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Thread: Gaile on HoM

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    Character based HoM? This is failure on many levels, now my Ranger will be out on a few titles and I have to grind grind grind... screw that, GW 2 had BETTER have good rewards for all these damn titles.

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    Hey! I see 3 major good things from this.

    1) Minis are gonna go way up in value!
    2) Major grind has been made available to add to the vanity effect!
    3) Major grind fest for all your toons!
    did I list major grind twice? Yeah, thats accurate! Don't you love it?!

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    While it would have been nice to have everything be account based the biggest disappointment I have with reading what Gaile wrote is that we won't have any additional storage with GW:EN. I guess I should have known it wasn't likely but I had really hoped for some extra space.

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    Having HoM character based is just going to raise the market value of mini-pets, weapons, etc. Farming will be big again, and more bots will show up. But the life of the game sure will be extended a good amount (If you like grind; I do ).

    Only thing that I'm kind of bummed (from the information already given) is that I won't be able to share mini pets around my characters. And that my main Necro who started before Survivor was added to the game, can't use my Ele's Legendary 3 title for HoM.

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    Who knows Anet might change all that by the time it i officially released. Depends on the opinions of players.

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    Ok seriously mods can't we PLEASE get a "whiners forum - for those who wanna complain" and a "A.net is ok forum - post here! "
    Someone said to voltaire "life's hard" Voltaire replied "compared to what?"

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    I'm glad the monument is customized to indvidual characters. I'm build a monument to a CHARACTER, not to me, the player.

    Customization doesn't bother me at all. I customize all my weapons anyway, and customizing the minis isn't a problem. My ranger wouldn't give up her Kuunavang, Charr or Siege Turtle anyway.

    I can see customization as a problem for peopel who see GW as a commodities market. For me, it's a game; if I'm going to play the markets, I'll do it in the real world with real money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asbjornsalech View Post
    Ok seriously mods can't we PLEASE get a "whiners forum - for those who wanna complain" and a "A.net is ok forum - post here! "
    Ca you please share an opinion that counts towards a discussion and not a biased post?

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    Why can't it be account wide, and each accomplishment say which character on that account had/accomplished that? That way, people will see what accomplishments THEY have, but are character based anyway? Or am I reading something wrong?

    Or are we going to get statues of our characters or something? *toes twitch for sneak peek*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayblade View Post
    did I list major grind twice? Yeah, thats accurate! Don't you love it?!
    Why is "major grind" going to happen?

    My play style won't change one bit because of this. Why will you feel compelled to grind?

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