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    [MERGED] Changes to Hall of Monuments


    I didn't see this suggested elsewhere, so hopefully it is new.

    In light of making the Hall of Monuments a bit more useful as well as prestigious I think it would be great if the statues actually took the place of the real item. I've only seen the armor, mini-pet and hero tapestries but it should be fine for weapons also.

    For example, when we place perhaps a 'mini whiptail devourer' on the mini pet stand it would be good for that actual mini pet to be taken out of our inventory and stored ON the pedestal. Following this, we could take the mini pet BACK off the pedestal to use at our own discretion!

    The implementation would look something like it is now, only where the white named item (eg: 'mini whiptail devourer') is on the pedestal it would be more like an actual item with attributes (eg: 'mini whiptail devourer, assigned to person_name').

    Benefits I see:
    * Storage - we gain the armor, weapons, mini pets slots from our storage back
    * Pets - we can have pet storage, and will be able to swap between pets!
    * Ownership - the pedestal items are assigned so only the owner can pick them up
    * Implementation - it should be a very simple extension from how I imagine it currently is

    * Ease - if we wanted to use an item, we would have to visit the HoM
    * Customization - items placed on pedestals will still be customized, however I can't see ANet changing their minds on this

    How does that sound?

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    Limburgse Jagers

    If they added a quicktravel button like "Visit HoM" in your Guild window "G", then I'd be interested.
    I especially like the pet stable for ranger pets.
    But, I think the minipet / armor / weapons pedestal should still display all registered items, because you DID customize them, so why not keep showing em even if you did take em with you... So not sure if it's all that usefull to turn it into a storage room. An extra storage tab would be more appreciated imo.

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    Changes to Hall of Monuments

    I know, it is a little bit early to ask for changes, as things might be changed until the final release of EotN, but I think about something like that:

    • Let us map-travel to the HoM from our guildhalls
    • Heroes Monument (of Fellowship): let us add "normal" armoured Heroes too. I like the normal armour of some Heroes better that the "prestige" version, that's why I did not change the armour. How to do it? Just add a requirement to add at least one "prestige" armour to th eset for each non prestige? Or give the statues a different colour.
    • Minipet monument (of Devotion): I would like to use it as a minipet storage (as suggested in another thread) if I don't take it out to th efield with me.
    • Armour monument (of Resilience): You lose if you have a mixed armor. Solution: You have to own at least two pieces of a prestige armour to show a the statue, a statue of full set will have a different colour.
    • Titles monument (of Honor): This really needs a change. It should show your current PvP title if you are at least rank3 and PvE maxed titles of you choice (e.g. Legendary Cartographer)
    • Weapon monument (of Valor): I don't know if you have to customize a EotN green first before you can add it, or those eleven slots are for other stuff that's "high end". I think we know to few things about this monument at the moment.

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    I have a suggestion: LET US PUT WEAPONS FROM NF PROPH and FACTIONS IN THE WEAPONS SPOT!!!!!!!!! geez is that too much to ask for!

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    why not have an addon to the guild halls. keep the current location and you use that to add things to it but make a small side island on the guild hall with a big area, be it a building with 1 large room or scattered around on pedistals or whatever, where each memeber can disply their statues. shows your character in any armor saved, with any pets at your feet and the pedistal holds your titles. on ths area they can add a little portal to the current location of it so you have faster access should you want to make changes.

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    I think they really need to expand the size og the HoM. If they are going to be able to add the missing titles ( which they need to do) increase the size so we can display the other pve titles.

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    lol I like pet stable I'd have a White Moa (Black ones were getting a bit tire some), A white tiger, mountain eagle... mainly all the pets i can gather up

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    The Hall of Monuments

    Currently the hall of monuments is about high end items(pets, armors, weapons) it doesnt have anything personal. Wy can't they make hom more personall so u can store the pets u love, the first max armor u ever bought or even that first gold sword that u ever got. Just let the players decide what to store in each monument. I think it will be much more succesfull then it is now.

    Make the Monuments personal, everyone has its own achievements...

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    ...Your having a Laff aint you...

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    Greens I can understand, but your first gold item? First max armour?

    Imperial Phoenixes, Black Widows, Black Moas and Rainbow Phoenixes all have places in HoM. Doing something worthy of a monument will earn you one. Capping a Warthog is not one of those things.

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