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    lol i did see that nod to little miss sakura

    as for tales of the crypt keeper, i watched it a few times as a kid, its normaly on around this time of year infact:O

    also the really bad mvie versions made me lol lots

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    Banes Son
    Very nice! Thank you!


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    Very nice finish to the spooky arc :-D

    More please!

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    A storyteller? Me? You'e been working on Alehound again, haven't you...

    Love it J!

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    ahem...no, Vinc, that wasn't scary, not at all *cough* I'll keep next watch round the campfire kk?

    Next chapter better be good, J, and absolutely full of crazy stuff

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    *watches sule turn into the avatar of grenth behind finn and tap him on the sholder*



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    Boys' Night Out

    a long-ish chapter to make up for the long weekend i had! i re-read all the chapters of The Nightingale during the weekend (among other things) and i'm inspired to try and kickstart some life into WoC. hopefully, this chapter shows some teeth in dynamics as well as storytelling. enjoy!

    yes, monks always have all the fun!

    “Finally! A real city! So big, so beautiful!” Akira hooted as he wiped imaginary tears from his eyes.

    “It looks bigger now than from the last time I was here,” Sule remarked as he pulled down his hood.

    “Doubtless from the many people who wish to see where the great heroes of Nightfall trod upon on their quest to save Elona,” Zotran snorted as he narrowly avoided the scurrying merchants and children.

    It was dusk when the eight travelers arrived at the gates of the Kodash Bazaar. Merchant stalls, taverns and other establishments started to light their colorful lanterns and street performers put on their evening shows, both merry and bizarre. The innocent merriment from the morning bazaar is transformed into something both exotic and dangerous when the sun goes down. The day’s performers somehow remained the same people but their shows and wares become cloaked in smoke and shadow come the night.

    Some breathed fire and juggled balls containing trapped souls in front of spectators. Two pairs of female dancers put on hypnotic gyrations that promised the secrets of life to hot-blooded young men. Others played with puppets that seemed to have lives of their own. Fortune-tellers offered to divulge the secret lives of Vabbi’s princes and nobles for meager fees. It seemed like the real Kodash came alive during the night and the day bazaar was just a farce to hide the temptations that danced in shadow.

    Akira noted how many of the bazaar’s denizens had slipped on their masks as they went about their business. The assassin noticed how freely they moved about, as if possessed with vigor and energy. The day hides the truth of these people. The daytime is the mask. The night, Akira noted, freed these people to be themselves. At the Kodash, everything has a reason and a price. At the Kodash, nothing was what it seemed.

    “It looks like someone is going to be occupied tonight,” Finn nudged Shaddow and motioned to Ciaran. The warrior caught the attention of a dancing girl and had claimed the big man with colorful silks and ribbons.

    “Tell him we’ll be staying at the Dusty Sandals Inn tonight. Ryl’ard and I will be the ones to make the reservations. Hopefully you all won’t be too wasted when you go there,” Shaddow patted Finn’s shoulder and pushed the ranger towards the warrior.

    “We’ll go with you. I need a warm bath and a change of clothes before I go do my errands,” Akira smiled while being flanked by Zotran, Sule and Vincan.

    “Are you sure Finn and Ciaran will be fine?” the monk raised his voice a little amidst the blaring drums and tambourines.

    Sule turned to see the ranger and warrior being swamped by dancing women in colorful silks. Both men were already dancing and swaying to the beat. “They can handle themselves. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen, right?”

    Vincan did not know what made him shiver more: Sule’s rhetorical question, or the voluptuous lady near a darkened corner who winked at him while letting a huge snake slither around her body.

    “Were are you headed off to?” Ryl’ard asked from his sitting position. The beads on his headwrap jiggled slightly, like soft rainfall on a summer’s night.

    “Zotran and Sule are going to look for Ciaran and Finn. Those two might be up to no good again. You know them and the Kodash,” Akira replied as he finished clasping together his silk shirt. The black material was cool to the skin and it complimented his leggings made of the same material. Silver embroidery depicting chrysanthemum blossoms adorned the sleeves and back of the shirt.

    “Going to a costume party as a Canthan nobleman, Aki?” Shaddow joked as he adjusted his spectacles.

    “Aki’s not in. Lord Alexandros Rellion wishes to familiarize himself with the wonders the Kodash Bazaar has to offer.”

    “I see. And what will you be doing out?” Ryl’ard smirked.

    “Up to no good, of course,” the Canthan nobleman grinned as he walked out the door.

