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    ~ omg! drugged! abducted! And, worse of all, its gonna take me hours getting the water out of my eardrums :(

    Loved how you described Kodash Bazaar, you made it seem more alive than the game does for sure. That place should be more active and exotic in game imo, and you've described it the way it should be. And loved the 007 references

    Anxiously awaiting more....

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    Hahahaha Finn got washed!

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    Banes Son
    Great chapter! ! bet a damn good fight is coming!


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    Boys' Night Out Part Two

    Finn's style of friendship is shown and a big s'plosion! we wub big s'ploding things!

    “So you’re a friend of Alex Rellion, the Cathan nobleman?”

    “Yes, you might say that.”

    “What’s he like? Is he as rich as they say?”

    Vincan smiled nervously at the questions of the ladies that flanked him. He had been sitting in their booth for half an hour and still no sign of the Canthan nobleman in question. He took a large gulp off his drink and closed his eyes as liquid fire burned down his throat.

    “Easy there, tiger! You have all night to get smashed, since your friend picked up the tab. Now, tell me about Alex! I hear he has a huge mansion in Pongmei Valley and that he has parties there all the time!” one of the girls exclaimed, no doubt imagining how the festivities in the Rellion Mansion went.

    “I hear he has a cave underneath his mansion. At his parties, he chooses a virgin, takes her to the cave, sucks her blood and turns her into one of his many vampire concubines!” another one whispered anxiously.

    “I don’t think Ak-Alex is a vampire, though,” the monk let out a high-pitched laugh.

    “I heard that he has one of the largest collection of weapons from all over Tyria! And he even uses some of those to torture trespassers on his estate!”

    “Come now, ladies. Vinky-poo is here, not Alexandros Rellion. We can ask him questions when he comes back but for now, I think our little monk is too uptight,” the fourth girl smiled, “Why don’t you let us loosen you up?”

    “Our sister is right, Vinky-poo. Sit back and relax on me!”

    “No, me! I saw him first!”

    “Wait a moment. Sisters? You’re all sisters?”

    “Just different mothers, sweetheart. No need to get alarmed, right?”

    “I guess you’re right,” Vincan apologized then tried to divert the conversation, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your names?”

    “You can call us anything you want, tiger,” the first girl winked.

    Just then, amid the haze and torchlight of the Kitty Kat Klub, Vincan Somnium saw a fast-moving bundle of black and silver headed to the back of the establishment. A shock of platinum blonde hair confirmed for the monk that it was indeed his errant friend.

    “My apologies, ladies. It seems like my friend is in somewhat of a bind. We’ll be back shortly,” Vincan apologized as he got up, his eyes glued to the silver chrysanthemum embroidery on the assassin’s shirt.

    “He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself. And he did say we would be the ones taking care of you,” the second girl smiled sweetly as she and her sisters closed in on the monk.

    Akira, you bastard! I’ll smite you a new one for this!


    “Where are we going?”

    “To the kitchen. Do you have the black powder packs?”

    “Yes, I do. You’re still hungry? That’s the Akira I know.”

    “Not really. I’m just gonna borrow a few things, if that’s all right with you.”

    “Help yourself. Though I wonder how will we take your friends back with produce. Do you intend on dazzling my business rival with your elite cooking skills?”

    Akira turned to the woman called M and brandished two cutting knives he got from the rack. He spun then at the handles and tossed them in the air, catching them handle-sides up, blades pointing down.

    “You should test the balance on your knives, M. Cutting, slicing and dicing are all precise arts,” Akira winked before heading out the kitchen back door.


    “Wake up!”

    Ciaran felt another swift kick land on his midsection, which caused the warrior to cough. Two more kicks landed on his chest and ribs. He tried to shield himself with his arms as he blinked the blackness away from his eyes, but found that he could not move them. Metallic clinking sounds accompanied each kick.

    “Ciaran wake up!” Finn whispered sharply as he readied his free legs for another kick.

    “Quit kicking me! What in Balthazar’s name is wrong with you! I’m awake already!” the warrior roared.

    “Oh, sorry. I was just making sure you were conscious,” Finn chuckled but quickly coughed when the big warrior delivered a swift kick of his own.

    “That’s for kicking me awake! You want another one?”

    “Mercy! I couldn’t move my hands and found out that my legs can reach you so I started kicking!” Finn tried in vain to avoid Ciaran’s kicks.

    “What happened to us anyway?”

    “The last thing I remember was we were relaxing in tubs and then we passed out. Probably some sleeping draught mixed with the wine,” Finn assessed as he tested his bindings again.

    “Well wherever we are, at least we’re clean.”

    “How long do you think it’ll take the others to realize we’re gone?” Finn asked.

