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    Tarnished Coast


    NF - Elonian Cartography maps, tips, and comparisons

    This post isn't going to address the basic tricks of cartography that are common to all continents (wall hugging techniques, for example) but rather focusing on cartography tips specific to Elona. Of course any cartography question is welcome, just don't expect this initial post to be everything you need to get started on cartography. If you have additional information or tips to share, please let me know and it can be added to this post.

    If you are having issues finding that last little bit of map to uncover, feel free to post your map here for comparison. For a quick comparison map, make sure you're in full screen mode with a standard resolution (the resolutions I have maps for are 1280x1024 and 1024x768). Zoom out on your world map, and press shift-printscreen to get a map without town or mission markers. You can post that image using a freely available photo hosting service such as Imageshack or Photobucket. These maps can then be compared to fully uncovered world maps using photo editing software such as Photoshop, or just switching back and forth rapidly between the images.

    Important note: If your map is not at one of these two resolutions, the comparison technique I'm using (layering in Photoshop) is useless. I cannot do anything at all with maps in resolutions other than 1280x1024 or 1024x768.

    Mission tips

    Consulate Docks:
    At the very beginning of the mission, turn right when you get off the boat (going away from the Kournans) and go to the end of the pier. This typically gives 0.1% exploration. See an alternate approach to this spot in the Pogahn Passage tips.

    Pogahn Passage:
    At the beginning of the mission, almost the entire zone is accessible and empty of enemies. You can use this opportunity to explore almost all of the zone.

    Be sure to watch the ending cinematic fully, during the cinematic your character is on a boat that is not normally accessible. (Note: This may apply to other missions as well. So general tip: watch cinematics.)

    At the beginning of the mission, the doors to the area available in the very beginning of Consulate Docks are closed (near the south west corner of the fortress). At the moment, however, you can walk right through these doors. Proceed to fully explore the area, particularly the full length of the pier if you have not done so in the Consulate Docks mission. This is an easier period of exploration than the beginning of Consulate Docks, due to the lack of enemies or Kournan bombardment.

    Tihark Orchard:
    After the cut scene, the guards at the base of the stairs near Zilo the Drunkard move a bit, making it possible to fully explore the zone without enemies.

    Chahbek Village:
    Non-Elonian characters can reportedly get a bit of extra map uncovered by using a skill such as Necrotic Traversal to teleport onto the ships with corsairs. Elonian characters already have the starting island, so this may not be as beneficial for those characters.

    Remains of Sahlahja:
    There are two approaches I've read for mapping the challenge mission:
    One. Start the mission, and get 15 points. A random door will open up. Go map that section of the map, then restart the mission. It may take a number of times before the right doors open up, but you can repeat as often as you'd like.

    Two. Play the mission until you have 60 points, so you have all areas open. Map everything, and you're done.

    Personally, I went with the latter option. I took the wurm around the central tower in circles -- used Junundu Tunnel as soon as it recharged, and just ran away from the Maddened Spirits. Once there was a bit of distance between my wurm and the Spirit, chomped a regular Infestation. One of the skills (don't recall which, off the top of my head) is a one-hit kill for the regular Infestations, so I'd use that, then run away again. Round and round the central column, completely ignoring the Greater Infestations. When an area opened up, I'd run in there. Again, just running from Maddened Spirits, and chomping a lesser Infestation when possible.

    It took a bit of practice, and a fair bit of time, but eventually I had 60 points, so went and mapped almost all of the challenge mission.

    Dzagonur Bastion
    During the mission, there is a door that's closed at the south east portal. However it's possible to walk through this door and explore a bit further.

