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    demon/angel mask ftw :D

    i want one on my sin now >_>

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    Banes Son
    Woot! I like it! Go Akira!!! Nice line!

    “Tell your masters that this is not your city any longer. This is city belongs to me and I do not tolerate vermin in my city.”


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    Whee the Winds! Go save Tumblepop!

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    GWOnline.Net Member FinnFerral's Avatar

    Those images of the Winds in a rock band have made me want to get a pair of shades for Finn now

    Rawr! Nice chapter, J! Onto Nundu Bay, scene of one of Finn's largest multi group aggroes ever seen in game, or was that Venta?

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    that was Venta (magrid's mission). we had a recurrence of sparta-fever that time.

    and you had to charge in when TT was with us! though that did wake her up considerably!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverwyng View Post
    that was Venta (magrid's mission). we had a recurrence of sparta-fever that time.

    and you had to charge in when TT was with us! though that did wake her up considerably!
    @_@ what? Where do I come into this? o_O

    Never mind - I remember now -.-'' bad bad bad idea to monk while sleepy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavari Tinde View Post
    @_@ what? Where do I come into this? o_O

    Never mind - I remember now -.-'' bad bad bad idea to monk while sleepy!
    Nah, if I can monk in FoW when asleep, you can do it in Ventari Refuge

    Nice story Silver! Building tension nicely, makes me want to read the next chapter NOW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn View Post
    Nah, if I can monk in FoW when asleep, you can do it in Ventari Refuge

    Nice story Silver! Building tension nicely, makes me want to read the next chapter NOW!
    Venta Cemetary - monk dozes off, ranger dervish assassin aggro all groups right before Margrid... ><"

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    Oh yeah, I have nodded off in Venta before. It is an overly long mission if you do the bonus :D Don't feel bad!

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    Reunion Part Five

    sorry for the delay. work is being mean and i've been handing out resumes and doing interviews. hopefully i'll get a new job before the year ends yay!

    and see if you can match the monikers with the professions. they're pretty easy i think!

    belated talk like a pirate day to all! arr!

    Between the Isle of Meditation and Nundu Bay…

    Finn Ferral always knew that he was gifted with an intuitive, almost supernatural grasp of natural environments. Early in his youth, he had been the object of pride of his instructors. He was dutiful in his studies, but he was most at home in the outdoors. As he grew older, he found that his affinity for nature increased and it was no surprise to anyone that he chose to become a ranger.

    It was like Melandru herself showered favor on the young Finn Ferral and by her grace, he survived countless adversities including the Searing. He lived off the land, no matter how blasted and impotent it had become. He never stopped helping survivors and when the chance came, aided them in crossing to Kryta to live in peace. His skills there were the stuff of many a campfire conversation and since then, he has earned the moniker of “Mighty Hunter”.

    Brave Finn Ferral, they said, slew many black bears that terrorized the local folk. He skinned over a thousand bog skales to line boats so the fishermen could reap greater hauls to feed their families. There were tales of great strength like the one time when brave Finn Ferral charged headlong into a nest of tengu. He came out with enough feathers to stuff the pillows of everyone in the Ascalon Settlement.

    Dashing Finn Ferral, they whispered, once charmed a wealthy Canthan heiress so that she might turn her initial sentence of death on a handful of concubines with just his smile and rugged jawline. There was also one tale concerning how several Vabbian princesses asked for his hand in marriage simultaneously after he wrestled and tamed a pair of roaring ethers by playing his flute.

    Brave Finn Ferral. Mighty Hunter. Slayer of Beasts. Conqueror of Hearts.

    Brave Finn Ferral. Seasick Ranger.

    He made a gurgling sound right before folding over the railing to empty his stomach's contents to sea. For all his prowess on land, Finn Ferral had some trouble when it came to being on a ship. At the back of his mind, he was at least thankful that he was not the only one suffering from weak sea legs.

    The ranger heard the door lurch open to reveal his friend Shaddow Firestorm. Slowly, the elementalist wobbled beside him. The two stared at each other for a moment.

    “I tried to read about Vabbian cuisine and culture to calm my nerves.”

    “Didn’t work, huh?” Finn smiled weakly.

    “No. I think I’m gonna be sick,” Shaddow covered his mouth as he replied.

    Brave Finn Ferral slumped against the railing as Shaddow returned his lunch back to the environment. He expertly concluded that this was what Torment really was, not that drab place they went to with the tendrils and moving flesh. Thankfully, it would not be long before they dock in Nundu Bay.

    “This is my ‘pity face’.”

    Finn looked up to see a grinning assassin blocking the sun from his eyes. The ranger made a weak swing, intended to hit the jaw but failed miserably.

