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    Obsidian Weapons

    We have Obsidian Armor so why not Obsidian Weapons?

    I guess it would cost 15k + materials and at that price it has to be fully customizable and give the look for each class. For an Ele, it has the obisidian look in the outpost but in the field it can burst into flames (or dust, lightning, dry ice). It has to look animated (you know that it has to be animated out the yaya), match the armor (if your armor has spikes then the weapon should have spikes somewhere) and be the weapon of choice since its Obsidian.

    Dunno, just wondered why my, uh, wooden staff doesn't fit with my obsidian armor.

    Side note: shouldn't the text on Obsidian Armor be a different color? annnnnnnd shouldn't it receive an extra benefit other than looking cool? (the latter has been requested for quite some time and since prices are dropping so everyone can afford it, now is a good time to look into it)
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    GWOnline.Net Member Fikusan's Avatar

    yeah while your at it lets make Kurzick, Elite Kurzick, Luxon, Elite Luxon, Sunspear, Elite Sunspear, Istani, Tyrian... weapons...
    pointless imo

    just enjoy the tormented weapons :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member Colon's Avatar

    Basically what Fikuson said.
    And no to the extra benefit to Obsid armor. That'd force people that don't even LIKE the looks to get the armor just to be on par with others. No thanks.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    yea there is already gold Obsidian staff for ele's

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    Quote Originally Posted by the bomb View Post
    yea there is already gold Obsidian staff for ele's
    Except that the "Obsidian Staff" is a name colloquially agreed upon by the community. In-game it carries the name "Earth Staff".

    Anyway. /notsigned, neither for the weapons nor for the armor having a different benefit. Obsidian armor sucks, anyway.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nite's Avatar

    For the weapons - not much point I think. They could just add them to the normal drop list, not make them "special" like the armor.

    As for Obsidian armor getting a bonus, won't ever happen. ANet can't throw off their pvp balance the slightest bit, which your idea would do. Case closed, no point in asking for it again.


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    Obsidian aka FOW armor.

    Weapon drops in FOW = Shadow


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    GWOnline.Net Member Fikusan's Avatar

    hrmm now that i think about it... well most definitely Fissure shouldn't have any stat bonus... but a glow like the magma hands or kormir(hopefully you know what i mean here) would be awesome...
    on a side note... the new GWEN video suggests that there are certain treats for having specific armors in the HoM

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    No point in adding those weapons, and a huge NO to extra benefits of FoW armor. I don't want to have to buy an ugly looking and expensive armor.

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    We all know the extra benefits to armor will not happen...just wanted to see how some of you responded. Anyway, back to the point of the post...

    According to some logic listed by some responses, having Tormented weapons was kinda my point..."we have Tormented weapons." If there is no point in having better looking weapons so just use the kurzick, luxon, etc then there shouldn't be Tormented weapons. But we do have them so what is to stop ANet from having Obsidian weapons?

    Those areas do have distinguishing looks btw and so does armor. A Tyrian scimitar looks a lot different from a Elonian scimitar but it is plain looking. It's not about farming a drop and hope to get it. Its the time invested and a goal to achieve just like it is to some to get the Obsidian armor.

    While the Tormented weapons are accepted by the community, who is to say ANet will not have Obsidian Weapons during GWEN? Maybe they wont; maybe they will. Maybe the Tormented weapons was a way to measure the response of those wanting better looking weapons or maybe its just them saying this is the best we can do so deal with it. I do know it will be a welcome addition to those that have/want the Obsidian pieces. The weapons wont offer any additional benefit over Tormented or any other weapons rather that it will fit the profile of the Obsidian bearer and should look the part.

    Here's to wishful thinking...
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