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    okay nevermind about the things mentioned above. ya i just realized i spelled my user name incorrectly so i just made a new one and i'll be using this one from now on

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    I think the Mods would change youre name for you if you ask them nicely, and youre story, I think its great !

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    thanks for the advice, i'll probably run into a similar problem, but i'm just gonna use the new one i made instead and yay my story turned out well!

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    Tsuki and i were thinking about posting pictures to go along with the storyline? what do you think? illustrations anyone?

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    well I thought that too in my story, but people make up there own illustration, or like say movie over the book/story that illustrations are not necasary.
    In my opinion ofcourse.

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    hmmm we could always just do like a vacation album of funny pics in the different areas, i guess people could try and guess where we were in the scene or something i don't know

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    i like where this story is going it's fun to go back and remember doing these things

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    phew! it took FOREVER, but i finally got the next part up!

    Part 6:

    The next day Tsuki and Sharana gathered their gear and headed out of the Courthouse. The sky was still a blazed with the fires from the Charrs’ destruction.

    “Alright, where to?” Tsuki asked her friend.

    Sharana shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun and the burning sky, and looked out at the barren landscape. “We head west, to the mountains.”

    “Ok then, let’s go!” The Necro pumped her fist into the air.

    Sharana laughed at her hyper friend. “What’s with the happy attitude?”

    Tsuki smiled up at the Mesmer. “Aren’t you excited, Shar? We’re about to leave all this behind.” Tsuki gestured to the desolate wastelands around them that was once a noble and beautiful kingdom. She then turned to stand right in front of her friend and held up her hand. “Let’s make a promise right now. To always move forward and never look back.”

    Sharana stared at the Necro, surprised. Then, she smiled and clasped hands with her best friend…her sister. “Promise.”

    The two women set out into the Diessa Lowlands and began to head west towards the Shiverpeaks. They hadn’t gotten far before they ran into a small band of Charr. The Necro and Mesmer quickly ducked behind a giant boulder before they were spotted.

    “Great.” Tsuki muttered.

    “What, you didn’t think this would be easy, did you?” Sharana teased.

    The small Necro responded by sticking out her tongue. “Well, we may as well make this interesting. Whoever kills the most between now and Kyrta gets free drinks from the loser when we get to Lions Arch.”

    The Mesmer smiled. “Deal. Oh, and Tsuki…I like Dwarven Ale.”

    Sharana winked at her friend before jumping out from behind the rock and charging at the Charr. Tsuki immediately followed the Mesmer’s lead.

    Luckily there were only a few Charr. The one axe-blade warrior rushed towards the two women, but Aka sprang forward to intercept him.

    “Good boy!” Tsuki yelled out.

    While Aka had the Charr distracted the Necro began to drain his life and take it for herself. Meanwhile, Sharana was going head to head with the one Mesmer Charr in the group. They hit each other with energy-draining attacks followed by powerful spells, but for some reason the Charr didn’t appear to be taking any damage, where as Sharana was panting for breath. Tsuki then noticed the reason; the third Charr was a monk and was healing his comrade. The Necro quickly finished off the warrior Charr than set her sights on the Monk, forcing him to abandon his comrade in order to heal himself. Aka ran over to attack the Mesmer Charr and lunged at his throat. The Charr brought up his staff and used it to fight the massive wolf off. Using this distraction Sharana quickly fired a hex to drain the last of the Charr’s energy then fired off another attack that brought the beast to his knees. The red-haired Mesmer than fired off the same attack at the Monk, finishing him off. At the same time Tsuki used deathly swarm on the Mesmer Charr; sending out a plague of insects that ate away at the last of his life, killing him.

    Tsuki skipped over to her friend with a big grin on her face. “That’s two to one .”

    The Mesmer rolled her eyes. “For now.” She smirked at the hyper Necro.

    They continued to head west, towards the mountains. The sun shone brightly over head and about two hours, and several fights against Charr and some gargoyles, later they passed a sign saying that they were entering the Ascalon Foothills.

