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Thread: Gaile on HoM

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    It would have worked better if the HOM was account based and was kinda like storage for items and mini's.

    Or something along the lines that if you wanted to show off items and mini's that they need to be in their Monument. And if you wanted to sell them you would have to remove them(items or mini's) out of it's Monument. which they would no longer show up in your HOM.

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    =[ Char based. =[
    Well I don't grind for titles anyway, oh well.

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    if the customization means you cant ever use in on another character anymore, then:


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    GWOnline.Net Member Zilken Zatin's Avatar

    Im interested to see how Packrats are going to operate this.
    I have a number of Mules that are the storage place of my Slayers Collection, The Zoo Keeper and then the Priceless Weapons Mule.
    Theyre all the sum total of THIS gals adventures....so now theyvve all GOT to be customised to count.,.. hmmm is that an ouch!? not sure yet.

    Its striking me the HoM is a great way to take stuff out of circulation therefore bumping the rarity of goods again.

    For those that want to show true "Bling Baby" will use the HoM. Poseurs will Shine, Traders will rub their hands with Glee and many will, more than likely, build little temples to themselves and wont be too bothered by Grandeur :)

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    Jade Quarry


    Quote Originally Posted by yawgmoth View Post
    Character based HoM - the biggest disappointment imaginable.

    HoM was my only hope for rewarding account based accomplishments, so one could have different maxed titles on different characters, the thing KoaBD title couldn't do. It means that if I want to have a Legendary Survivor / Legd Defender of Ascalon monument with some other monuments I've achieved I have to make a new character and redo every damn thing on him!! This is absurd.
    So, just out of curiosity... But why in god's name are you talking is if you need those titles? I mean, maybe this is a new concept, but you could always just like.. Not do them.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Erasculio's Avatar


    Wait and see, we don't have many choices anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by aspboy View Post
    I understand theyre customised to stop them from being shared by multiple people, but why not make the feature bound to 1 account instead of 1 character?
    Maybe because that would mean you could use one mini pet for all your characters, so you would still be able to reap the benefits for one pet more than once. I'm not really sure, though.

    Thanks to the OP for the link. I'm a bit uneasy about the HoM being character-based. I see some advantages:

    1) We may customize each Hall for each character. For example, my Prophecies character is going to display the GW:EN heroes, while my Elonian character is going to display the Nightfall heroes. And so on.

    2) We have room for a statue of our character in the center of the room. If each character is going to have a Hall for himself/herself, this means the Hall may become, in GW2, a central hub linking to one room for each of our characters, and that room would have a statue of that character in its middle.

    3) Those with account-wide title may (may) be able to get the rewards from them more than once (given how they will be displayed in each character's hall).

    ...But some problems:

    a) Customization. I never customize anything thanks to how we cannot share customized items between our characters - if we had an option to customize for our account I would customize everything, but that is not the case (and it likely won't be the case for the HoM). Being required to customize weapons and mini pets in order to display them at the Hall makes sense, but it's something I would rather not do, especially with the mini pets.

    b) Instead of a single full Hall, we are going to have many half full or half empty Halls. If it were account based, I would guess that most players would fill at least some of the monuments, with their achivements between all characters. With it being character-based, I'm not sure all characters will have enough to fill even some of the monuments.

    c) It rewards a lot people who grind more. If the Hall of Monuments were account-based, a player with two characters who has reached Legendary Vanquisher would be the same as someone who has one character with Legendary Vanquisher - we would then have a cap on how many benefits a player could possibly take from the Hall of Monuments. Now, we don't have such a cap.

    d) We won't be able to have a permanent Pre Searing character to give his Defender of Ascalon title to the Hall unless we bring him to Post Searing.

    I think it being account bases would be slightly better, but I guess we'll have to see how it really works.


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    This is not good.

    "Checking off" a mini so it can't be copied by multiple players makes sense...but not customizing it.

    Titles being character-based does not make sense either; it's not like people can start their Wisdom or Treasure Hunter titles over again, so one character gets everything.

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    I was really, really looking forward to the HoM being account based...I wanted to get statues of all my characters standing together, like in the Prophecies log-in screen...

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    I don't know why people care about the HoM at all... I mean, they will give you some shiny "special" weapon or a "special" minipet when GW2 get's released - and that's it. Why bother at all...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Leybi's Avatar

    Please make it account based :/.

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