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    Banes Son


    My sweet innocent killer!

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    ah, well then....

    my little lady...
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    Out of the Frying Pan...

    sorry for the late post and potential errors. if you'd rather like people talking than fighting, then you can go ahead and skip this chapter. if you do like action, this one has it in spades! enjoy the heket disposal squad! in my head, the number of heket that came out for this chapter is around two dozen plus. rar!

    Each step was measured. Each footfall was silent. For a party of sixteen, this was no small feat. After the encounter with the ethers, it was unanimously decided that speed was not of the essence, but rather, stealth. They had a map to the location of the chamber where they had to go. Despite the map, eight people in the party felt a certain familiarity with everything around them at the moment. The other eight tried their best to keep up. It seemed like the longer they were in the Hidden City, the easier it got for some, the harder it got for the others.

    “Devlin,” Finn softly called. “Your breathing is becoming irregular. Something wrong?”

    “I’m fine. Just feeling a little cramped.”

    “There’s no real cure for traumatic memories, Spearmarshall, but I guess you just have to focus on another thought to make it through,” the ranger smiled in the semi-darkness.

    The paragon was mildly taken aback at the ranger’s words. It was as if he knew what she had gone through. It was not an ordeal she wanted anyone else to experience. But Finn Ferral’s words rang true. Perhaps when their task was done, she would talk to him or someone she trusts. It was about time she freed herself from the haunting memories.

    “The air’s more stale now. I don’t like this at all,” Ryl’ard mused. Shaddow placed a reassuring hand on the ritualist’s shoulder

    “I think we should light the torches now. The glowing moss doesn’t seem to thrive down the lower levels,” Vi suggested as each vague movement from the corners of her eyes made her unconsciously tense up.

    “Just a little farther. It’s a miracle that brief fight didn’t manage to attract anything else. And I see a light in the distance. That might be the treasure room. I think we can manage until then,” Ciaran replied flatly, as if in a trance.

    “It stinks in here. Slippery, too,” Narulia wrinkled her nose at the comment.

    “Heket. We’re in a lair of heket,” Ryl’ard voiced out the answer that was in their minds.

    Just then, they heard a gasp of shock from the middle of the party and the briefest movement of air. Then silence.

    “Light the torches! It’s an ambush!” Sule ordered as he saw the flames engulf Shaddow’s fire wand. The elementalist quickly ignited the torches placed near him as they had planned earlier.

    The torchlight illuminated a huge cavern for the companions. Near an alcove to the right, they saw a group of the frog men huddled near their prisoner. Axe blades were poised on the hostage’s throat.

    “Akira!” Vi Tali Ti shouted as she held her spear aloft and aimed for the wide forehead of the heket that held the assassin.

    The heket shook the hostage more to communicate that they should not be taken lightly. They made their crude clicking and grunting noises and the warriors of the mob started to close in on the companions.

    “I seem to have a bit of bad luck, ladies and gentlemen,” Akira grudgingly spoke as his holders tightened their grip.

    “Oh gods, he’s gonna show off,” Ryl’ard spat irritatingly.

    “Tianya, do you know the Falling Spider?” Akira calmly asked despite the chokehold and the axes on his throat.

    “Yes, but I don’t understand,” Tianya answered as her hands slowly unhitched her unges.

    “Good, then I trust you. When you see an opening, go for it. The rest of you lazy louts better catch my plan,” the assassin winked to his companions as more heket poured out from the nooks and crannies of the cavern hidden from torchlight.

    “I think the old Aki is back! Winds, ready!” Zotran grinned as he hefted his spear.

    Tianya watched as the assassin nodded to her and his depthless black eyes slowly turned electric blue. It was then that the petite ranger understood and bent her knees a little, ready to strike.

    Without warning, the stoneaxe heket that held Akira convulsed as blue and white lines of electricity danced upon its warty skin. Its bulging eyes rolled back into its sockets as the shock burnt its way to its little brain. The moment the heket fell down, the assassin lunged forward.

    In one fluid motion, Tianya was falling on top of the heket with daggers aimed at the throat, like a ghostly white spider attacking its prey from above. The blades delivered her poisonous bite to the heket’s neck in one swift attack and faster than a blink, Tianya avoided an axe swing meant for her which cleaved into the already injured heket. The ranger adopted a stance that allowed her to neatly dodge the flurry of attacks from the other heket as they swarmed her. Panic started to register at the back of her mind. Had she saved the assassin at the cost of her own life?

    “Thanks for the assist.”

    Tianya turned to see the assassin beside her. His daggers slowly cleaved a path through the heket as the battle started in earnest. From behind them, Zotran and Devlin sang their supportive refrains. Though they had different songs in mind, their heavenly voices complimented each other as they were lifted upon luminescent angel wings. The entire party felt lighter and stronger.

    Sule and Narulia took care of the other stoneaxes that tried to get at their healers. Their massive scythes made sure everyone had ample breathing room as each tried to defend and attack at the same time. Sule let out a primal roar as he transformed into the Avatar of Balthazar and let the heket fly against his scythe three to five at a time. Narulia on the other hand, kept low and crippled the heket that slipped past the Avatar’s deadly arc. She also summoned small but blinding sandstorms that helped with the frog men disposal.

