vicariously

    Str 10+1
    Axe Mastery 11+3
    Healing Prayers 10

    Knights Armor

    and any zelous axe

    I am not taking credit for this I found it on the forums

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    Where is anvil rock? I cant find it, I only know augury rock.

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    or you can farm hulking stone eles outside of ascalon with the build aeondemigod mentioned, except replace dolyak sig with balthazar's spirit, and maybe flail for a healing breeze or some other skill, make sure you stand clear of the ele boss something flintstone and try to aggro at least 10 at one time, you'll get some pretty good golds, war tomes, and some lockpicks with this spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by imation View Post
    Where is anvil rock? I cant find it, I only know augury rock.
    Anvil Rock is at Northern Shiverspeaks, outside of Ice Tooth Cave. (About halfway between Yaks bend and Peacon's Perch... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakkura x View Post
    ...make sure you stand clear of the ele boss something flintstone...
    It's an ok farm. But you can easily kill both the Warrior and Ele bosses if you do a sword riposte build.

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    Well if you think you're man enough...

    This build still works with a slight change. Swap out "Watch Yourself!" with "Fear Me!". Spam FM way more then you ever did with WY and you can achieve successful Energy Denail on the minotaurs, significantly reducing the amount of Irrisistible Blows you take, which is the main source of heavy dmg you take. So it's a little ruff at first, but soon they hit like wimps.

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