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    Drive Angry (not in 3D) - 8/10
    (Raw, violent, silly, implausible and fun. Nicholas Cage is really entertaining in this)

    I watched this movie the other night, but no, I did not see it in threedee. I know it was meant to be in 3D, and a lot of scenes have effects in them that are clearly intended to just throw sh*t at the camera for pure 3d entertainment. I'm told that it didn't get very positive reviews, and it didn't do very well at the box office. Well, if that is true, it certainly isn't the fault of the movie. This movie is simply aimed at a very niche target audience. Not everyone likes over the top 80's style action movies, with a grindhouse feel to it. This movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and it seems completely aware of its own sillyness. For example, there's one scene that has Nicholas Cage banging a hooker while in the middle of a slow motion shoot out with tons of bad guys. To me that is funny. The movie has boobs, blood, violence and over the top stunts, and if you don't like any of that, this may not be your kind of movie.

    And to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Nicholas Cage. But to me, this is the kind of movies he is best in. Now there are of course also down sides. The story is a bit sloppy here and there, and doesn't always make a whole lot of sense. There are various stunts and effects that simply look odd and unconvincing. And there are especially several CGI shots where the CGI just isn't very good. The movie also leaves several questions unanswered. What also bothered me, is how off the marketing for this movie was. At no point was it marketed as a movie that was heavy on the, shall we say, supernatural elements. But the supernatural is all over the movie right from the start. So I think that might throw quite a few viewers off. Once the supernatural kicks in, the movie is a bit predictable. I quickly figured out the plot halfway into the movie.

    Ultimately, if a movie can get me pumped up to see Nicholas Cage kick *ss, I think it is doing something right. I loved the music, the none stop action, and the southern feel of the whole movie. Thank Balthazar this wasn't one of those lame PG13 action movies like Priest. That can serious ruin a movie, when they cut the violence simply for a rating.

    In other news

    Star Wars the Phantom Menace is back in theaters in 3D. Finally a chance to see Jar Jar, and really long action packed meetings about the taxation of trade routes in eye popping 3D. While Jake Lloyd single handedly drags a franchise to an early grave, with so much depth, it almost seems as if George Lucas is waving your cash around and grinning right in front of you.

    So did anyone go and see it?
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    Do not under any circumstances watch a movie called, 'Trail of the Screaming Forehead'. Just don't.

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    Dii, TRUE

    I just watched the trailer and it looks hilarious! Why do you say not to watch it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDarken View Post
    I just watched the trailer and it looks hilarious! Why do you say not to watch it?
    Maybe you'll enjoy it. It's intentionally bad, of course, and the premise is totally silly, which does appeal to me at times. Some of the things people say are fairly humorous. There's just too much junk, kinda like there was too much Jim Carey in The Mask.

    I guess you might need to check it out.

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    Finally saw 13 Assassins. The final battle scene was a bit exhausting, but I think that was intentional... and I liked it.

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    "Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter" it really comes to the theatres in summer!
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    Drive Angry was okay, if not particularly memorable. Not at ALL an 8/10 on my scale, though. More like 5 or 6/10, depending on how much one likes Mr. Cage.

    I liked Cage in his weirder roles, like the psycho dad in Kickass. I have a very, very hard time taking him seriously in straight-up heroic protagonist roles. Fortunately, Drive Angry is fairly weird and anti-heroic.
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    Like I said, Drive Angry is not a movie that will be to everyones liking. And I don't like Nic Cage much either, yet enjoyed myself just fine with this movie. He's good in this. It is a fine movie, and considering the bad reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, its not going to earn any rewards. But its been a while since I saw a good action flick that wasn't rated PG. I'd love to see more movies like this one.

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    I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night. Like Rob said, it was loud, but also very fun. It's more frenetic than cerebral, but still retains a certain charm with its actors and overall style.


    Also, thanks to the internet, I will forever hear the name of Sherlock's brother as "Minecraft." It's infortunate.

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