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    Wahahaha awesome! So you chose the cult idea... scary!

    I hope Zotran gets to kick Finn and Ciaran a few times :p

    Silly Vinky-poo... running from the arms of four gorgeous ladies into explosions!

    Yes, I have been warned, but I can't resist!

    *waves at Vincy-poo*


    *waits for HoD post to pop up*

    Forgot to say, I really liked this:

    “Sorry, but I need to get inside,” the dervish whispered as he connected the handle of his scythe to the back of the startled man’s head.
    J's got style!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincalis Ktath View Post
    *Is not-so-lightly kicked*

    Silveryng, I am most displeased. Throwing Zotran to the unkempt brutes in the dungeon made a real mess of his hair! And the stains will probably never come out of that hideous skirt of his!

    Otherwise, that was an excellent chapter!

    Sidenote: If anyone ever tries to refer to me as 'Vincy-poo' the offending character will be subjected to considerable humiliation/pain. It may also appear in the Henge thread. You've been warned!
    What ever you say Vincy-poos

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    What henge thread, Vincy poo? *innocent*

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    LoL. Poor Vincalis for getting all this for Renn's character :D

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    nyuu >^..^<

    J gave girls chance be meanies

    And Vincan's not a faithful representation of my character :P I don't drink.
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    All I can say is that the last chapter really had me wondering....is this the Castle Anthrax? I was somehow expecting some spanking in there...and some guys who were begging not to be rescued.

    Vincalis, knowing the class and dignity of a Necromancer I would NEVER call you Vincy-poo. Possibly only because of the danger of becoming Melly-snookums or something equally distasteful.

    J, you are seriously doing a super job with this thread, I can't wait to see more. I read it every time you update, just don't manage to post on everything every time as I'm generally sprinting out the door to work.

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    Bweeeee!! Awesome, I just caught up!! Love your casting... most superb.

    hmmmm... Vincy-poo? Mwaahahaha... this is going to provide me with hours of endless fun... :)
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    Vincalis: man, i'm so sorry for the whole Vinky-poo mess. but as you can see, it's all Ayarie's fault. :P don't worry, the last part should swing things in your favor. i gots ya back, boi!

    TT: i realized that i haven't really fleshed-out the "crazy Abaddon cult" thread enough. and i also realized that half-Margonites is Tauricius' domain so hopefully, the last installment to this arc would give a distinction between his half-Margonite babe of an assassin with my half-Margonite spa attendants of doom! i think my half-Margonites would be from the realm of the twisted and disturbing.

    Mel: i thought about Castle Anthrax but as you can see, only one of the boys has been getting the full treatment. more on VinCAN's (aka Vinky-poo) overeager entourage next installment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post

    TT: i realized that i haven't really fleshed-out the "crazy Abaddon cult" thread enough. and i also realized that half-Margonites is Tauricius' domain so hopefully, the last installment to this arc would give a distinction between his half-Margonite babe of an assassin with my half-Margonite spa attendants of doom! i think my half-Margonites would be from the realm of the twisted and disturbing.
    *eagerly awaits*

    Though tbh, I didn't even think of Kai when I saw your Margonite part, so I think it's distinctive enough!

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    Boys' Night Out Part Three

    boo at work for making this delayed! and in more sad news, my laptop died. so no GW for me for a while. i'll probably all see you in game by the time GW2 comes! a new pc is very expensive. :(

    anyway, belated happy birthday to the babe, maina! it was a coincidence that the Boys' Night Out arc coincided with her bday! many happy returns!

    and now, one last hurrah for Halloween!

    Sule Ova did not have much time. Right after he closed the door, he felt his pouch again for the keys he took from the unconscious man outside. Satisfied that the keys were there, he proceeded down the dimly-lit corridor. He came upon a kitchen-like space, and surmised that this establishment took pains to cover up their unsavory activities.