    “Almost there.” Sharana said, turning to smile at her friend.
    They were coming around the corner of a giant rock structure when Sharana stopped dead in her tracks.

    “What’s wrong?” Tsuki asked in a worried voice.

    “Shhh……” The red-head held up a warning hand. “Do you hear that?”

    The Necro strained her ears, then she heard it too: growling and what sounded like the footsteps of a giant animal. “Charr?” She mouthed to her friend.

    Sharana shook her head. “Sounds too big.” She whispered.

    The Mesmer placed a finger over her lips and beckoned Tsuki to follow her. The two women crept silently around the rocks until they were able to see the source of the noise. Right ahead of them was a group of three giant beasts that looked like giant, two-legged lizards, but with three heads.

    “What are those things?” Tsuki gasped.

    “I’m not sure, but there’s no way around them; we have to fight. Just be careful, we don’t know what we’re up against here.” The Mesmer advised. Tsuki nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Let’s go!”

    The Mesmer and Necro darted out from behind the rocks and charged at the beasts. One of the three-headed monsters let out thunderous growl and the two women and wolf were knocked down to the ground.

    “Whoa! What was that?!” Tsuki exclaimed as she slowly stood up.

    There was no time for an answer to be provided though because the beasts had started to charge at them. Aka ran over and leaped up onto one of the monster’s back and bite and clawed at any exposed skin he could reach. While the one giant lizard was distracted by the wolf, Sharana and Tsuki concentrated on the other two.

    “We should try to take ‘em down one at a time!” The Mesmer shouted.

    Then she fired off energy-draining hexes at one of the beasts which were quickly followed by Tsuki’s life draining attacks. All the while they had to dodge the fiery attacks of the third beast. Tsuki glanced over at the first monster and was happy to see that Aka was still hanging in there.


    The Necro turned just in time to see a giant fire ball heading towards her and she quickly lunged to the side, but the attack managed to burn one of her arms. Tsuki yelled out in pain as the fire seared her skin. She looked down to see almost all the armor on that arm singed off and saw some blood running down her arm. The Necromancer looked over at the monster that had attacked her.

    “Bad move.” She hissed at it.

    Tsuki used her other hand to wipe the blood off her arm then quickly drew a symbol on the ground in front of her. Once the spell was ready she aimed it at the beast that Sharana was trying to fend off. The attack hit the creature full on and drained the last bit of its life; it let out a piercing shriek before its massive body collapsed to the ground, causing it to shake. Before that one had even hit the ground Tsuki already used her blood to draw the symbol again and this time aimed it at the third beast, quickly taking a good chunk of its life. Sharana then brought her staff around and began firing off hexes at the animal as well. Before they could kill that one though Aka came bounding up to them-the first beast on his heels.

    “Damn.” The Mesmer swore under her breath. She aimed a quick attack at the giant lizard to slow it down then went back to attacking the third one.

    “You focus on the other one! I’ll finish this guy off!” Tsuki yelled to her friend as she rushed pass the Mesmer and towards the already weakened creature.

    Sharana couldn’t help but smirk. “Oh no you don’t!” She quickly gathered all her energy and fired off a powerful hex that drained the last of the beast’s energy so that it couldn’t attack. Then she followed that with another attack that took the last of its life and finished it off.

    The Necro turned around to pout at the red-haired Mesmer. “No fair!”

    “Now it’s three to two, I’m still just one behind you.” She smiled over at the last creature which had finally broken free of her hex and was charging at them again. “For now.”

    “Oh no! He’s mine!” Tsuki shouted as she ran over to the giant beast.

    But Sharana, being the faster spell caster, beat her too it. The two of them threw everything they had at the beast; the Mesmer draining its energy so it couldn’t attack and the Necro slowly sapping away its life force. Finally Sharana cast a powerful hex that finished off the beast.

    The Mesmer turned and smiled at her small friend. “Now we’re even .”

    Tsuki let out a “hmph” and went to cross her arms over her chest but hissed in pain when she moved her wounded arm.

