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    Tome Distribution

    Tomes, a relatively recent addition to the game, give players the ability to obtain skills they have already unlocked. This allows players to comfortably expand their skill list, and makes tomes a good thing to have.

    Tomes drop in hard mode, and are predetermined by the class of the monster that drops them.

    However, a problem arises where the distribution of classes across the worlds of Tyria, Cantha and Elona are not even. Warrior enemies are exceedingly common, where monk enemies are rare, and ritualist enemies rarer.

    As a result, the distribution of tomes across the classes is not even. A person who plays a warrior can readily obtain the tomes to unlock his entire skill list, where a person who plays a ritualist does not have that opportunity.

    A ready solution might be to randomize tome drops in hard mode. Thus, a warrior might drop a tome for any class. This would expand the options for classes already scarce in PvE and facilitate trade between players.

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    Sounds like a good idea. My only worry would be that without the class of the tome linked to the class of the monster, there's no way to farm a certain monster to get a certain tome (I need a necro tome, so I find necro monsters to farm).

    They could go half way and have monsters have a 50% chance of dropping their own class's tome and a 50% chance of dropping one of the other classes. That way there's still the option of farming warriors for warrior tomes, but the other classes don't have to limit themselves to their own class to get the tome they want.

    Just my two cents.

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    Dareths idea sounds better


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    I agree I like dareth's suggestion the best. But truthfully I'd be happy with either


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    also make all tomes free from loot scaling... i hate to think what my heros would do with the elite derv tome i was entitled to

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    well, the tomes should have never bin specivic per prof, weapons, runes and insignai also drop out of there prof so wy should tomes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorudo View Post
    well, the tomes should have never bin specivic per prof, weapons, runes and insignai also drop out of there prof so wy should tomes?
    Tomes are related to skills. Skills are inherently profession specific. The other things you listed are not profession specific.

    (By the way, the idea sounds alright to me. But I don't mind much either way.

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    no matter how many times i open a chest in HM i NEVER get a elite tome... OT: ok its time for me to take a breather from GW like say a few days cause i gotta finish said gw story for the guildies i'm with XD

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