    The dervish flattened himself behind a cabinet as soon as he felt something amiss. Sure enough, as Sule tried to pull at his robes, two women and two men shuffled into the hall while carrying a body. From his point of view, Sule thought that the body was still alive. The dubious-looking group passed through a revolving false wall and disappeared from sight.

    Then that man outside wasn’t disposing discarded food and spa materials. I guess no matter how many different kinds of aromatic herbs you use, the smell of charred human flesh is very distinct.

    When he was sure there was no one else, Sule quickly crossed the kitchen-like area and pushed at the revolving wall. He slipped in and stepped cautiously, being careful of not disturbing anything nor slipping accidentally down the wet steps.

    The foot of the stairs branched off in opposite directions. The attendants turned to the left. Sule silently followed, mentally comparing the directions he had been taking to where the small window of his friends’ cell was. The dervish saw light from a left turn near the end of the corridor. Despite this, the attendants with the unconscious body went deeper into the darkness.

    Sule risked a peek at the lighted corridor and was relieved to see a cell door. He fished for the keys in his pouch as he closed the gap. Just then, an explosion rumbled in the distance that caused the walls to groan and shudder.


    “We need a plan, gentlemen. Hanging around here isn’t really so much fun.”

    “The plan is for me to unlock my chains and kick the both of you to the Mists!” Zortan glowered at Finn.

    “Easy, Zotran. We had to wake you up. We didn’t have a choice. But it was all Finn’s idea,” Ciaran nodded gravely.

    “It’s always me! You started it!” Finn tried to kick the warrior but connected his knee to the paragon’s midsection instead.

    “Stop that! Don’t make me hurt you!” the warrior warned as he expertly maneuvered the paragon’s body to block the ranger’s assault.

    “Enough!” Zotran kicked both his cellmates at their extremities, which made them groan and feel nauseous.

    “The was a literal low blow, man. Totally foul.”

    “Yeah. And it’s not like I was intentionally hurting you, you know.”

    “Can we please stop being childish and think of a way out of here?” Zotran sighed.

    “Okay, one of use pretends to be really sick then when the guard comes close, we beat the life out of the next guard that comes in? With our feet!”

    “Sounds good, Finn. Better than just awaiting our fates,” Ciaran nodded just as an explosion rocked their cell and rattled their chains.


    “That hurt. Everything is buzzy.”

    “No time. Here comes trouble,” Akira stood in front of the recovering elementalist as he brandished his kitchen knives.

    “Going to cook for us, assassin? How generous of you,” the half-Margonite dervish cooed in an otherworldly voice. Her left arm looked normal. Her right arm looked distinctly like a Margonite’s with botchy blackened skin exposing purplish flaming flesh underneath.

    “You look like you’re cooking by yourself just fine,” Akira replied as he stepped over the remains of the other spa attendants.

    “I wonder how long you’ll be snapping your tongue after we’ve sacrificed you to Abaddon!” the dervish screeched as she brought her scythe to bear.

    Akira stopped the sideways motion of the blade with both his knives. He pushed the weapon back and shoved the wielder down to the ground. The half-Margonite dervish did not have enough time to even shield her face as the assassin took advantage of her prone position with an overhead stab of his poisoned knife, like a spider pouncing on its prey.

    He made a quick leap and twisted his body just as the half-Margonite scrambled to her feet, slashing and wounding her on his way down. The assassin rolled out of the way of a maddened scythe slash as the half-Margonite howled in fury, her wounds openly bleeding crimson while the greenish tint of poison seeped into her body.

    “I suggest taking a few steps back,” M growled as her right hand touched the ruined flooring. An earthquake ripped the rushing half-Margonites into two groups, both falling on their knees. The elementalist’s left hand traced a glyph in the air and hissed the words of another spell that sent two flaming dragons circling one group and lava erupting at the feet of the other.

    “Thanks for the warning,” Akira muttered as he stamped his feet before jumping headlong into another group of transformed attendants. They all crashed to the ground, the half-Margonites more surprised at what happened which the assassin capitalized on. The assassin was unaware of another half-Margonite that loomed behind him, hammer drawn and poised to decapitate him with a massive swing

    “Look out!”

