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Thread: Vampirism

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    Iam a primary Dervish, but i want this skill, but on wiki it say that these people have it

    * Pikin (Kamadan, Jewel of Istan)
    * Shiloh (Sunspear Great Hall)
    * Libeh (Command Post)

    however NON of them have it. Help

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    vamp is a sunspear title track skill. so u should be able to get it from these peple remeber those aare HERO skill trainers not player ones

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    I know but i dont get the option to buy it........from the hero guys

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    you need to click on the button "sunspear skills" to see the skills

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    You will also need at least 1 Hero point, which you get from going up in Sunspear Rank. If you don't have any, you can convert a skill point to a hero point at the cost of 1 platinum. When you have at least one point, the hero trainer will ask you if you want a Sunspear skill or a hero skill from a particluar profession. The Sunspear skills listed will be the ones you haven't unlocked yet for that character.

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