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    I love it. Welcome back to the FF board. Everyone loves to hear about nice gloves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denji View Post
    *swipes Feather O' Doom Ver 2.0 from TT, waves it threateningly* Gotta borrow this real quick! You just crossed the Rubicon Bane ol' buddy. No one swipes my ale! *gives chase*
    Noes! You stole the Feather O' Doom that I didn't even know I had! GIB IT BACK!

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    Noes! You stole the Feather O' Doom that I didn't even know I had! GIB IT BACK!
    You knew you had that, you were gonna use it on me
    After all, we are all someone else’s dream. A wish and a thought. A painting forever in memories. -Forever Dreams, a GW fanfic

    Fall into the darkness and embrace this solace,
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    Tell me can you resist these strawberry lips?
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    Part One Continued

    Renn sure loves them ladies with feathers. this next bit has more cameos and lots more silliness thrown in for good measure! thank you for all the support! time to get the planning done and the adventure underway!


    Ryl’ard Zhykn tapped his foot impatiently, which sent the many beads adorning his headdress and tunic jiggling. It made the sound of gentle rain on a quiet afternoon in the Echovald forest and was quite relaxing to listen to, but the person who indirectly made it was anything but relaxed.

    Shaddow Firestorm and Finn Ferral exchanged knowing glances. After a short speech, Akira had them move to the garden beside the main hall for some fresh air. Being situated atop a hill a little ways off the capital, the Rellion estate not only rose above the other buildings, but also rose above the heavy and constricting atmosphere that prevailed in the congested city.

    Ciaran Black rested his mug of ale and kept an eye on it as he waited for Akira to answer Ryl’ard’s question. Since he bumped into Finn earlier in the evening, his mug has mysteriously been refilling itself with cold ale. The massive, black-clad warrior was absolutely mystified and made a tentative hypothesis that it must be the ale pixies that did the refilling. He took one last glance at his half-filled mug and turned his attention to the man in question.

    “First of all, it’s really good to see all of you,” Akira grinned as he noted each of his friends before he continued, “Too bad about ‘Pop not being able to make it.”

    “He’s fine Akira,” Sule Ova took off his hood and nodded.

    “He’s Lord Alexandros Rellion now!” Zotran Menlagh, the paragon of the group, joked.

    “We’re waiting, Akira,” Ryl’ard snorted.

    “There was an incident in the Echovald that I was involved in. It was about a few ancient artifacts that a few Kurzick explorers pocketed from the Hidden City of Ahdashim. Turns out that this one ring was cursed and possessed some poor butler and turned him into Rampaging Monster Butler. Gem and I took care of that, but then I need to take the other trinkets back to the Hidden City.”

    “What in Balthazar’s furry boots does that have to do with this?” Ciaran motioned to Akira’s expensive clothes and the party in the main hall.

    “Well, nothing, really. I was making my way out of the Echovald and bumped into my cousin Rishara – she was the one who introduced me back there – and found out that I was a Rellion. Did you know we have a big empty mansion in Pongmei Valley? And it has a cave under it! I already requisitioned that mansion for myself, by the way,” Akira’s smile had a smug look on it.

    “Two things, my friend,” Ryl’ard began, “First, how exactly did you find out you were a Rellion and second, when are you going to the Hidden City?”

    “Actually, the family tree story can wait. When are we going to the Hidden City?”

    All eyes turned to Finn at the manner he asked his question.

    “What? We’re all going there, right? I mean, the Hidden City isn’t exactly a bustling town full of good-natured and happy people! Akira’s gonna need help on this one, and it’s up to us to help his lordship!”

    “I’m not a Lord!”

    “But your servants addressed you as ‘milord’. Certainly that qualifies for lordship!”

    “Yeah! And being a lord means you need to have other people do the heavy lifting for you! We don’t want to get your lordly hands dirty, now do we?”

    “Do you think the Hidden City has a library? Think of the knowledge in that place!”

    “My mug is full again! You have ale pixies in your lot, Akira!”

    Ryl’ard felt a migraine creeping from his temples. These people were his friends and brothers-in-arms so he was patient with them. Even though they met in the field of battle and had a myriad of quirks, they had chemistry. Wars and angry evil gods came and went, but friendships like this reminded the blind ritualist that the strongest bonds were ones unseen.

    His friends were all talking at the same time and to an outside observer, one would think that this motley assortment of boorish yet well groomed men were shallow and dim-witted, caring only for the next battle or the next warm bed with a companion. This was their way of bonding, of reconnecting with ties that were never severed by distance or time in the first place.

    It was also getting out of hand. Then again, when it came to these people, ‘out of hand’ is very much a normal part of their lives.

    To the Mists and back, brothers on the attack! indeed.


    Everyone else had the good sense to quiet down the moment Ryl’ard stepped in the middle of his friends. He was just as excited for a chance to have an adventure, but it was up to him to keep things on track.

    “Since the Hidden City is in Vabbi, we can make a quick stop to kidnap ‘Pop from his monastic duties. I feel much safer with him around rather than a paid mercenary.”

    “I am a little bit curious about the artifacts you have, Akira,” Shaddow adjusted his spectacles as he spoke.

    “Those are dangerous things, Shaddow Firestorm,” came a small voice from behind the tall elementalist.

    “You certainly have a habit of just popping up. Are you sure you’re not an assassin?”

    “If these are the people going with you, Akira, I suggest we let them know exactly what they’re getting into.”