    Akira turned to the male voice behind him and then felt the wind as the hammer came closer and closer to his skull. The assassin raised his hand to shield his face, readying himself for broken bones and excruciating pain but none of those came. Akira risked a quick peek before he rolled away at another hammer blow, which almost landed on his chest.

    He felt the hammer hit something, but it was not his body. At the moment of impact, he saw a shimmering blue barrier between him and the menacing hunk of metal that formed the hammer’s head.

    “It’s about time you showed up, Vincan!” the assassin smiled before launching himself against the half-Margonite warrior.


    Sule braced himself by the doorway as the rumbling subsided and tested the cell door. He was about to hack into the wooden barrier when another earthquake shook his world, albeit with less intensity. The disturbance along the corridor was enough to make the task of breaking down the door easier for the dervish.

    “Hello?” Sule rushed to the three unconscious figures chained by the wrists.


    The dervish found himself the victim of vicious kicking and snarling. He almost dropped his scythe amidst the close-quarters melee as the warrior, ranger and paragon hit him with a flurry of kicks to the face, body and legs. On instinct, Sule Ova called upon the blessings of Balthazar, god of fire and war. He considerably bulked up and after he fully assumed the godform, could not feel any more pain.

    “Stop that! What has gotten into you three?” the avatar boomed.

    “Sule! We thought you were an enemy! What’s with all the commotion?” Finn tried to divert the dervish’s attention.

    “I don’t know myself but we have to get out of here! I saw someone dumping a dead man in the trash bin out back. I think you three would’ve been next!” the dervish rumbled beneath the massive horned helm as he cut the chains with one massive swing of his scythe.

    “Sorry for kicking you. It was Finn’s idea,” Zotran held his friend’s armored wrist as they gathered themselves and headed for the door.

    “You have to admit, it was a pretty nifty idea, all things considered,” Finn mused.

    The four friends got out of the cell just in time as the ceiling and walls caved in, no doubt due to the quakes ripping apart the upper floors. They all looked at each other and grimly jogged along the corridor.

    “The way back up is gone,” Sule shook his head as he reverted back to human form.

    “We have to find another way out. I don’t want to be buried with you guys!” Finn trotted away from swinging fists as he almost collided with a door.

    “Maybe our weapons are in here,” Ciaran whispered as he slowly opened the door.

    “What’s that smell?” Zotran asked as his nostrils were assailed by a mixture of charred flesh, fresh blood, festering wounds and vomit.

    The four friends came face to face with a Margonite strapped on a massive table, its black blood flowing into shallow canals carved on the cold metal surface and collecting into glass vats. Where a flaming purple arm used to be was now a fresh stump. It seemed like whoever did this gruesome operation did it with precise skill, more of a procedure than torture. Sule covered his mouth as he noticed the Margonite was missing a leg as well.

    “What sort of monstrosity does this?” Finn whispered in shock and revulsion.

    The Margonite suddenly lunged against his bindings and struggled to break free. Blood gushed even more all around him. Ciaran saw that the mask they are known to wear was ripped off, leaving behind a bloody mess of lidless eyes and a lipless mouth the Margonite howled in agony.

    “We can’t do anything else,” Finn took a discarded Margonite bow from a darkened pile and a quiver of arrows.

    “Indeed. Even Margonites have honor somehow,” Ciaran nodded and raised the sword he found among the weapons.

    “Thank you,” the Margonite managed to utter before the warrior delivered a fatal slash.

    “No! He wasn’t supposed to die yet!” a pudgy man in a blackened apron exploded into the room with an attendant. His bespectacled eyes brimmed with angered tears and his bloodied moustache quivered in fury.

    “What did you do?” the ranger roared as he aimed two arrows at the twisted surgeon’s heart.

