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    The Order of Dii [Dii]


    Thumbs up Henchman skillbars got a nice boost!

    So after playing through the preview I can't help but notice that the henchies (for the most part) have improved drastically!

    Zho can do dazed! (Loved hearing Broadhead Arrow go by)
    Talon uses Crippling Slash!
    Cynn! Phew!
    The monks! Mhenlo's packing LoD while keeping Vigorous Spirit up on someone constantly, and Lina has Zealous Benediction/SoA/Guardian/Shielding Hands... *sigh*

    I really no longer felt like bringing the henchies with my heroes was a step backwards -- these guys really contributed well!

    Anyone notice any different dialogue or behavior differences? (Besides running into snowballs rolling around in the dungeon after the fight was over.... )

    Edit: Gah! Just noticed a henchmen thread on page 3... When I first started reading that a few days ago it was a complaint thread...
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