    “Probably half a day. They don’t know where we went, remember?” Ciaran sighed in resignation.

    “That’s gonna take a while. My arms are starting to go numb,” Finn frowned as he wiggled his fingers.

    Ciaran nodded then stared at their surroundings. They were held standing in a darkened cell. A little window above them provided the only light source from which they could see. The walls were made of stone and a large iron door kept a silent vigil in front of them. The cold stone behind their backs slowly made their predicament painful, since they only wore thin robes. The warrior wondered if their weapons were close by.

    Suddenly, the iron door crashed open to reveal two guards hauling a slumped body in white armor to their cell. Light also flooded the room, making Ciaran and Finn shut their eyes from the blinding intrusion. Metal chains and shackles clanked and soon enough, the door was shut again, leaving the ranger and the warrior with a new cellmate.

    “Well that was rude. You’d think they’d at least offer us something to eat while we hang around here.”

    “Finn, look! It’s Zotran!”

    “There goes one of five rescue attempts,” Finn groaned.

    “He’s unconscious, but alive. I think he got a sample of the drug that was used on us,” Ciaran tried to examine the paragon in between him and the ranger.

    “Well, we’d best wake him up. Three heads are better than two in situations like this.”

    Ciaran craned his neck to look at Finn. The ranger read the warrior’s mind and smiled mischievously after nooding. Moving as one, they readied their legs to kick the paragon awake.


    Sule Ova grew anxious when he rounded the corner of the White Lotus Bath and Spa. Earlier on, he and Zotran agreed to split up since both became increasingly suspicious of the fact that there were no merchant stalls near this particular establishment. Sule opted to go around the building while Zotran pretended to be a customer. They were supposed to meet up right after but the paragon was not answering the dervish’s whistles. Sule gripped his scythe tighter as he closed the corner. He risked a peek and found that Zotran was not outside waiting for him as planned.

    Taking a deep breath, the dervish turned and allowed himself to be swallowed by the darkness that lay at the side of the building. If the front door did not work, he would have to make do with the back door. Sule walked along the narrow path, one hand gripped the scythe, the other lightly brushing the wall for direction. Only when he saw the end to the shadows did he flatten himself against the wall. If he got caught, it would be over.

    Something caught his attention. It was the sound of muffled voices and metal grinding over stone. Sule looked down and saw a small hole on the wall near the ground. After he made sure no one could surprise him, the dervish crouched low and strained his ears to listen.

    One voice was groaning while two or three were chuckling. The grating of metal on stone continued. Soon enough, the dervish recognized the voiced and got an idea of what was going on inside the room beneath the ground.

    “They must have gone insane, to kick around Zotran like that. I have to find a way inside this madhouse,” the dervish mused as he saw the back door open to reveal a man with large bags. The man walked to a large metal bin and heaved the bags one by one inside.

    “Sorry, but I need to get inside,” the dervish whispered as he connected the handle of his scythe to the back of the startled man’s head.


    “That’s Sule. If I'm right, he's found the others as well. We need to give him time to make his move,” Akira straightened from his crouching position to face M and two other people who came with them.

    “What do you plan on doing?” M asked as she turned to the direction of the Kitty Kat Klub.

    “I plan on making the biggest diversion possible to give them time to get out of there. If what you told me is true, then those three knuckleheads that are in an underground cell right now might be human sacrifices before the night is over.”

    “The moon is about to reach its apex. We need to act fast,” M replied as she prepared to descend from the White Lotus’ rooftop.

    “We’ll need back up in case things don’t go as planned. We’re facing a weird cannibalistic underground cult of Abaddon worshippers,” Akira shadowstepped to the ground and held M’s hips as she went down from the knotted rope they used to climb up.

    “Allow me then,” M smiled as she held out a firecracker and stared at the wick. Her eyes flared briefly as the wick sparked to life. She then aimed it at the second floor window of the Kitty Kat Klub.

    “Are you sure someone will see that? We’re awfully far from your place.”

    “Marten has been watching us from my suite since we left the club. He’ll know what to do.”

    “You two, stay here and stay hidden. M and I will go in. When you see the signal, cautiously rush in and cover us,” Akira ordered as he partially opened his shirt and tussled his hair.

    “What are you and the mistress going to do?”

    “I, need a bath to cure me of drunkenness. Your mistress here is going to help me get into the tub,” Akira slurred as he draped his arm over M’s shoulder. The duo proceeded to shamble their way to the White Lotus Bath and Spa.


    “Ahai. May we help you?” A white-garbed attendant greeted as she approached the couple who staggered in.

    “Yes, please. My husband had too much to drink again, I’m afraid. Could we have a bath ready so he can sober up?” The white-haired woman smiled as she struggled to keep the man draped over her shoulder upright.

