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    GvG Build, help please.

    Ok, here it goes.

    Death's Charge
    Iron Palm
    Devastating Hammer or BB?
    Crushing Blow
    Heavy Blow/Mighty Blow?
    Enraging Charge
    Rez Sig/or Rush?

    2 R/E Spikers
    Dual Shot
    Savage Shot
    Keen Arrow(Not sure about this skill)
    Distracting Shot
    Glass Arrows
    Conjure Frost/Lighting/Fire
    Lighting Reflexes, or Fav Winds?
    Rez Sig

    Standard Infuse LoD Monk/A
    For the other monk, which would be better, standard SoD monk, or RC with guardian?
    Standard SoR Ele

    Now the two last slots. This is where I need help. Which of these would be best in the above build? The Casters will have Death Pact Signet/Resurrection Chant depending on the class.

    1.DA Paragon and Esurge Mesmer or Bsurge Ele with WAM
    2.Anti-melee Necro with WAM and Migraine Mesmer
    3.Cripshot Ranger and Bsurger with WAM
    4.Bsurger Ele with WAM and Esurger Mes with WAM
    5.Another Rspike Ranger and Bsurger Ele with WAM
    6.Another Warrior with the same build as the hammer warrior except Eviscerate/E.Strike/Agonizing and Bsurger with WAM

    WAM is Ward Against Melee by the way.

    Comments and critiques please.

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    The build you are looking at is called Be Team Spike (named after the guild who rode it up the ladder). They run a W/A shadowprison axe, 2 rangers like you have, a mes with MoR, a bsurge, 2 monks and a water runner. For that sort of telespike, I don't see much room for improvement. You can probably get the whole build off of obsmode easily enough.

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    you seem to have enough offense where the 2 slots should be utility and not offense
    i confess total unfamiliarity with the build but it appears to be pretty okay
    i like b surge myself, but w/e you want

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    i'd go with a evis-exec-agonizing-death charge for the tele-spiker, then if u want another war go with devastating or earth shaker (BB is fantastic, but takes too long to load imo), bulls instead of iron palm, and rending touch... otherwise run the standard me/mo mesmer with either power block or MoR, shame, power leak, etc

    ud definitely want a b-surger with a ward for the last slot, esp since u have little other defense

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    For one a Mor mesmer especially Me/e would work best. Something along the lines of:
    Mor, diversion, shame, mirror of disenchament, shatter enchantment, glph of lesser energy, ward against melee, and rez.
    You need your spike to go through aegis chains no matter what and also you need to asisst your warrior when he can gain adreline.Faster. 1/4 of your spike is his deepwound.
    Bsurge is pretty much standard, not only can he stop adreline spikes but also carry a ward or a aegis if you like. Remember in a build like that your "free" slots are dedicated to shoring up holes in your defense and insuring your spike gets through.

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    MoR is not good. Not only is it a crutch for bad mesmers, but you won't even get to use it in 2/3 of your matches. Anyone with a paragon in the build will just sit a wild throw on you on recharge, and lots of people carry gons.

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    Lol, doesn't mean you don't like Mor doesn't mean its overpowerness shouldn't be abused. And another lol, 1 wild throw paragon ain't getting your spike through, maybe if it didn't just remove stances it give extra merit to your statement ^_^.

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    Is something about this concept particularly hard for you to understand? Paragon with a constant 33% IAS, 7 adrenaline Wild Throw that removes stances, mesmer with a 20R MoR that is an elite stance... figure it out.

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    Thanks for posting everyone

    A reason why I didn't post a MoR Mesmer because not because bad mesmers use it, but it's too easy to shut it down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the whole point of MoR Mesmer is the fact that you can use Diversion every 6/3 seconds, and any opponent that has a mesmer or ranger can easily Diversion/Dshot it, making the MoR mesmer useless from it's main role.

    EDIT: Oh, and what David said, since there are a lot of Paragons.

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    So Dual SHot and my my deep wound miss, but at least wild throw went through.WOOT WOOT. Mor allows you to spam, interupts, shame, wards, and keep up with spikes with shatter enchantment. Doesn't mean there are counters doesn't mean its should stay in the shelf. Unless you mention any particular elites or skills for the para besides wild throw, then I don't see how your honestly going to spike through aegis + DA + Sod + guardian spam.

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