    “I’m going to follow him, just in case he does get into trouble,” Vincan nervously jogged after the assassin.

    “Have fun, kids!” Shaddow called after them before burying his face in a thick tome on Elonian history.

    “You know, you didn’t have to follow me around. I don’t need a helper,” the man said without looking back.

    “I just happen to walk in the same direction as you,” Vincan snorted.

    “And do you also happen to go to the same place where I’m going?”

    “I could be. It depends on where you are going.”

    “Too late for that, Vincan. We’re here,” Akira gestured to the building where he was supposed to go.

    Vincan looked up in awe at the three-storey building that burst with light and life. Women with plumed headdresses and golden skirts smiled and hooked their arms around the people that walked under the massive archway – the entrance to the structure in question. Inside, Vincan caught glimpses of dancing ladies in huge cages. They wore brightly-colored feathers that reminded him of birds in a cage. There were also women who wore headbands that looked like cat’s ears and walked around with cat’s tails that trailed behind them. The monk smelled delicious meats and breads that mixed with delicate floral scents. Perfume and food.

    “Ahai! Welcome to the Kitty Kat Klub!” one of the cat-dressed women purred as several more flanked the assassin and the monk. Vincan swallowed hard as he was ushered into what he believed to be the point of no return.

    The duo and their beaming entourage were lead from the entrance to a very posh booth designed to seat six. Akira sighed contentedly as he sank into the cushions. In front of them, people of all races danced and mingled to the beat of large drums.

    A waitress approached them and smiled appreciatively at the monk before bowing slightly to the assassin.

    “Ahai, gentlemen, and welcome to the Kitty Kat Klub! I’m Arya and I’ll be in charge of turning your every wish into reality!”

    “That’s just what my associate and I want to hear, Arya. I think we’ll start off with a round of drinks. Juniberry gin, shaken, not stirred. Some flatbread with your famous dip should be good for starters. I think. I’m famished!” Akira rubbed his hands together gleefully.

    “Very good choice, sir. If you’ll just sign your name here, we can get the night underway!” Arya handed the assassin the small slip of paper and quill.

    “I believe my associate here would like the drake chops. Make it a double,” Akira winked as he handed the paper to Arya. The woman’s eyes widened.

    “Well, what Lord Alexandros Rellion wants, he shall get and more! Anything else you desire? The whole Kitty Kat Klub is at your service!”

    Akira gestured for the waitress to come nearer and placed his lips close to her ear.

    “Tell your mistress I am here. I would like to speak to her in private as it involves matters of a sensitive sort. And please, do take care of my associate. He’s a little shy, but do be a dear and show him a good time, hmm?”

    The woman straightened and smiled, “All your wishes shall be granted, Lord Rellion!” Then she turned to Vincan, winked and purred, “You too, tiger.”

    “What did you tell her?” Vincan whispered sharply after he made sure Arya was out of earshot.

    “Relax, my friend. Between those two ladies is the safest place you can be!”

    Vincan paled as he felt soft, small hands tickling his ear. The man in front of him laughing was not the Akira Shinjo he knew. Akira was serious and aloof. Was this the real Akira, or just Lord Rellion? Vincan found it hard to concentrate as he felt delicate yet strong hands on his arms and shoulders. The perfume the ladies around him wore mixed with the massage and the soft giggling. The monk felt sleepy.

    Vincan was immediately alert when a big burly man in black approached their booth. The man bent and whispered something sharp and curt to the assassin, but the monk realized that Akira’s face did not change. The assassin nodded twice and whispered to his partners.

    “I have some business to attend to upstairs, Vincan. Don’t worry, these ladies will protect you from the loud music!” Akira grinned as he took his drink and followed the man to the second floor of the Kitty Kat Klub.


    “This is paradise,” Finn sighed as he lowered himself in a large tub full of bubbles and warm water.

    “Damn right it is! Good ale too!” Ciaran belched his agreement and took another swing of his mug as he splashed the water in his tub around with his feet.

    “Are you gentlemen comfortable?” the robed woman asked as she set down a mug of ale for Finn to drink.

    “Very comfortable, thank you very much.”

    “I’m delighted to hear that. Shanna and Zannah will be with you shortly to accompany you in your bathing. Please, relax and enjoy your stay,” the woman bowed and left.

    “Shanna…” Finn turned to Ciaran.

    “And Zannah.” Ciaran likewise turned to Finn.

    “We are so in paradise!” Both men hooted as they clinked their ale mugs together and took deep swigs.

