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    awesome ranger skills : 50k

    hawt ranger armor : 100k

    this quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post

    Brave Finn Ferral. Mighty Hunter. Slayer of Beasts. Conqueror of Hearts.

    Brave Finn Ferral. Seasick Ranger.


    u totally made me lol.

    f5! oh and good luck with ur job hunting!

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    I was about to quote that very same section! But seeing as Forests beat me, and he managed to tek the words right out of my mouth, I'll have to make do with musing upon the virtues of being the Voice of Truth...


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    Yup that was a good quote. I also laughed at that :-)

    More please!

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    Banes Son
    Woot! the party is formed! 1!
    A Drumroll please!


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    LOL. I love this chapter! So stylish and hot.

    I like the part quoted already, but this...

    There were tales of great strength like the one time when brave Finn Ferral charged headlong into a nest of tengu. He came out with enough feathers to stuff the pillows of everyone in the Ascalon Settlement.
    ... is also priceless!

    Poor Finn and Shaddow!

    <3333 and *snorgles* for J!

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    Awesome chapter J

    Good luck with the job hunt, and moar story now now now!

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    Aww, come on, our corsair imitations couldn't have been that bad!

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    Reunion Part Six

    Finn is back from vacation woot! to make up for lost time, here is the last part of the "Reunion" arc! from here on out, things hopefully get less dragging and boring!

    Marga Coast...

    “When did we ever need scouts? It’s not like anything can sneak up on us in the open plains! And a scout should be able to spot the damn enemy without getting spotted, not herd them all to the team!” the ritualist raged in between spitting out the dust in his mouth.

    “Hey! We told you there were mobs of plants and insects and skale coming!” the assassin panted as he slumped behind a large rock.

    “You shouted that warning while being chased! And you two chased it back to us! You should be shepherds, not the scouting party!” the elementalist leaned on his staff, weary from the fight.

    “I like the sound of that! Shepherd of the Plains!” the ranger immediately quieted down as seven people threw him murderous looks.

    It was supposed to be a simple run. The ranger and the assassin would scout ahead for threats, especially the one that came from the Kournan fortress up ahead. For some unfathomable reason, the duo came back to the rest of the party with six plants, eight insects and four skale hot at their heels. The party originally thought that the trouble would come from the Kournans, not from the local wildlife.

    The battle, despite initial shocked reactions, was swift and precise. All of them knew how to work together to turn the tide and swing the odds in their favor. The warrior lead the charge and together with the dervish, crashed into the coming mob of insects and skale. Against gnashing teeth, raving claws and razor-sharp pincers, armor and prayers held them in their place as fire rained down from the sky, incinerating the attackers.

    All the while, arrows, spears and lightning-charged bolts rained over the plants amidst the shouts and chants that bolstered the party’s morale and strength. And if an onlooker was sharp enough, he would see intermediate flashes of blue light surrounding the party. If the spectator was very observant, he would also note the black smoke surrounding the enemy mobs and two metal blades that somehow came out from the smoke. The battle was over in an instant.

    “I thought this was a simple errand! It was a good thing I brought a staff with me!” the monk’s voice rose higher.

    “And who might you be?” the assassin shot the monk a look.

    “Relax. This is Vincan Somnium. He works with ‘Pop at the monastery. He was the one who saw what happened,” Zotran Menlagh replied as he stood between the monk and the assassin.

    “Zot speaks the truth, friends. While Vincan here did not actually witness the whole thing, he was first to come to ‘Pop’s aid. Vincan, these are the ones Brother Little called for,” Sule Ova motioned to the five in front of him.

    “So the stories that started almost a year ago were true,” the monk whispered audibly after introductions were made.

    “Don’t believe what you hear. I don’t eat heket. Especially not from the inside out,” Ciaran snorted as he opened his canteen to drink. A puzzled expression crossed his haggard features after he thought he tasted a hint of juniberry gin in the water. He thought better than to take another gulp and placed the flask back in his pack.

    “And I never had a dozen mandragor and plants chase after me when we were in Venta Cemetary. No sir, that was not me nor my doing,” Finn raised his right hand and placed his left hand on his chest.

    “That one would be very possible, considering what happened today,” the monk chuckled.

    “If you can’t handle things, I suggest you stay in Nundu and walk back to the monastery when we’re done killing everything in our way,” Akira replied in an even tone.

    “Aki. You, me and Sule up front. Finn can take care of our backline,”’ Ciaran expertly diffused the sudden tense mood by leading the assassin to the head of the party. It was time to move on.

    “What’s with him?” Vincan whispered to Shadow.

    “That’s what you get for being new,” the elementalist smiled as he passed by the monk.


    “You look like one of those Margonites without the mask on,” Finn smiled gently as he saw the man lying on the bed.

    “And the lot of you look as ugly as ever even you wore masks,” the man weakly replied.

    “We came here as fast as we can, ‘Pop,” Ryl held the monk’s hand in his own.

    “Not fast enough it seems,” Akira murmured harshly, as if echoing everyone else’s sentiment.

    “We forgot about what happened one year ago,” ‘Pop merely smiled in absolution.