    “We should probably do something about that.” Sharana quickly pulled her pack off her back and rummaged through it, bringing out some bandages and ointment. “Get over here.”

    Tsuki obeyed and stood in front of the Mesmer. Sharana took some of the ointment and spread it over Tsuki’s burnt flesh causing the Necro to flinch and grit her teeth. After she finished rubbing the ointment on Tsuki’s arm Sharana wrapped it up with the bandages.

    “There, that should do the trick. At least until we can find a Monk anyway. There should be an outpost somewhere nearby.” The Mesmer mused. “Come on, let’s go.”

    With that the two women headed back along the path. The rest of the journey was fairly easy with just a few rock elementals which didn’t give them much trouble. When the sun was just about to set they rounded a bend and were greeted by the sight of a giant statue of Grenth that was surrounded by snow. The effigy was set right in front of a snow-covered path that led up into the mountains and loomed over them as they walked closer. The massive, hooded figure of Grenth looked down at them with cold, stone eyes as his loyal followers graveled at his feet, begging for some of the power that he has promised to them.

    Tsuki walked over and kneeled in front of the statue, mumbling a quick prayer to her god. “We should probably stay here the night, then head up into the mountains in the morning.” The Necro said as she rose from her devotion.

    Sharana nodded in agreement and the two of them brought out their bed rolls. Sharana went off to gather some sticks and when she came back they quickly made a fire. The two friends huddled close to the fire for warmth and gazed up at the sky as stars began to invade it.

    “Once we make it through the mountains, we’ll be home.” Sharana said in an almost wistful voice.

    “Ya, home.” Tsuki whispered into the night as the two women slowly drifted off to sleep.

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    Ok, so it's been forever since I've updated this story (and that's putting it mildly...). So I'm very sorry for that! Anyway, read and enjoy and let me know what y'all think! Thanks!

    The Shiverpeaks
    Part 1:

    “It’s cold…”

    “I know.”

    “It’s really cold.”

    Sharana stopped and let out an exasperated sigh. “I know it’s cold, Tsuki! What do you want me to do?”

    The Necromancer scrunched up her nose and sneezed. “I don’t know…”

    “Just check the map and see how far we are” Sharanna sighed.

    The Necro and Mesmer had been traveling most of the day through the frigid Shiverpeaks, heading for Yak’s Bend.
    Tsuki fumbled with her numb fingers to pull out the map from her pack. “Ok…It looks like we’re pretty close. We should be there by nightfall. We just have to keep following this path.”

    Sharana turned to look out at the endless white landscape. She could barely make out any shapes through the blowing snow. Aka bounded past her and jumped into a mound of snow with a playful yelp. The Mesmer shivered and pulled her cloak tighter around her. “Well at least someone is enjoying themselves…” she muttered to herself as she watched the large wolf play in the snow. “Alright, well let’s keep moving then. The sooner we get there the better.”

    “You’re telling-“ ,Tsuki let out another sneeze, “-me.”

    With that the two women continued to trudge through the deep snow with Aka running ahead of them; completely unhindered by the snow. They traveled most of the day through the cold and blinding snow until it started to get dark. The two women began to worry that they would have to find a cave or something to stay the night it if they didn’t reach Yak’s Bend soon. Just as they were about to resign themselves to this option, though, they spotted lights in the distance.

    “Do you think that’s it?” Tsuki asked hopefully through chattering teeth.

    Sharana took the map from Tsuki and squinted at it in the fading light. “Must be.”

    “Then let’s go!” The Necro, suddenly full of energy, darted ahead and bounded towards the lights; Sharana close on her heels.

    It wasn’t long before they found themselves in the entrance to the small refugee camp site. They looked around and saw many other Ascalonians wandering around the camp. There were some tents set up here and there and even a few merchants.

    “Look! A fire!” Tsuki ran into the middle of the camp where a large bonfire was burning and began to contently warm her frozen limbs. Above the fire was a large pig roasting on a spit. The delightful aroma wafted through the camp and caused both Tsuki and Sharana’s stomachs to grumble. Aka eyed the pig hungrily and licked his chops. “I know”, Tsuki soothed her pet, “I’m hungry too.”