    Uncovered maps:
    World map at 1280 x 1024:

    World map at 1024 x 768:

    World map created by stitching mission maps (U maps) together:
    (created by Lothiron)

    Quick map of Pogahn Passage at the beginning of the mission:

    (not a full exploration, just a pointer to unfog a spot in the north west corner of the fortress)

    Quote Originally Posted by Teg View Post
    Note: Unfogging a portion of the map doesn't necessarily equate to the increase of the exploration title and traveling to a certain point in the map without actually defogging anything could increase your exploration percentage -- this also includes map corners and not just the center areas.
    Almost all of the tips here were gleaned from the 100% Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer thread. Many thanks to all of the members who helped with this information, there was a considerable amount of good work done in that thread (this thread created to have more information in one easily found spot rather than scattered throughout 80 pages).

    My comparison technique:
    A number of people have asked how I'm comparing maps, so just a short blurb on my approach.

    Set up
    After achieving Grandmaster Cartographer, I opened the world map, zoomed out, and took a screenshot with shift-printscreen as soon as possible. I took a large number of additional screenshots after this, as quickly as possible. I reset the resolution and repeated the process. This gave me about 100 screenshots for each of the resolutions my video card is capable of. The major advantage to this is that I can match almost any world map with clouds, and not have to ask a person to re-post with a particular cloud timing.

    Once a person posts a world map to compare against, I find the map of mine that most closely matches the clouds on the submitted map. This isn't crucial, but it does make it a bit easier.

    I then take both maps and load them into Photoshop. Copy one map and paste it into a new layer, and then add a third layer. The third layer is the one I use for marking up the map. The layer for markings is merely for my own convenience. I can erase marks, or turn them off for a double check, and they don't "flash" for the comparison itself.

    To find differences, I toggle the visibility of the map on top. So if I have it set up with submitted map as background and my map as layer 1, I'll toggle layer 1. The fewer differences there are -- notably clouds, mission markers, and so on -- the easier it is to find differences in map exploration. The exploration differences will flash as I toggle visibility.

    Occasionally I'll find a spot that is partially obscured by clouds, or the difference is minor enough that I can't tell which map is more clear (note that my grandmaster cartographer still has a few foggy spots). But most of the time, the comparisons are rather easy.

    With the maps I've compiled (which took only a few minutes), the entire comparison process, including upload to Imageshack, takes me less than fifteen minutes per map.

    As noted previously, Photoshop is not required for this comparison process. The primary advantage that Photoshop has is the ability to add marks to a layer, and keeping the maps aligned (due to them being the same size, just on different layers) no matter where I scroll. Someone could do this comparison using tabs in a browser, for instance, but they would have to be careful about scrolling (in order to keep the maps aligned) and wouldn't be able to mark the maps directly.
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    Posting here because I got my 100%.

    I just walked out of SS Sanctuary to find a spot marked in Marga Coast, and suddenly it happened.

    Thanks alot :D

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    Thank you so much, Nkuvu :)

    Another tip for you carthographers. If you enter the Dzagonur Bastion Mission, you can uncover the portal from the Wilderness of Bahdza to Resplendent Makuun.

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    Red face

    Finished it. I don't have a screen shot maybe later this weekend.
    Got it while I was randomly doing a HM mission. Thanks for the maps and all the help. It was exceptional!

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    Thanks for all your help Nkuvu. I got it!

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    Tarnished Coast

    Congratulations to all who just got it. I'm happy to see a nice string of new Grandmaster Cartographers.

    One thing I realized that's missing from the opening post, though, is a guide to the Remains of Sahlahja. I'll add that when I can.

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    Hey there, a friend of mine directed me here as I am in need of some help with my mapping of Elona. I am currently at 99.3% and can't seem to find any more spots to uncover. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Tarnished Coast

    Would be happy to help, Avangarde, except that the resolution of that image is 800x467 -- not something I can work with.
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    Oops sorry about that, try this one its set at 1024x768.

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    Tarnished Coast

    Also set to 800x467.

    Please make sure that when you're uploading to Photobucket, the resize option is off (I generally use Imageshack, so not sure exactly where the option is for Photobucket).

    Also, with the black bars on both sides of the image, I'm wondering if your in game resolution is set to 1024x768 or something different.

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