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    Darkblade Evildeath.
    Scott the Green, W/X | Scott the Happy, N/R,Me | Scott the Inept, Me/X | Scott the Farseeing, Rt/N,E | Scott the Hurt, Mo/A
    Scott the Physical, E/Me | Scott the Clumsy, A/E | Scott the Pacifist, D/Mo | Scott the Aimless, R/P | Scott the Quiet, P/N
    Scott the Burdened, mule | Sorka Nordentaller, female mesmer who doesn't match the naming scheme

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    i got mine from a certain film

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    Ancient Mythology is what i delve into for names- mostly ancient Greek, Norse and Egyptian. For my necromancer, who happens to be my main character, i used "Neilos", the Greek god of the Nile river. Surnames, for me, are chosen by which continent the character was born on- all my Tyrian characters have the surname "Tyrhanos", all my Canthans have the surname "Griefhaven", and all Elonian-borns have the surname "Doubtviel". So my necromancer is Neilos Tyrhanos ^^

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    Daedulus Magos
    THis is wierd i didnt even make a thread? How did i do that?WEll anyway im thinking of making a guild,so i was wondering if anyone(including you would like to join and be an officer)

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    Six Deadly Puddings
    My little necro is named Rigga Mortice :)

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    Neilos isnt a god,the egyptians worshiped it as god (its the river that pass through egypt).
    Now about beeing a greek god,i wonder who ignorant teacher said that?
    Before someone tries to flame or play smart il say that i am a native greek.
    Now about necromancer names,dont know for me its a tradition to the word grave to exist within the whole name.
    Some originality is rare nowadays with kids putting spartan names and etc.
    How about trying to find the word and use it in another language?
    Exampe of grave-heart in german,is grab-herz.
    In Greek is Tafo-kardos and so on.

    A suggestion would be Gilbert Deadhide.

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    just made a new necro shes called ""Born To Animate""

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    Listen, when I make up a necromancer name, I prefer using my first name, where it's spelled Sara or Sarah, it doesn't matter. Anyway, use your first name, and add on something like Dragonbane, or the Demonslayer, or even a movie character's last name, like Potter, Granger, Weasley, or Cullen.

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    Demonia Nymphetamin

    Demonia = a local female band, and Cradle of Filth wanna bes.
    Nymphetamine = A Cradle of Filth song

    I had to drop the e at the end. The combined name was to long.

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    Stormbluff Isle

    The Order of Dii

    My necro is a semi-carryover from Diablo II. His name was Erik the Green, kind of a play on the famous Viking Eric the Red, using green because of the obvious play on "green = poison."

    My necro in Guild Wars is named Erikah the Red. Went with a female because all my characters are female (thus Erikah) and Guild Wars necros having a much more "blood orientation" as opposed to Diablo II's "poison orientation" (although she uses hardly any blood skills), so she got the name Red.

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