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    Easiest to get max title

    With the advent of the change of the favor system a question was recently posed in TOA:

    What is the easiest title to get maxed?

    Now I felt this question was taking into account relative ease with speed of getting the title.

    I said Legendary Survivor.

    This got a rather nasty response from someone saying that no way was that the easiest.

    I argued that it was...considering the farm that is now rather well known. I found it originally on the Guru forums...the one by Antithesis. I have personally gotten the LS title with one of my characters partially using that farm in 56 hours. I got to indomitable survivor using the easy run described in the thread...simply killing the knights right outside Marketplace. Then the recent skill capping weekend came about and allowed me to cap a bunch of skills...72 skills total during that weekend...for 720k xp. Did I say the title wasn't crap now because of this farm? No...it is...this farm is way too easy and now makes Legendary Survivor a joke to get. That all took me 56 hours to reach LS. Some in that thread have cliamed as low as 10-12 hours using the hard version of the farm...killing more of the jades using an Mo/Me or Me/Mo.

    The person that responded refused to believe what I claimed to have done...and what others claimed to have done. The facts are there...so are the screenshots...why would all of us post edited screenshots in a thread like that?

    So I want to hear the community's response to the question:

    What is the easiest max title to get?

    Now note: I took this question to mean combining both how easy it is to get it with how long it takes to get it. To me legendary survivor is easy to get now with that farm...all it takes is time...to me the ease of getting that title combined with the low times it can be done in...makes it easier than even titles like Sweet Tooth and Drunkard...since those require quite a bit of time to max. (hmmm...ok maybe not for Sweet Tooth...just have to double click a lot...not sure how long it would take if you have all the sweets you need...but that also requires an insane amount of cash...)

    Now when I say max title I mean max title that counts for Favor now. That includes:
    Legendary Survivor - My choice
    Defender of Ascalon
    Legendary Cartographer
    Legendary Guardian
    Legendary Skill Hunter
    Legendary Vanquisher
    Treasure Hunter
    Sweet Tooth

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    GWOnline.Net Member GrimShade's Avatar

    The easiest title to get is Sweet Tooth. That is just strait up a gold sink, buy 10,000,000 sweets and go crazy if you have the gold the title is yours.

    As for the earned ones that aren't gold syncs...Legendary Survivor will be too much for many players, if they could get that title they would. Although you may see many more of them being gate men to get the title. The good side of it is Legendary Survivor done with Elite Caps will lead to a second of Legendary skill hunter.

    I would then say Spearmarshal but then consider the Number of Players that go through HM. Even if you just did HM worm farming.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Either Legendary Survivor, Sunspear or Lightbringer as they are the ones that are relatively easy to farm.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Zsig's Avatar

    Easiest? Most definitely Sunspear/Lightbringer (there's no chance of failing)
    Fastest? Legendary Survival (you could die due to lag or something unpredictable happens...)

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    GWOnline.Net Member karadoc's Avatar

    If you have the gold, then sweet tooth is by far the fastest and easiest. But of course, if you take into account the earning of the gold then it is a completely different story...

    In my opinion:
    Legendary Survivor is the fastest.
    Legendary Sunspear will probably be the most common, because just playing normally will get you most of the way there.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Fikusan's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by GrimShade View Post
    The easiest title to get is Sweet Tooth. That is just strait up a gold sink, buy 10,000,000 sweets and go crazy if you have the gold the title is yours.
    Based off what you say, Wisdom Title should be fairly easy too

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    Sunspear and Lightbringer. Straight up point grinds that you could do in your sleep. Nothin' else to them. Even Legendary Survivor at least requires that you keep your eyes open and don't lag out.
    Winter Chorus (E20), Azure Falcon (W20), Sapphire Sirocco (R4), Amber Tide (N20), Cobalt Smoke (Rt20), Sunstone Rose (Mo20), Onyx Feather (A20), Moon Chime (Me3), Desert Sky (D2), Ghost Anthem (P4), Little Teapot (PvP)
    -- Poking Badgers With Spoons [Hope] (on vacation in WitB)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Garbaron's Avatar

    The easiest way is to NOT support this shift to let players grind all the time so they get access to PvE content!

    Don’t you see this?

    GWEN- PvE-Skills
    Hall of Monuments
    New favour system…

    What’s up with ANet?
    They claim to not want to copy or clone a WoW style game play and yet they do exactly that.. Want something in GW?
    Grind for it!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Caitriona's Avatar

    Who is going to grind for Lightbringer and Sunspear titles again on their secondary chars. I am perfectly fine with Castellan and r3/4 Lightbringer on them and see no reason to grind with them to grant other people access to UW and FoW, hoping that 19 others do that within this very hour, too.

    This makes even less sense than going to the halls and win it 5 times to enter the UW/FoW. This would make UW an even longer trip, and nobody really goes there anymore except for getting the occasional spider or farming ecto.

    It could also be to remove bot farmers from UW, but sorry to say, they do not farm UW anymore for a long time by now, most seem to be pretty happy with the Altrumm Ruins.

    In the end it is a way to make favor of the gods a very rare thing. Oh, the irony:

    First Kanaxai and Urgoz were hardly accessible, now they are readily available for little faction. FoW and UW scrolls achieved by killing hard mode bosses are going to become the most common way to enter FoW and UW.

    I really think I should buy some more ectos, if they do this the price will rise. I am also quite interested how often and at which odd hours favor now will happen.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Of course it's Legendary Survivor. Not in the traditional, proper way, but where the heck do you think Anet is getting those absurd numbers from?

    That's right. Bots.

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