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    Create an Assassin skill

    Aside from "Lets guess what GWEN skills are!" I haven't seen a thread like this ever being made in the time I've been here and I didn't see any rules forbidding its creation so here it is

    ITT we make assassin skills, this is also not intended to be a "omg lets hope ANet looks at this thread so they make them" thread but rather, just for fun, as well as out of curiosity to see what everyone would like to run on their dream sins.

    Golden Blossom Strike
    Off-hand Attack. Must follow a Lead Attack. if it hits, this attack strikes for +10...25 damage. If you are under the effects of an enchantment, all adjacent foes take 10...25 damage.

    Shocking Assault
    Lead Attack. If this attack hits, you strike for +11...21 Lightning damage. This skill has 20% armor penetration.

    Murderous Intent
    Hex Spell. For 3...12 seconds, target foe is hexed with Murderous Intent. The next time an ally inflicts damage to target foe, you shadow step to that foe's location.

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    I like the idea of this thread. I think you also need to mention what attribute line you're putting your attacks in. Looking at what you put down, I'm assuming DM/DM/DA.

    Spider Dagger
    Spell. Send out a Spider Dagger at target foe. Spider Dagger strikes for 10..50 damage and poisons foes for 3..10 seconds. This spell has half the normal range. Deadly Arts

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    Throat Slicer
    Off-Hand Attack. Must follow a Lead Attack. If it hits, target foe begins bleeding and cannot cast shouts or chants for 8...14 seconds. (Critical Strikes)

    Would be neat to have a unique blood spray effect for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadaArashi View Post
    Aside from "Lets guess what GWEN skills are!" I haven't seen a thread like this ever being made in the time I've been here and I didn't see any rules forbidding its creation so here it is.
    Like this?


    Had some ideas thrown in there and I kinda liked them.

    Assassins Ritual - Enchantment Spell - for every assassin enchantment you have on you your offhand attacks deal +3....10 damage. ( Maximum bonus 40 )

    Hindering Strike - if target foe is attacking or casting a spell you deal +25....45 damage. Melee Attack
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    All of these skills will probably be overpowered

    Magnetizing Shadows [E]
    - Hex spell - Deadly Arts
    15e 1c 30r

    Target foe is teleported to your current location and moves 33% slower for 1...5 seconds.

    Master of daggers - Stance - Dagger mastery
    5e 20r

    For the next 1...10 seconds whenever you double strike you strike an additional 1...3 times.

    Dragon wire [E] - Hex Spell - Deadly Arts
    5e 1/2c 15r

    For the next 5...25 seconds whenever you and target foe are more than 50' apart, you teleport to that foe.

    Howling Blades [E]
    - Stance - Critical Strikes
    15e 30r

    All of your attacks deal 90-50% less damage, for 1...10 seconds all you melee attacks can be used at range, as long as you are within earshot of your current foe.

    (I'm fully aware that this skill is far too overpowered)

    Kamikaze (two versions) [E]
    - Skill - Critical Strikes
    15e 60r

    Lose all enchantments for 1...10 seconds all of you non-attack skills are disabled and you can no longer be the target of spells. For 1...5 seconds all of your melee attacks deal double damage but any damage or conditions you inflict are also inflicted upon you.

    For the next 1...13 seconds all you skills deal double damage, cost no energy, cast and recharge instantly. When this skill ends, you die.

    Shadow Clone [E] - Spell - Critical Strikes
    15e 2c 20r

    Animate a level 1...10 shadow clone at your current location, for 6 seconds whenever you are the target of a hostile attack or spell, that skill is redirected to your shadow clone instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sounds Risky View Post
    Throat Slicer
    Off-Hand Attack. Must follow a Lead Attack. If it hits, target foe begins bleeding and cannot cast shouts or chants for 8...14 seconds. (Critical Strikes)

    Would be neat to have a unique blood spray effect for it.
    impressive, but make it automatically a crit. strike. i'd like to see that with this "lead" spell:

    Hex spell. You are teleported to target foe and that foe's skills are disabled for 0...6 seconds. This spell ends prematurely if you fall below 70% maximum health or if target foe falls below 33% maximum health. This spell counts as a lead attack. (Deathly arts)

    also coupled with:

    Shameless Strike
    Dual attack. must strike a foe below 33% maximum health, that foe is knocked down and suffers from deep wound for 1...15 seconds. this attack deals +10...40 damage. all of your non-attack skills are disabled for 15...10 seconds.

    on a side note, the second Kamikazee skill above is far too powerful. yeah, imagine it with unyielding aura or vengeance. yikes. (all skills activate isntantly, means like 10 attacks/second?!)
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    I like Master of Daggers. Locust's Fury, Critical Agility, Conjure, Deadly Paradox... the numbers would be so beautiful.

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    Tetrad Blades
    10e 8r

    Dual Attack. Must follow an off-hand attack. You double strike target foe. Each of these attacks deal + 1...11 damage.

    So this skill would end up hitting them four times. Since each attack is doublestrike.

    And Magnetising Shadows is overpowered, but it would be fun to teleport someone into a bunch of traps.
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    I still like the idea I had and I even made a sin during the beta weekend named after it.

    Kidney stab(or punch)
    10 e 15r lead (increase recharge for other strike forms)

    Stab opponent in the kidney. This attack does +5-30 damage and causes the target to become crippled for 5-10 seconds. If target is hexed or under other conditions Kidney Punch causes bleeding for 5-10 seconds.

    (interesting idea but hey its something ya?)

    Wrath of the Dragon
    15-20e 10r dual strike {E}
    deal 2-40 damage. Opponent hit with this skill is knocked down and suffers burning for 5-10 seconds. Any adjacent opponents are knocked down and struck for an additional 1-20 damage and suffer burning.

    general idea is death blossom but probably more powerful than it longer recharge and causes burning. And the icon could be an asian dragon or european style dragon. i'm abit tired but I actually like the idea of it

    this one's a rough rough idea but it might be fun to play with

    Hundred Daggers( can't think of a better name)
    dual attack or enchantment
    attack opponent an additional 1...3...4/5 times(16 dag mastery) times each dagger strike deals normal damage.

    enchantment version- for x seconds your chance of double strikes increase 10-20%+

    anyways thats all i got..

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    I'm terrible at balance so here are the ideas:

    I'm not Here Shadow Arts
    Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds next time the assassin takes damage that would be fatal the assassin Shadow Steps to location this Enchantment was first cast and gains 30...100 health.

    Ambush Deadly Arts Elite
    Elite Trap. When Ambush is triggered assassin Shadow Steps to traps location. Foes in the traps affect are Knockdown and Crippled for 1...10 seconds. While activating this skill you are easily interrupted.

    Culling the Herd Deadly Arts
    Spell. Shadow Target foe to random location and that foe is Crippled for 5..13 seconds

    Ally into the Shadow Shadow Arts
    Spell. Target touched ally Shadow Steps to target foe. If that foe has more health than ally, you gain 40..112 health.

    Of course like Death's Charge and Death's Retreat there could be an version that shadow steps ally to other target ally.

    Shadow Lord Critical Strike
    For 10...30 seconds, non-hex Shadow Step spells and stances recharge 5...41% faster.

    And just because:

    Golden Black Falling Lotus Mantis Fang Fox Spider Ox Dagger Mastery Elite
    Off Hand Attack. Must be Enchanted and Strike a Hexed Foe. Target is knocked down for 3 seconds. The attack cannot be blocked and Poisons, Cripples and inflicts a Deep Wound on the target for 5...17 seconds.

    Basically that was an attempt to combine all the different assassin attack types, not serious in any way.

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