    “Come any closer and I’ll throw up on your boots and you won’t like it.”

    “That’s why I won’t, my friend. I just want you to know that if there is anything I can do for you to help you feel better, just say so. And I wanted to show you how I look when I’m sympathizing with my friends.”

    “Lemme knock the teeth out of your ‘pity face’. I’ll feel better that way!” the ranger wailed. The elementalist slumped beside him, tired and defeated.

    “Oh, I’m not here to poke fun at you. I’m just here to warn you that Ciaran and Ryl found eyepatches and are coming up to do their corsair impersonations. I’m going to the crow’s nest to escape.”

    Akira placed his hands on his sick friends’ shoulders and whispered gravely, “May the gods have mercy on you.”

    The assassin was well out of arm’s reach by the time Finn found the strength to take another swing. At least he didn’t laugh.

    Brave Finn Ferral heard Shaddow Firestorm groan after the unmistakable sounds of their two other friends reached their ears. He prayed to Melandru to take him, or take them, or let them reach land soon. Any of those sounded great, the second option most especially.


    Soon enough…

    Jamal and his friends were running around Nundu Bay that morning. The sea breeze was cool and the sun was not that high so it made for great playing conditions. Their fathers were up earlier than they, and their mothers didn’t expect them to be back until late in the afternoon. Jamal’s mother though, expected the lad by lunch time.

    He stopped and called for his friends as soon as he heard the dock hands shout out at the approach of a ship. Jamal was no stranger to merchant ships coming and going. This ship though, was different from the others. It was not as big as the ones loaded with cargo, so it must be one of those ships with foreigners who wanted to visit Elona.

    Jamal rushed to the dock with a smile on his face. He always liked when new people visited. It never failed to amuse him to hear them complaining about the weather, especially those from the northern part of Tyria. He hoped that those Canthan people in headwraps were aboard as well. He liked how the jewelry they had on their clothes sparkled in the sun. Some had teeth and claws from creatures he could only imagine. Those, combined with the jewels and beads, made a sound like rainfall whenever they moved.

    Jamal watched the quick dockhands move in and out of the ship with few crates. It seemed like he was right; the ship was indeed a passenger ship. The boy craned his neck and then scrambled up a few wooden boxes with his friends to see that the gangplank lowered in preparation for the passengers. He hoped he would see pretty fair-skinned elementalists with blazing red hair.

    Five cloaked figures walked down the gangplank one by one. Their faces were hooded so Jamal could not really see if they were elementalists or not. From their gait, Jamal figured that they were all men. But there was something about these people that tugged at the back of the boy’s mind.

    “Those people look familiar,” one of Jamal’s friends whispered.

    The boys continued to look on as the five hooded men were met with three more hooded men. One had the traditional robes of a dervish. The other had white armor that peeked through the cloak. Jamal surmised that he was a paragon. The other man, he did not know what profession he was since the cloak obscured his clothing.

    “They’re obviously the Eight Winds of Devastation,” came a female voice from behind. Jamal felt his heart jump into his throat.

    “Reema! Don’t sneak up behind us like that!” Jamal scolded his peer.

    “Well it’s true anyway. I saw the dervish and paragon a few days ago here and now it seems like they met with their friends.”

    “Do you seriously believe they exist? That’s just some crazy talk made up by drunkards at the Kodash. It’s just a story!”

    “I assume Abaddon was not real?” The little girl placed her hands on her hips.

    “She has a point, Jamal. If Abaddon could be real, then the Eight Winds of Devastation could be real as well,” one of the boys spoke up.

    “Hand of War, Mighty Hunter, Shadow’s Fang, Elemental God, Spirit Walker, Gods’ Justice, Voice of Truth and Benevolent Witness. The story goes that these eight defeated the evil siblings from under Vabbi. They were so powerful that the mountainside crumbled in homage. After their victory, they simply disappeared with the wind. They were the devastation that was wrought against evil, so they were called the Eight Winds of Devatation,” Reema recited the story she knew from memory.

    “That’s a long name. I like what Crazy Peppy named them. Devast-Eight. It’s like ‘devastate’ but with the word ‘eight’. It sounds nice!”

    “I don’t like it,” Reema sniffed. The girl waited for violent reactions but saw that her friends were just staring, mouths agape.

    “Sorry to sink your boat, little miss, but we kinda like that name too.”

    Reema felt a hand rest on her right shoulder for a moment as she heard the sound like that of falling rain. She immediately looked up to see a wide grin from under the hood. The girl and her friends looked on as the eight men walked past them and pushed open the gates of Nundu Bay, their cloaks dancing with the sudden wind.

    “Devast-Eight. I like it,” the little girl whispered to herself as she held her right shoulder.

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