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    Rise of the Rt/E.

    *Points at Glyph of Energy*

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    ewwwwwwwww im not wasting my elite on that *** move

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    glyph of energy is not an elite 0.o

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    ooo i though it was my bad i must be thinking about something else

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    It is an ELITE.

    An elite that doesn't work on binding rituals.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aksharack's Avatar

    Does kinda seem like that might be a new elite for channelers to look at. Although its kinda meh, since so few Rt spells are 25e. I expect most people will just avoid the exhaustion skills rather than resort to this... only reason this is semi-viable is the fact that there are not many good channeling elites.....
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    guess im thinking glyph of lesser energy :p

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    Better off just going E/Rt. Just face it, Rit as a primary was swiftly killed in one fell swoop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jormandgundr
    Better off just going E/Rt. Just face it, Rit as a primary was swiftly killed in one fell swoop.
    I'm afraid I'll have to agree :-/ I normally try to be fairly optimitic about these things but at the moment there really are only three Rit skills worth bringing:

    Weapon of Fury (which might actually be best on a rit primary with some Spawning)
    Weapon of Quickening (which seems best on a Mesmer primary (FC))
    Xinrae's Weapon (which seems far better on an ele primary)

    Problems: the rest of Channeling and Communing suck, so it's not worth Rt primary for runes and headgear. Spawning Power's Weapon Spell effect seems too weak to truly effect these spells. Several notable problems of these skills can be solved better by other secondaries' primaries. Restoration and Spawning Power have no good elites.

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    GWOnline.Net Member JayyDestroyer's Avatar

    How about going Me/Rt with the buffed sig of illusions and channeling magic?

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