    “We should get some food and rest, we have a long trip ahead of us.” Sharana situated herself in front of the fire with Tsuki and was using the fire light to look at the map. “Getting through these mountains is not going to be easy.” She said thoughtfully.

    “Where do we head to next?” Tsuki leaned over to get a look at the map.

    “Borlis Pass.” The Mesmer pointed to a place on the map.

    “That doesn’t look too far.”

    “Ya, but look how long it took us just to get here. Walking through these mountains is going to be hard and treacherous.”

    “Very true, Miss.” A deep, masculine voice said from behind them.

    Both women jumped up and turned around to see who was talking to them. Behind them was standing a Necromancer. Tsuki’s cheeks turned red as she looked the young man over. He was very handsome with messy hair that fell into his eyes. Aka growled at the stranger but fell silent at a command from Tsuki.

    The new Necromancer chuckled at the startled looks in both their eyes. “Sorry, didn’t mean to sneak up on you. I couldn’t help but overhear what you were talking about though. I think my friend and I might be able to help you.” He smiled warmly at them.

    “Sure-“ Tsuki began, but was cut off by Sharana.

    “What’s the catch?” She stared coolly at him. The man was a good deal taller than Tsuki, but about the same height as Sharana.

    He held up his hands innocently. “No catch, honestly. My friend and I just like to help other Ascalonian refugees make it safely to Kryta. We’ve made the journey many times ourselves and know these mountains well. By the way, my name is Remus.” He held out his hand to shake.

    Sharana considered him for a moment before shaking his hand. “I’m Sharana, and this is my friend, Tsuki.” Tsuki smiled and also shook his hand.

    “And who is this?” Remus asked as he held his hand out for Aka to sniff.

    “Aka, I’ve had him for a couple of years now. He’s another good friend.” Tsuki said proudly as Remus knelt in front of him and patted the wolf on his head then straightened up.

    “Just think about it, okay? You guys should probably get some food and rest; you look like you need it.” With that he gave them a quick wave and walked away.

    “Well, what do you think? We might want to think about taking them up on their offer, we don’t know the first thing about these mountains.” Tsuki looked up at her friend.

    “Hmm…I don’t know. But I do agree with one thing he said; we do need rest.” With that said the two women found a place to make camp and get some sleep.

    Remus stretched in the early morning as the sun rose above the mountain tops. Yaks Bend was slowly coming alive as all the weary refugees awoke to begin a new day’s trek through the perilous mountains. The green-haired Necromancer smiled as he saw two figures walking towards him.

    “So, what do you girls say? Gonna take me up on my offer?” Tsuki and Sharana stopped in front of him and nodded. Remus smiled at them. “Great! Oh, this is my friend, Clay.”He gestured to a big, burly, blonde warrior with a giant broad sword strapped to his back.

    Clay waved at the small group, “Hello there! So are you the two travelers that we’re taking through the mountains?” He smiled and thumped Tsuki on the back, nearly causing her to pitch forward into the snow. “Well aren’t you a tiny one! So what are your names?”

    Remus chuckled. “You’ll have to forgive Clay, his mouth is as big as his sword.”

    Clay glared at Remus as the two women stifled laughter. “Im Tsuki, and this is Sharana.” Tsuki introduced them. “And by the way, I’m not tiny!”

    “Well, you are to me!” Clay laughed and patted the Necro on the head, causing her to sink farther into the snow.

    “Alright, alright, enough fooling around. We should get going if we want to make it to Borlis Pass before nightfall.” Remus said.

    The band of travelers made their way out of Yak’s Bend and began their trek to Kryta, and hopefully a new life.

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    Also, I have been having fun with Guild Wars 2 and would like to introduce Tsuki's descendent, Fae Darkmoon! If anyone else has gotten GW2 let me know what you think of it! And if you see me running around feel free to say hi, it would totally make my day!

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