    “I feel kinda funny,” Finn burped as he rubbed his eyes.

    “Me too. I guess I’m just tired,” Ciaran shook his head to clear the cobwebs from his mind.

    “We have to stay awake! For Shanna and Zannah!” Finn tried to sound convincing.

    Shanna and Zannah both smiled wickedly when they came across the unconscious forms of the ranger and the warrior.


    “No sign of them?”

    “None. I checked out all the taverns and spas in my area of the Kodash. None of the people I’ve asked saw a ranger and a warrior with their descriptions,” Sule shook his head as he took off his hood.

    “This is bad. They’re not in my area as well,” Zotran sighed.

    “We have one last area to check out. Only two buildings there could have them, since the rest of that area consists of parks and merchant stalls and street performers.”

    “Hopefully they’re both in the Dusty Sandals by now. I’m tired.”

    “You’re not the only one. I say we ask in the White Lotus and then go to the Kitty Kat Klub.”

    “That place sounds familiar. Akira mentioned it sometime ago. It’s quite famous in Tyria.”

    “Well, we can party later. Let’s check out this place first,” Sule pushed the double doors open.

    “Greetings, gentlemen. I am Shanna and this is Zannah. Welcome to the White Lotus Bath and Spa. How may we help you tonight?”


    “Your friend is trying hard not to enjoy himself,” the woman said aloud as she placed the spyglass on a small table.

    “He likes to not follow what I advise him to do most of the time,” Akira smiled as he sat amidst the soft cushions.

    “Dine with me, Aki. Or should I say, Lord Alex Rellion?” the woman smiled as she snapped her fingers. Soon enough, steaming plates of food were brought to the table in front of them.

    “Just Alex would be fine, Mai-“

    “Just M would be fine, Alex,” the woman named M cut the assassin off.

    “Business must be booming for you to reduce yourself to mere letters.”

    “I opened the Kitty Kat Klub in Tyria, Cantha and Elona to serve as safe havens for my friends. Lately, that safety has been compromised.”

    “Interesting. Any clue as to who is doing the compromising?”

    “A rival night place. They seem intent on disrupting my good name by making my patrons turn up dead or naked in the alleys. I don’t like that.”

    “We’re just passing through. And I believe you have something for me from a mutual friend,” Akira smiled as he popped a potato wedge into his mouth with his fingers.

    “Here, Alex, taste the drake. It’s delicious,” M took a piece of the broiled meat and moved her hand near Akira’s mouth. The assassin accepted the portion.

    “We’re still playing the same game,” Akira simply replied after he swallowed.

    “Do you tire of it?”

    “No, I just remembered.”

    “Times change. Do you know that your friends are in trouble?”

    “Like I told Vincan, he’s absolutely safe in your place.”

    “A ranger, warrior, dervish and paragon have been spotted by my men entering a bath house down the road. The ranger and warrior have been there for over two hours. The dervish and paragon went in half an hour ago.”

    “Is this a new game of yours?”

    “I play no games with you. Your friends have been victimized by my rival. Help me find out why I am being targeted by hostility and I shall help you find your friends and give you the package you requested from the good Cardinal,” M licked her fingertips.

    “Agreed,” Akira stared at the women in front of him as he drank his wine.

    “Shall I notify your friend? He is a monk, is he not?”

    “No, let him enjoy your hospitality. I’m sure you can spare one of yours. It is your emergency after all.”

    “It’ll be just like old times,” M stood up and snapped for a washing bowl.

    “Let’s hope it won’t end like the last time,” Akira nodded grimly as he dried his hands.
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    *raises a sign that says Vincan's actions does not represent anyone*
    After all, we are all someone else’s dream. A wish and a thought. A painting forever in memories. -Forever Dreams, a GW fanfic

    Fall into the darkness and embrace this solace,
    And be excited by the unknown that you fear.
    Tell me can you resist these strawberry lips?
    -Decadence: Prayer of Starless Hearts


    ~* Lynthi Dorighan - Monk *~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post
    “This is paradise,” Finn sighed as he lowered himself in a large tub full of bubbles and warm water.
    Oh no u didnt O_o....u washed finn... they were doomed from that moment onwards...BAD OMENS!!!

    as for the chapter as a whole, i really liked it :D loved the bond "m" thing and i have to agree that monks do get all the love

    more plz

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    LOL @ the 'washed finn' comments!

    Awesome as ever, J. At least someone's nice to the monks, cos I rarely am

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