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    (hides the juniberry gin from the girls)

    Awesome chapter, let the demon hunting begin.

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    thank you, TT, for providing the middle chunk of this chapter. i hope you like how i made it fit to the rest of the story. and for Denji, old friends return!

    i hope no one gets offended at my little poke at religion. >.<"


    For Tianya, the night did not end with her spat with the assassin. She was angry at being rejected, and she felt her external composure crack. She chided herself for being so vulnerable to someone she just met. Maybe it was because she mistook their affiliation for camaraderie. Maybe it was because she was disappointed that the larger-than-life assassin in her mind did not measure up to the real thing. Maybe she just needed to bond more with her companions, old and new.

    Believe the hype, indeed.

    Fortunately for the petite ranger, the men of her rather large group had saved the alcohol from the sandstorm and were now passing them around to everyone. A blessing in disguise, men’s sensibilities be damned. She had rarely drunk anything intoxicating during her journey from Cantha to Elona and until now. The juniberry gin and firewater sounded very appealing. Tianya felt her throat suddenly parched.

    “Hey! It’s the other ranger come to join the party!” Vi laughed as she called everyone’s attention to Tianya.

    “Give the lady a welcome drink!” Sule roared. He was already tanked.

    Tianya smiled and graciously accepted the deep cup that Narulia offered and knocked the contents back in one gulp. Liquid fire burned down her throat and settled at the pit of her stomach. The chilly night did not seem so irritatingly cold anymore.

    Let the assassin brood and boil in his unfounded anger. I’m going to sleep well tonight.

    The drinking and chatting went on well into the night. Everyone was in a merry mood. More than one toast was raised to newfound friends and to the success of their journey. Soon enough, the boisterous antics of the men and the unrestrained laughter of the women died down to a few chuckles and quiet giggles. Vincan, the only non-drinker, volunteered for the first watch, much to the relief of the wasted members of the large party.

    Throughout the whole thing, the assassin watched from his perch above them, like a sleepless dragon with an unfathomable agenda.

    Sunlight seeped through the slits of the tent, gently framing the face of the petite ranger, causing her to raise a hand to cover her still-sensitive eyes. Tianya smiled took in the fresh and cool smell of the morning dew and the soothing sound of flowing water from the Elon, accompanied with trilling birdsong.

    She stretched slightly and rolled to her side, wishing to be ensconced in bliss just for a little longer. Her memories slowly came back to her and she grinned at the thought of the campfire drinking from the night before. She could hold her drinks well enough if she willed herself up to it, and prided herself for still appearing normal and alert even after she felt ready to drift off to sleep. Eventually she did curl up and shut her eyes, knowing that Vincan kept watch for the night.

    She inhaled deeply then wrinkled her nose when she noticed a familiar musty odor. She opened her eyes slowly and frowned confusedly when she realized she was not in her own tent. A gnawing feeling tingled in her mind as the identification of the smell became clearer.

    Could it be? No, it can’t…

    Tianya did not want to ponder the possibility, but she had to, now that she was fully awake. She turned over slowly and opened her eyes into slits, afraid to face…

    A mane of long, dirty-blond hair belonging to the topless snoring man lying next to her was all she needed to see before she jolted upright and her hands flew to her open mouth.

    She jumped up and dashed to the Elon, wading and stumbling until the river was deep enough to submerge her entire body when she sat down. She did not know how long she stayed underwater, only emerging her head to gasp for air. The morning was pleasantly warm already and the water, though frigid, was nothing a well-trained ranger could not take. She shivered as the cold water was unable to wash away her fright and desperation. She bit her lips and plunged her face in the water again.

    This is not happening. Something DID NOT just happen.

    “I can make your passing less of a hassle if you wish it.”

    Tianya’s head snapped back up as she whirled around, casting droplets of water everywhere. A pair of endless, dark orbs looked evenly into her eyes. At the sight of Akira, the young woman eyes welled with tears and she buried her face into her knees.

    “This is not happening. Was I that drunk?” She mumbled to herself.

    “Death by drowning it is then,” the assassin raised an eyebrow at the sobbing girl. He raised his hand to stop the others from going into the water to fetch the ranger.

    “Akira! Last night - ”

    “You got drunk and passed out. Nothing more,” the assassin finished for Tianya and stalked his way out of the chilling water.

    “R-really?” Tianya called, her teeth starting to chatter.

    The assassin gave no reply as he walked past his friends and companions. Only now did the ranger notice ‘Pop and Vi splashing towards her with blankets and a mug of hot tea. Narulia was standing at the edge of the water, trepidation and shock painted on her face.

    “Get out of the water, you silly!” Vi yelled, almost hysterically at the drenched ranger.

    “Let me!” ‘Pop leaned over to pick up Tianya.

    Vi began wrapping the blankets obsessively over the ranger, all the while muttering to herself, “I told her, I told her this wasn’t a good idea. Now see? A joke gone too far!”

    Narulia ran over as soon as Little Tumblepop quickly stepped out of the water towards the campfire, cradling Tianya like a little sister. The dervish’s face was starkly white.

    “I’m so sorry,” she mumbled as she followed, “I just thought it would be funny… no real harm… I really thought you would wake up when I carried you over… but you slept like –” A look from the monk quailed her into silence.

    “It’s okay, Narulia, really,” the ranger smiled weakly towards the contrite dervish as her carrier set her down by the fire. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much.”

    Some distance away, the twins looked on as the monks fussed over the ranger.

    “Sister, how did you get that idea into dear Narulia’s mind to make her think that it was her own? Very clever of you.”

