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    Idea for PvE only skills...

    I love PvE only skills, however, I have to say that with the introduction of GW:EN and 50 new PvE only skills, plus the existing ones, this will lead to very, very powerful builds... some already exist, like that Paragon build that owned Mallyx with 3 PvE-only skills. I think a good idea would be if you can only use skills from one title at a time, whichever you have equipped. This would prevent hardcore PvE-only bars from making the game a complete joke, as some fear it will do, and still allow people who like using the skills to have them... really, I can't see any situation (except perhaps the DoA) where you will need an abundance of PvE only skills. Essentially, a change like this would make your title into almost a "Third Profession", for example, "I'm a Necro/Monk Lightbringer", which would mean that he can use necro skills, monk skills, AND lightbringer skills. As if titles became a third exclusive PvE profession.

    Oh well, just thought it would be a fun and interesting change

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    that would also meen that you can only use 1 of the 20 pve skills of the asura, the same aply's then with the norn skills.

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    Restricting PvE skills like Elite skills is not the solution (although they are mostly even more powerful).
    PvE skill bars after the introduction of GWEN will not be made of innovative builds, but of 8 grinded, overpowered skills, as sad as that may seem.

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