    “Abaddon favors the strong and the cunning. Even while banished, he will see that he was wrong to bless only one human!” the surgeon charged with a bone saw and a scalpel, his attendant dodging his heels.

    Sule landed a heavy kick to the attendant as he lopped a hand with his scythe. Zotran ended the man’s struggles with several spears. Ciaran blocked the bone saw with his newly-acquired shield and Finn used his bowstring to choke the mad surgeon into submission

    “What did you do to the Margonite?” Ciaran held the man’s chubby face in his hand.

    “We wanted to be worthy. If we could not have the great Abaddon transform us, we would use his already favored children to our own ends! Using the blood of the innocent, we managed to open portals to the other world. We held the Margonites that passed through and studied them carefully,” the surgeon wheezed.

    “Why was that Margonite maskless, armless and legless?” Zortan drew blood with his spear.

    “Margonites are similar to humans. So we took them as our own. Their blood, their arms and legs, their faces! We would be better than Margonites, stronger than humans! We shall be favored by Abaddon himself!”

    “You’re better off in the Foundry of Failed Creations. You are a perversion,” Ciaran spat as he motioned Finn to let his hostage go.

    “We shall be perfect!” the surgeon screamed as he lunged at the warrior. Ciaran deftly sidestepped and separated the man’s head from the rest of his grotesque body.

    “Let’s go. I think we’ve all had enough insanity for one night,” the paragon motioned his friends to the corridor from where they came.


    “There they are!” Vincan shouted as he pointed to four figures shambling amidst the rubble that was once the White Lotus Bath and Spa.

    “Well it’s about time you four knuckleheads show up! Where were you? This battle could’ve finished faster with you!” Akira stalked to his friends while supported by M.

    “We got to the heart of the matter, so to speak. This bathhouse is just a front for something more sinister.”

    “What happened?”

    “People are killed and sacrificed to open portals to Abaddon’s onld stomping grounds,” Finn sighed as he rested against a crumbled section of the wall.

    “I knew it! this was a creepy cult in disguise!”

    “That’s not all, Aki. Apparently, they strap wandering Margonites to the operating table and graft organs and limbs to willing devotees, making them literal half-Margonites. Some even mixed their blood with Margonite blood taken from still-struggling victims,” Sule finished the story.

    “Okay, that is just not right.”

    “Wait a minute, am I seeing things right? Who are those girls all over Vincan?” Zotran squinted his eyes.

    “I had this bad feeling, so I had M’s best mesmers and elementalists guard our boy over there. I did say that between those girls was the safest place he could be and I was right. They did a good job when the fighting got fierce,” Akira laughed.

    “You leave me, you drug me with alcohol and now you make fun of me! I’m going to shove a spear of light up your-“ Vincan struggled to free himself from the girls’ collective embrace before the assassin cut him off.

    “Relax, Vincan. I didn’t lie to you. And you didn’t drink alcohol. That juniberry cocktail they gave you was a virgin. No alcohol whatsoever. It must’ve been your imagination.”

    “Oh. But you left me with sisters! They’re very touchy!” the monk whispered sharply.

    “And I’d say your not regretting it. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret. You’re one of us, after all,” the assassin winked as he and his friends laughed.

    “All this revolting operations and Margonite cults worked up an appetite! Who wants some drake kebobs and flatbread?” Finn stretched then rubbed his stomach. He was dirty again.

    “Shouldn’t you be taking a bath first?” M snorted.

    “Oh no, no more bathhouses and spas for me for a long time! I think the others will agree!” Finn shook his head and hid behind the big warrior.

    “Shaddow and Ryl’ard would be fuming right now, I think,” Zotran shook his head at his ruined armor.

    “But do we have a story for them! And some breakfast!” Akira smiled as he faced the rising sun.

    “Some monks have all the fun, don’t they?” Finn sneered at Vincan as the friends laughed their way down the road paved in gold, to the eatery who’s owner just finished baking some Elonian flatbread.

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