    “Sister, that doesn’t hold a light to how you got the sleeping draught into little Tianya’s cup. It takes real skills since we know she is suspicious of us already.”

    “Speaking of suspicion, sister, we better go over to the group. People are waking up and I caught the assassin staring at us again. Tianya is the least of our concerns.”

    The twins smiled eerily, and then molded their faces into genuine concern as they joined the gathering.

    “He kept watch all night since everyone else was knocked out,” Ryl’ard Zhykn smiled as he walked beside Tianya. His beads jiggled like gentle rain, which comforted the ranger somewhat.

    “That’s true. He even told me to go to sleep or else he’ll punch me unconscious!” Vincan joked to try and lighten the somber mood a little.

    Tianya smiled weakly at the younger monk then turned her attention to the rest of the large traveling party. Finn Ferral was making waving motions to a laughing Vi Tali Ti. Shaddow Firestorm, Devlin Moonshade and Little Tumblepop were quietly discussing the route to the Hidden City. Sule Ova and Narulia Isilra were sharing their faith to one another, while the twins fawned over Zotran Menlagh and his spear. Ahead of the party, the ranger saw Ciaran Black and Akira Shinjo.

    “You’re pretty hard on her.”

    “She came to me when I’m not in the mood. If it were any other night, she wouldn’t be waking up with Mister Clean back there.”

    Ciaran laughed, “Your moods never cease to amaze me, old friend. It seems you’re simmering down a little. Which is good.”


    The big warrior scratched his chin then started to speak, “I know how you feel when people are forced to get involved. You become very unsociable and aloof to the point of antagonizing. You put on that mask made of ice. This is the first time in a long time I’ve seen you like this. To Vincan, to Tianya, to the others.”

    “Like I said, she came to me at a bad time. Like Vincan. And don’t tell me I haven’t been treating him better because I am.”

    “I know. Sometimes you’re just too uncompromising. We all are. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. Why attack Tianya of all people? And don’t give me that ‘she came to me and asked for it’ crap. I know you.”

    “She’s Shaitan. A mateless Shaitan, like me. And she looks like her. Look at the shape of her eyes and mouth.”

    “So I noticed. But those things are not supposed to be reasons for you to get riled up. Regardless of your attitude when it comes to innocent people, you have to let those go. I see she carries daggers. Why not teach her how to wield them better? Everyone knows you handle your daggers like lovers.”

    “Who had sleep? You did, you big oaf! Now gimme your canteen, mine’s empty!” Akira chuckled as he hit the warrior’s armored shoulder with his fist.

    “Brass knuckles?” Ciaran rubbed his shoulder.

    “I’ve been itching for a good fight for a while. It’s time to bring things up close and personal,” Akira banged his armored fists together, producing sparks.

    Ciaran’s brow creased as he handed his canteen to the assassin. In all his time with the Winds, Akira was never this excited for bloodshed. And the fact that scared him was that with the brass knuckles, Akira became more aggressive and feral.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Akira spit out.

    “I asked for a drink of water, not juniberry gin! Are you trying to kill me?” Akira spat as he took a half-hearted swipe at the warrior.

    “But that’s water!” Ciaran retorted as he grabbed the canteen and took a sip.


    “This isn’t water. But I swear, I filled it up at the river with water! The juniberry gin we have are in bottles!”

    “Well I don’t know of any water magic that can do this? Water into alcohol? I’m not a messiah!”

    “What is going on here? You two are supposed to be scouting! Quit arguing and scout!” Ryl’ard was suddenly behind them. In the distance, the others walked at their leisurely pace.

    “Aki, Ryl. I have a secret to tell you two.”

    “If this is one of your stupid observations, I’m going to open a spirit rift and send you off early. We have another warrior with us anyway.”

    “I think the ale pixies are playing tricks on me. Ever since that party in your mansion, Aki, all my drinks taste like some type of liquor!”

    Akira could see the bottom part of Ryl’ard’s face change colors.

    It took Akira, Zotran, Sule, ‘Pop and Shaddow to physically restrain Ryl’ard while Ciaran dashed away to scout for the party, much to the amusement of the rest of the companions.
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    Grr ebil twins xP

    Boo to Akira... meanie-head!

    Kidding. <3 Aki.

    (Naru... you got what you asked for, sorta :D)

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    yeah hehe just had the sex & drugs... now for the rock and rolll =p

    Now according to calculations you must have a mean trick to play back on me...

    Naru Soulfire

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    the poor girl, it's always the nice and innocent that gets picked on >'.'<
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    what a mean trick!

    oh well, i bet finn was smileing at the very thought of doing something so mean

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    Wheeeee! I love it!

    more please!

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    *still running...er, scouting* See TT, I told you they were real! Now can the rest of you guys get Ryl to stop zapping me?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denji View Post
    *still running...er, scouting* See TT, I told you they were real! Now can the rest of you guys get Ryl to stop zapping me?!
    not likely!


    The Night Whisper ~ Necromancer
    Leader of The Right Tub [BATH] Alliance ~ Proud to be a friend of [RAOK]

    One of the Eight Winds of Devastation, aka Devast-Eight
    "...in a room full of noise, a whisper is oft as good as a shout..."

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    Ale pixies!

    I don't know, Denji. Ryl is all nice and gentle normally, but I don't think I want to cross his path when he's angry! I think you just need to buff up your armor a bit and let Ryl unleash his wrath for a while.

    And Naru - we'll have to see! I suppose I got my little "revenge" already :p

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