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    Darkevil Bladedeath

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    Tarnished Coast

    I like raising dead things as much as any other necromancer, but sheesh, this thread is oooold. ~_^

    (so I really doubt that the original poster is still looking for a name, but maybe there are new players looking for name advice so I'll leave this open for now)

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    I agree about taking into consideration the overall look of your necro when it comes to naming Him/Her.

    I'de like to add that you can also take into consideration what attribute or Build will you be using your necro...

    Example: Blood

    Blood of Elura

    Example: Curse

    Elura the Cursed; The curse of Elura

    Example: MM

    The Undead Elura; Elura the undead

    Example: Soul Reaping

    Soul Keeper Elura; The soul keeper

    Something like that... I think

    My necros were named: Elura Bloodthirst; Aoul Vak the Undead
    But she's Necro SS mostly especially in PVP... they thought she's Blood Necro at first look.. them Bam... She's a formidable SS.

    Well, when you creat PVP character... be sure to hide her build by means of deception (Name that does not give ppl a hint of your build)

    Hope these hints helps.


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    I named my Necro.. Beep My Boop,don't know where it came from,or why I named her that,I'm just bad when it comes to thinking up of a name for toons.

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    Who raised THIS dead thread?

    I think the OP by now (2 years) has figured out how to name his necro and probably doesn't need any further suggestions from us...

    For those wanting to share their own necro's name, there is a thread that exists for that I do believe.

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    darkdeath evilblade?

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    Try something like Grimdark Evildeath.

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