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    what is the best build for a war in AB?

    i was just wonderin what is the best build for warriors in ab?
    ppl r always kickin my *** so it gets annoying

    P.S.i only have fac and nf so i would appreciate it if u guys would tell me build withought any skills from gw:en or proph

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    In AB, how you play is just as important as what build you bring. In other words, if you're going off solo and not helping your team cap shrines to earn points... it doesn't matter if you've got the best build in the world. Your team will still lose, and you will still die alone if you try to solo.

    Bring maybe 3-4 attacks at most, a fast attack stance, a sprint, a self-heal, and a condition removal skill. (ie: Mending Touch since you like /Mo) If ou're using a sword and have an empty slot, maybe bring a Riposte skill. Bull's Strike or Wild Blow are also very useful attacks to bring, if you use them correctly.

    That's just some general build advice. I use a couple different builds in AB, and not all of them follow those suggestions 100%. You seem new to the class, so find your comfort zone and then try new things from there.

    Just remember - Helping your team cap fast and staying alive between Shrines should be your #1 priority. So pick your teammates wisely and hope your other 8 allies do their job as well.

    Good hunting.

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    thnx alot....some of what u just said is what i allready do but it dosen't seem quite affective...i die very easily

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    well you cant beat a player who has played for aslong as GW exicsted. It takes some time to learn the combo, to learn when to attack and when to run. Just train and you will become good enough to stay alive.

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    As a Warrior you are very vulnerable in AB unless you have a competent monk so dying easily doesn't really have anything to do with your build. Bring a speed boost (Enraging Charge is good as it also gives adrenaline at the start of a fight) so you can run when things go bad. Bring a Riposte (Just one, mind you) or Shield Bash so you can block sins who try to spike you. Don't use superior runes except vigor you want your health as high as possible.

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    if you keep losing, just deal with it.

    run away!!!!!

    or stand and fight!

    but not like 300...that movie sucked BTW.

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