    “A’m not drunkh! Shee, ah can sthill shtand!” The man gurgled as he tried and failed to prove his sobriety.

    “Don’t worry, we get customers like your husband all the time, miss. I’ll have a bath ready for you in a sort while,” the attendant nodded to two more women who promptly disappeared behind pearl-colored curtains. Two more women appeared and all three converged on the couple.

    “I shaid ah’m not drunkh yet!” the man waved his hands wildly, causing his wife to almost lose her own balance.

    “Sir, please, just sit for a while and let us run a bath for you,” the first attendant cautiously approached and cooed.

    “Can you help me with him? He’s kinda heavy,” the wife pleaded.

    “Miss, are you sure your husband is drunk? He doesn’t smell of alcohol,” the attendant backed away from helping the couple.

    “He is!” the wife replied innocently.

    “In fact, you don’t smell like alcohol either. What’s going on here?” the lady attendant narrowed her eyes as the two other attendants flanked her.

    “I knew I should’ve swiped that bottle of rice wine from your bar,” the husband straightened and cracked his neck.

    “Why have you come here?”

    “A few hours ago, a ranger and a warrior came here looking for a bath. Then a paragon dropped by to inquire of his friends. You took them underground and I want my friends back,” Akira leveled his gaze squarely at the woman.

    “And you’ve been doing something to my customers,” M held her fire wand ready.

    “It’s nothing personal, really. We just need a few more sacrifices to complete the summoning ritual so we can bring the Margonites into this realm!”

    “I guess you’re right, M. This really is a crazy cult,” Akira cocked his head to the woman.

    “You’ll join your friends in helping us summon almighty Abaddon ‘s servants! We shall be rewarded with power!” the woman shrieked in an otherworldy tone as she and her companions started to glow with a sickly purplish light. Their brows started to pulse and break, revealing two more sets of purple eyes just above their normal ones.

    “Half-margonites? This is madness!” M exclaimed as she readied a hex spell.

    “It’s downright creepy to me!” Akira stepped behind M and grabbed something from her armor.

    “Enough talking! If we can’t properly sacrifice you, then you two will just have to provide us with nourishment!” the half-Margonite woman held out her hand as purple fire erupted and formed into a ethereal scythe.

    “Sorry to disappoint you, but our friends are still in there.” Akira smiled as he held out two spherical-shaped packages.

    “No sudden moves or my friend here throws you black powder bombs. Don’t let the size fool you. One can take out two of you,” M hovered her wand dangerously near the wicks. The half-Margonites stopped dead in their tracks.

    “She’s bluffing! Just like them being drunk! Attack! I want their souls!”

    “You asked for it then!” Akira touched the wicks to the flaming wand and threw the bombs to the approaching half-Margonites. In the same motion, he swept M off her feet and jumped in the opposite direction.


    “I’m telling you, he’s in trouble!”

    “But Vinky-poo, you’ll get in trouble if you don’t stay at the club! We’ll get into trouble as well!”

    “You go back. I’ll take my chances!”

    Vincan ignored the pleas and coos of the women as he jogged down the path away from the Kitty Kat Klub. As he approached the convergence of his path and the main one, he saw two monks standing in the shadow of a building. Each gripped her staff tightly.

    “You look familiar,” Vincan called out, “You work at the Kitty Kat Klub, right?”

    “Get out of here!” one of the monks rushed to Vincan right before the façade of the White Lotus Bath and Spa was engulfed in a sizable explosion.

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    Explosions ftw!


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    YAY asplosions!!!!

    half-margonites....well thats just creepy O_o

    more plz :D F5!!!

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    * lightly kicks Zotran past Finn and under a bunk* Goal!

    Sorry, but we got to get Finn to work up a good sweat; all this cleanliness is getting to me. Now break us out before we bruise him up too badly, paragons don't make good soccer balls!

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    Banes Son
    Quote Originally Posted by the forests wisper View Post
    YAY asplosions!!!!

    half-margonites....well thats just creepy O_o

    more plz :D F5!!!
    hehehehe, silly rabiit! and...


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    Creepy margonite bathhouse go boom!

    Hopefully when the dust settles, it settles all over Finn so he's not so squeaky clean no more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Denji View Post
    * lightly kicks Zotran past Finn and under a bunk* Goal!

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    *Is not-so-lightly kicked*

    Silveryng, I am most displeased. Throwing Zotran to the unkempt brutes in the dungeon made a real mess of his hair! And the stains will probably never come out of that hideous skirt of his!

    Otherwise, that was an excellent chapter!

    Sidenote: If anyone ever tries to refer to me as 'Vincy-poo' the offending character will be subjected to considerable humiliation/pain. It may also appear in the Henge thread. You've been warned!

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