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    Smile Arena Net wont connect??

    Hi im posting for my friend who also has guild wars.

    Basically he is getting a problem where whenever he starts the game up his Arena Net doesnt load up ta all..

    the window comes up and stays at 0% when trying to connect/load up.

    He is not sure why this happens, his pc hardware etc is fine because he used to play the game with me a few months ago, he never had any graphical or net speed problems.

    but now his Arena Net is being dodgey and staying on 0%, im not sure if this is some type of firewall prob but he says it isnt.

    any idea of whats causing this? and has anyone else had a similar prob before?

    thanks for any help you can give :)

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    Best have him post so as to speed the process up.

    But yes it is a firewall problem.

    Have him disable it so he can make sure though.


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    Does your friend actually have a firewall? If so, is he certain that the GW client is being allowed by that firewall?

    I know he said it wasn't, but it helps is he's certain and not simply saying that.

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    Some firewalls will reenable blocking if the executable has changed enough. Take a look at this recent thread and see if any of the suggestions there help.


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    hmm he says he had the same firewall since the last time he played and that nothing has really changed since.

    he just says arena net stopped working one day and that was it =\ hmm

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    Seems the network is down atm

    Error = 058

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    If it only started happening within the last hour then I'd say his problem isn't his problem at all, but a problem at ANet's end. Err58 here; other people are getting err40 and err15 according to these forums. Hey ho. On the bright side, at least it's not happening at the weekend!

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    Yep, everyone I've talked to have gotten errors 13, 58, 40. Guess their network crashed.

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    They may be preparing the servers for GWEN.

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    GWEN? lol what is that?

    ps: how much is a green minipet GWEN worth? i just got it in a present lol

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