    Akira nodded and proceeded to relate the information he and Gemini gathered about the artifacts to his friends.


    Rishara Rellion padded lightly across the corridors and around to the observatory. She was slightly surprised to find Akira – no, Alexandros; he was Alexandros now – near the windowed walls, staring at the starry sky. She stopped then, and chose to observe her long-lost cousin. He was far cry from the rouge she encountered in the Quinkashi Mountains near Tanglewood Copse. He looked more refined and younger, certainly cleaner. They had initial disagreements on his lineage, but an awkward situation on a mountain stream dispelled all doubts. She laughed to herself, recalling that particular incident.

    “We’re leaving in a few days for Elona.”

    “I-I- Yes, I have heard from Jules. She won’t admit it, but she’s grown quite fond of you, as well as our household. You have managed to charm us all.”

    “I got that from my father. It’s a Rellion trait, so I’ve heard.”

    “Indeed. Why are you not resting? Surely the banquet was exhausting.”

    “Indeed, but it was fun as well. I take it you met new people?”

    “Oh yes!” Rishara’s face brightened immediately, “I met two elementalists among others. Firanne was very cheerful, if not a little distracted. We agreed to meet up again after her duties to her guild have lightened.”

    “And the other elementalist?”

    “I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I guess that’s just how Maina is. She can drink a lot as well! You have a lot of interesting friends, cousin.”

    “I’m glad you got to know most of them. They’re all good people.”

    “Is there something wrong?”

    Akira turned to face Rishara and smiled. The necromancer was relieved somewhat.

    “I guess I’m still adjusting to this kind of life. And I’m looking forward to being with my friends again. It’s been a while.”

    “I was talking to Shaddow Firestorm and Ryl’ard Zhykn after you all dispersed from your garden meeting. They are quite knowledgeable in Tyrian history, the sciences and the supernatural.”

    “They make a great team when it comes to the smarts department. Shaddow is our resident bookworm and Ryl has more than enough sass and witty comebacks for everyone. It’s they who keep us focused, since people like Finn, Ciaran and myself tend to get out of hand.”

    “Perhaps you’ll tell me how you all met tomorrow at lunch?”

    “Of course,” Akira smiled before taking his leave.


    Two days later...

    “Going into the Hidden City isn’t as easy as it sounds. We have to prove we’re worthy of entering.”

    “I got that covered. Apparently, the Rellion family has been friends with the Princes of Vabbi. They’ll let us in.”

    “Then there’s the matter of the creatures inside the city. The Princes don’t really send in maintenance crews to clean up the place of hostile beasts and heket,” Shaddow glanced at Akira through his glasses.

    “I hate heket. They’re smelly,” Ryl’ard snorted.

    “Gentlemen, the fact of the matter is, the being that attacked Akira and I was sealed in a ring that should be locked away deep in the Hidden City. The ring was destroyed, but not this,” Gemini, who was with the friends as they planned their journey, said as she placed a sky blue gemstone on the map they were reading.

    “This soul stone is better left in the Hidden City where it’s safe. I think word if getting around of what happened and people are trying to find out where it is. I don’t want the Am Fah of the Jade Brotherhood bothering with us far longer than necessary. That’s why I’ve arranged a diversion so we can slip out of the country safely.”

    “Always thinking ahead,” Finn smiled as he clapped Akira on the shoulder.

    “Let’s hear it then,” Ciaran nodded as he moved to pick up the stone, only to be swatted by Gemini.

    “I sent word to the Brotherhood that the Am Fah have the stone. I informed the Am Fah that the Brotherhood have it. For good measure, I notified the Imperial Guardsmen that something fishy is afoot with the rival gangs. Nothing like a three-way battle to cover our flight.”

    “Well, that covers our route out of the country. I do hope the Rellion family can spare us a ship? A fast one, preferably.”

    “The Seaswift. It can take us to Nundu Bay in four days barring a storms and corsairs.”

    “It looks like we have everything covered then,” Zotran surmised.

    “One more thing. I want you to bring this along,” Gemini gingerly placed a pouch on the table beside the stone.

    “Golden eggs? Are we going to bury them in the sand for the children to find and enjoy with their chocolate rabbits?” Sule raised an eyebrow at the diminutive monk.

    “No, smart guy,” Gemini replied as she shot the dervish a dirty look, “these eggs are said to temporarily boost your abilities and skills. They can help, but there have been rumors about side effects. Hair loss and memory loss seem to be the most popularly reported effects.”

    “Oh that’s just great. I’ll wake up bald and can’t remember what happened?” Akira placed a protective hand over his crown.

    “Better to wake up bald then to die in there. Your choice,” Gemini sniffed.

    Ryl’ard exhaled as he finished mentally going through the details for the eighth time. He stood up and expertly navigated the expanse of the study to retrieve his staff, which was resting on the far wall. He turned to the rest of his friends and smiled.

    “Well, I guess there’s nothing more to be discussed. It’s time to pack your bags, gentlemen. We’re going to Elona.”

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    A new story!!

    >gets the cookies<


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    Hair loss and memory loss? From Golden Eggs?

    I am so screwed


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    Onward to adventure, and take the ale pixies with us!! o/

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    Onward, ho! Bring on the Winds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnFerral View Post
    Onward to adventure, and take the ale pixies with us!! o/
    Ale pixies...*pictures Sylvari in barmaid outfits*...works for me! Now, onwards to Elona!

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    *tickled pink to be mentioned* Thank you.

    Now where is more story????? More adventure!

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