    Ciaran and Clarabelle weaved through heket after heket as they felt their adrenaline skyrocket. Each exchanged frequent nods to signal that they were ready to unload their devastating attacks on single targets, most often the healer heket with blueish tongues. The torches they carried were discarded yet burned to give them ample light. Axe and sword sang in the stale air as the warriors lived up to Balthazar’s legacy.

    Revel felt the sweat bead upon her brow and form at the small of her back as she concentrated on punishing the heket spellcasters. She winced as she felt the hem of her luxurious Canthan attire tear from her movements. The cost of looking good in and out of battle was paramount. She silently thanked the gods that she packed spare clothing for this trip. Beside her, Shaddow Firestorm floated in the air as he chanted the words of spell after devastating spell. Flaming rocks dislodged themselves from the cavern walls and rained down on the frog men and was quickly followed by two flame dragons that boiled heket blood from the inside.

    Beside the mesmer, Marabelle unleashed her own brand of punishing hexes in the form of weakening curses and life-siphoning spells. She felt the exhilaration of the stolen life recharge her, so much so that she used her blood knife on her own skin, transforming the blood into power. She held the mesmer’s shoulder to give her energy, then grasped the nearest monk. Vi Tali Ti caught sight of this and whispered a quick prayer for the necromancer. She did not like the sight of blood, but she knew it was for the party’s own good.

    Vincan was busy layering protective enchantments on Tianya when she felt Marabelle roughly hold him by the waist. A surge of power flowed into him and made him snap back his head momentarily. The monk quickly regained his senses and continued his job. Beside him, Little Tumblepop fell silent as he focused on healing his comrades. He used mesmer mantras to increase his concentration to great effect. Ryl’ard knelt on the dirty ground as he bound spirit after spirit to further solidify the defense of his party. Every now and then, the blind ritualist would open spirit rifts in the middle of clustered mobs. Most did not survive the rifts’ closing.

    Finn Ferral was having the time of his life. He laughed as he unleashed volley after volley of arrows amongst the heket. His sharp eyes caught the casters and interrupted them with precision shots, then returned to firing four to five arrows at a time. He would get a good kick or two in some heket before filling their squat bellies with arrows, which made it all the more fun. From his vantage point, the ranger could see Tianya and Akira thinning out the heket mob from behind. He hoped that they would come across a stream or underground river after this is over. Even he decided he needed to wash the heket blood off him. The ranger knew the moment the petite ranger and assassin broke the stalemate, this battle was over.


    “That’s the last one,” Ciaran finally spoke as he withdrew his blackened sword from a now-lifeless heket.

    “Can we find a stream, please? I need to soak everything for a few months to get rid of the stench at least!” Narulia tried to talk while holding her breath. She quickly became nauseous.

    “We have spare armor. We wash ourselves but leave what we’re wearing behind. Hopefully we won’t encounter any more heket until we get out of here,” Sule shook his head at his fellow acolyte.

    “Great teamwork, everyone. That went really well,” Devlin grinned as she encouraged her group.

    “Let’s move out. We don’t want to find another mob of monsters chasing us,” Zotran motioned with his hand as he held a torch to light the way.

    “What’s wrong, Shaddow?” Revel noticed the sullen elementalist.

    “Those demons made the heket ambushed us. I just know it.”

    “Then I hope they see what we did and lock themselves up in their rooms. We’re coming for them,” Little Tumblepop nodded grimly at his friend.

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    Obviously.. i bet i killed the most...

    >blows smoke off scythe<

    Naru Soulfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayarie View Post
    Obviously.. i bet i killed the most...

    >blows smoke off scythe<

    Naru Soulfire
    i think ull find it was my sule who went all avatar, so i think i killed more

    /ego flex

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    Heh. Without us, no armor buffs, no increased critical rate, and you wear the monks out. :p

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    Aaaaiiieeeee! I fell asleep, thinking that I'll hear the message sound when you tell me that you posted... but my computer FROZE! So the first thing I did when I woke up was to hop over to restart so I can read... and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Thoughts in my mind -

    - How exciting! <333 J.
    - What?? How could Akira be held hostage! There must be a mistake here!
    - Must go get Falling Spider for Tianya now.
    - Poor Dev D:
    - Tianya got to fight along side of Akira! /proud
    - *ponders Vincan's reaction to Marabelle's BiP*

    Now to get ready for work *grumble grumble*

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    Well I would post one of my toons in black, but actually, only 1 of 29 has a set of black armor. Never really cared for the color much... And the one with the black set is not Vi. Vi could barely afford her SS set (non-elite) let alone dye it black... HEHEH

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    Banes Son
    Revel leave her armor? yeah right!

    Anyone got a needle and some black thread? This tear is at a rather embrassing spot

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    when you've finished ego-flexing Mr Forest... remember it was Ryl's spirits that kept knockin em over!! lol

    Awesome J... lovin this one
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