    “So what did happen?” Zot asked.

    “One year ago, we went into the Hidden City of Ahdashim and we tried to seal in eight evil sibling-demons because several years before that, foolish explorers decided to poke their noses into something that was never meant to be poked with human noses. We went in and tried to close them off. But apparently, what we did back then wasn’t enough. And all the while we thought we finished the job, the siblings plotted their revenge and here we all are. At least that’s the gist of it,” ‘Pop sighed.

    “Then why don’t we remember? And why only now?” Sule mused.

    “It’s the anniversary of the time we defeated them,” Akira concluded.

    Silence fell over the small bare room that where Little Tumblepop recovered. The thin white drapes fluttered lazily with the breeze. Distant roars and rumbles echoed to their ears. Each one of them knew it was the truth. Each one knew what must be done.

    Each one knew that with the monk recovering, they were incomplete.

    “This is some reunion we have here. But why can't we remember everything?”

    Little Tumblepop nodded to Vincan Somnium. His fellow monk nodded back, left the room and returned with a cloth-wraped bundle. It was small enough to fit in one hand. He waited for ‘Pop to be helped into a sitting position before handing it to him. The wounded monk peeled off the layers to reveal his answer.

    “A golden egg?” Ciaran threw everyone a puzzled look.

    “It makes sense. I’ve read about this before. This golden egg apparently increases our natural, martial and magical abilities for a short period of time, but it has side effects. It is rumored to cause memory loss and even balding, but I believe that’s more fiction than fact. The more eggs one uses, the more memories would be forgotten,” Shaddow finished his short lecture by adjusting his spectacles.

    “But as time passes, the memories eventually return. That makes sense I guess,” Finn nodded.

    “We needed the eggs to boost our abilities to match whoever we were fighting. That must mean that they are powerful,” Sule summarized the next thoughts in everyone’s minds.

    “And if they waited this long, then that would only mean than they’re more powerful now.”

    “But how was I able to beat one of them? Remember that time when a friend of mine ran across one of them and we teamed up to kick his teeth in?” Akira’s eyebrows came together.

    “I remember you telling me that story. Maybe because he was just possessing that butler. Maybe that was not really the demon.”

    “Ryl is right. You shattered a stone. That sent him back to his prison under the Hidden City,” Zotran crossed his arms over his chest.

    “So what you’re saying is that we need to go back to the Hidden City and somehow find their lair underneath all the rubble we made and seal them back in? But how?”

    “Ciaran, remember that they had time to prepare. They might have cleared the rubble already. They might have destroyed their prisons. They’re not out to free themselves. They just want us for a rematch. If we don’t destroy them this time, we might not be able to make it out of there alive for a round three,” ‘Pop smiled his easygoing smile despite the pain.

    “They won’t get a round three on us because they won’t get to you ever again.”

    “Aki, what are you saying?”

    “We’re going without you, old friend. You’re in no shape to fight.”

    “I know that. Voren did something to me. It’s like he severed my tie to Dwayna. I can feel myself growing stronger though. I can feel her presence slowly returning, but at this rate, I won’t heal fast enough to go with you. If we delay this, they might come for us and I don’t think we would want that.”

    “I agree. It’s better for us to go there where we have a better chance of containing them rather than they wreak havoc in the towns.”

    Vincan Somnium could not believe what he heard. They were actually formulating battle plans around a recovering person! Instead of cheering him up, they were talking about things that were clearly not making his fellow monk feel better. What kind of insensitive people were these? Did they think of nothing but fighting?

    “What are you all doing? Can’t you see Brother Little is recovering? Can’t you plan somewhere else and let him rest?”

    All eyes were on him. He can feel the weight of each man’s eyes crushing his shoulders. But he couldn’t understand why they had to further upset an injured and recovering person!

    “I can break his neck and throw him out the window before he gets the chance to wet his pants,” Akira turned to ‘Pop for permission.

    “Hush, Aki. Vin is just being compassionate. Brother Vin, your concern is duly noted, but it is quite all right. Yes, I am still in pain and recovering, and yes, these people know that too. They are my friends and we’ve been in many adventures already. They know, but there isn’t much time. Plans have to be made in order for previous mistakes not to be repeated,” the injured monk replied patiently, like a father explaining to a child.

    “But you won’t be able to go! Where will you find another monk to accompany them?”

    “There is no need. I’m already looking at my replacement,” Little Tumblepop smiled at the very surprised Vincan Somnium.
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    Demons wanting revenge...lair beneath hidden city ruins...I'm liking the sound of all this :D

    And welcome on board Vincan \o/

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post
    A puzzled expression crossed his haggard features after he thought he tasted a hint of juniberry gin in the water(snip)
    Denji and the magically appearing alcahol! I sense pixies!

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post
    “And I never had a dozen mandragor and plants chase after me when we were in Venta Cemetary. No sir, that was not me nor my doing,” Finn raised his right hand and placed his left hand on his chest.

    love it J. You are legend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnFerral View Post
    love it J. You are legend.
    quoted for truth!

    nice 1 m8 :D

    im loving the story soo much.


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