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    Quote Originally Posted by The Night Whisper View Post
    How am I????
    Yar... and J's off for the weekend *cries*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post
    “...Even if half the stories were made up, I’m standing in front of the Voice of Truth. Of all the Winds, I think you’re the best...”
    Curse it, J... that's the most PAL-worthy sentence I've seen in a while.

    And then you go and leave us like that! I am crying out for the next chapter!


    On another note... wasn't Marabelle supposed to be evil? I mean, just because my singing causes widespread devastation (why do you think Finn has those earplugs?) it doesn't mean I'm evil. Does it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavari Tinde View Post
    Yar... and J's off for the weekend *cries*
    well not really... i'm just not writing for the weekend but i'm online still. not that long, but online.

    Denji: sorry to drop out so early last night. i just logged on for what i wanted and had to log off before my lappy goes donkey kong on me.

    *intentionally does NOT answer speculation about what happens next*

    the teaser text for next episode: "Each choice has a price to pay."

    basically, this is what i went in-game for:

    meet Shadow. she's a puppy now, but Aki tells me he wants her to grow bigger!

    oh, please continue posting pix of your toons in black! my toon is in black and his animal companion is black too (i had to endure walking from sifhalla and getting beat up by 2 frost wurms and that wurm boss to get her)!
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    Where is Banes and his feather when ya need em?

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    Banes Son
    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Freak View Post
    Where is Banes and his feather when ya need em?

    Oh I'm here

    *Twirls +5 Sundering Feather of Doom innocently* dun Dun DUN!

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    Sleep? What is this....sleep....you speak of?

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    Fallout Boy

    i spent the whole of yesterday on the road and i was dead tired. i think it showed in this chapter. i had a tough time writing it just because of so many things i could've done done with it. hopefully next chapter is longer and better than this one. enjoy, nonetheless!

    “We could’ve saved both of them!”

    “We were all fighting our own battles!”

    “We’re a team! We all knew what was going on! You had the choice! I’m telling you that both of them could have been saved if you only made the right choice!”

    That was the moment Ryl’ard exploded. After the battle they barely won, the paragon came at him with a crazed look, no doubt from the shock of what happened. The ritualist made a choice. He paid for it. if it were not for the others holding them apart, both the Zotran and Ryl would have gone down several maturity levels and scuffled on the ground.

    “A team, you said? I don’t see any team in the way you’re acting!”

    Zotran was shocked at Ryl’ard’s words. It was like falling face first on a pond of frigid water. The paragon’s face turned crimson in anger as he suddenly broke free from Finn’s hold and lunged at the ritualist.

    “You can’t see anything! You’re blind! You’re blind to what should’ve been done!”

    Shadows flared to life around the paragon and he felt a heavy weight collide with his stomach and forced the air out of his lungs. Faster than a blink, his back was on the ground and he looked up to a bone white mask with cold, dead black eyes and felt daggers chilling his throat. He dared not twitch an eye.

    “Not his fault. Going in, we all knew the risks. It was Ryl’ard’s choice. We did not get this far without losing something. And we got this far because we respect each other. Remember that.”

    Zotran felt the fight leave him after he heard the even tone of the assassin. It chilled him how fast Akira was able to react to his attack, as if the assassin already knew how the outcome of this spat turned out. Zotran did not need to see Aki’s face to feel that behind the cold, dead words, he was also hurt with all this. They all were. Zotran relaxed and the daggers left his throat.

    Narulia felt the weight of the female warrior on her shoulder. It was uncomfortable, but the dervish tried her best not to make her sobbing friend feel her discomfort. Right now, she held Clarabelle Darkbane, twin sister of Marabelle, the necromancer now lost to them.

    Vi Tali Ti gently cradled the head of Shaddow Firestorm on her lap as she continued chanting healing prayers for the elementalist. Despite his physical body recuperating, the little monk knew that once Shaddow realizes what happened, the wounds he would sustain would take longer to mend.

    Ciaran nudged the ritualist to attend to the friend he saved. Everyone was quiet. The whole area fell into silence. It was a great blow to their morale, and the warrior knew he would need to be a little harder when the time came to move on. He did not personally know the necromancer, but battle bonds people in unexpected ways. With a heavy heart, the warrior stood vigil over the rest of the companions.

    This was one of the times Revel Twist cursed her chosen profession, for to be a mesmer meant being sensitive to emotions and not just the workings of the mind. She was gifted with empathy, and now that was working against her favor. She had a hard time focusing on her map and other scrolls, yet she needed to make sure they were on the right track and were fully prepared for anything. The mesmer suddenly felt tired. The water from her canteen did not revive her spirit. She felt empty. And she did not need to read minds to know that everyone else felt the same way.

    “It’s time.”

    Everyone turned to Ciaran as he slung his pack on his back and checked his sword. He silently tightened the straps on his shield. He turned to his right and his left. He did not bother to wait as he made his way down the slope where the battle took place.

    “Can’t Clarabelle have a moment more? Zotran? Shaddow? Please, just a moment more!”

    The warrior stopped, his back to Narulia. Even the river was quiet.

    “That’s your moment. Now either stay here then find your way to the Vestibule or join us. It’s your choice.”

    “Nothing’s going to be the same, anymore,” Vincan said softly.

    “No. We’ve all changed. Even the Winds,” Tianya whispered back.


    “What happened back there? I count fifteen people in this party and we actually had a hard time taking out eight bugs?” Ciaran cursed after he kicked a rain beetle into the darkness.

    “Morale is low, Ciaran,” Devlin answered for everyone.

    “It’s two to one! How can we do our job is we’re half running from wounds?”

    “Enough blaming. No one blames anyone. Let’s just do our jobs from now on,” Finn quickly pacified rising tempers.

    “You okay?” Akira nudged Shaddow.

    “Still a bit weak,” the elementalist replied, then lowered his voice, “Aki, I didn’t feel spirits earlier. I mean, not the usual amount Ryl’ard binds.”

    “I felt it too. I think the shock is wearing off and the guilt is settling in. We both know what happens when his moral compass goes crazy. Be with him, Shaddow. You know him best,” the assassin clapped his friend’s back gently and moved closer to Zotran.


    “They are coming closer to us.”

    “Indeed, Penance. When the time comes, we shall be ready for them. Mere numbers are meaningless to demon lords, after all.”

    “They are weakened. Their morale is low. Now should be our time to strike.”

    “Not yet. We have to make sure we break their wills before we break them completely.”

    “Hayner is correct, Penance. Let them enter our territory. One year ago, we were defeated because we did not bide our time. Our brother was killed by that accursed Shaitan hunter because Axe did not bide his time. Now we wait and we plan.”

    “Semenelin, they are near my domain. Shall I start breaking minds?”

    “Yes Voren. I think you would enjoy the elementalist and the ritualist best.”

    “No, I would want the assassin for myself. His will would be a challenge to break.”

    Four figures looked on at the companions as they floated high above the cavern floor. They continued floating upwards, until the darkness swallowed them whole.
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    evil demons!

    everyone has a rez sig right? we dont need any more moments like that!!

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    Sapped and blind
    Surrounded by demons
    Low on moral

    Army of WindsPlus

    (sorry random silliness that pops in my head at times)


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